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A Magical Love Story starlife is a series that premieres on Star life at 22h00 and will be replacing the Evil Eye 2.

A Magical Love Story Full Story Starlife, Plot Summary

Aman Junaid Khan and Roshni Ahmed are complete opposites, various ways yet one objective, however their lives are associated through destiny and sorcery. 

Aman is a Nawab who is reviled by the Dark shadow of Djinn, while Roshni a performer who is the girl of a Tawaif Roshni shows at least a bit of kindness of a heavenly messenger (Ayaana).Aman’s family needs him to wed a young lady who has the core of a heavenly messenger, they mastermind his marriage with a young lady named Adaa, whom they mixed up to be an Ayaana on the grounds that at whatever point they test her Roshni goes into the house making Adaa breeze through the assessments when it is really Roshni who did. Parveen’s (Aman’s mom) life falls in peril due to the Jinn’s sorcery and can be ensured just if Aman weds an Ayaana in this way noteworthy that Adaa isnt an Ayaana( a lady who has the core of a heavenly messenger) Salma (Roshni’s Mother) claims to be debilitated, constraining Roshni to wed Aman for cash. Aman misjudges Roshni to be a lady with sick aims who will do anything for cash. He hates her and gives her a check for wedding him. Aman and Roshni wed. 

Roshni feels an association with Aman yet is harmed by his inconsiderate conduct towards her attributable to the misconception that happened. Later she falls head over heels for Aman, however he proceeds to aversion and affront her. In view of certain misguided judgments, Aman tosses her out of his home and his life. Aman’s sibling, Kabir Junaid Khan, makes his entrance. He attempts to kill Aman, however to save Aman, Roshni takes the bolts herself and passes on. Aman understands his profound love for Roshni after her passing and is left shattered and blameworthy for continually misjudging her. 

Kabir resurrects Roshni yet holds her under his influence, expecting to isolate her from Aman. He deletes every one of her recollections with Aman. Kabir’s hang on Roshni is annihilated when Aman cuts her with a mysterious blade. Then, at that point Roshni recovers her memory. Parveen is uncovered to be abhorrent who needs to utilize her children to turn into the sovereign of jinns. Parveen kills Kabir yet can’t kill Aman. Aman inadvertently contacts a powerful sword and becomes Jinnat ka Badshah, the new most strong dull world. Aman and Roshni partake in their coexistence. 

Aliya, Aman’s ex, gets back with a child and attempts to isolate Aman and Roshni. The child is uncovered to be Kabir’s, and Aliya is uncovered to be a Haiwana. Parveen attempts to forfeit the child to recapture her lost forces, however Aman saves the youngster with Roshni’s assistance. Roshni attempts to uncover Aliya yet comes up short. Aliya assaults Parveen bringing about Parveen going into a state of extreme lethargy. Aman, trusting it is Roshni’s deficiency, requests that she take off from the house.

One year later

Roshni opens a pastry kitchen while Aman is stressed over Parveen’s diminished ailments. In spite of their disparities, Aman and Roshni again become close. Kabir returns. Aman gets cut while saving Roshni and turns out to be actually and sincerely feeble. His veritable affections for Roshni come out. They perfect their marriage, and Roshni gets pregnant with twins. Kabir makes Aman and Roshni break the Laal Chand, which irritates the Red Moon Princess, Laila. Laila had a twin sister Chandni who is acceptable. Kabir holds hands with Laila and assists her with looking for vengeance against Aman and Roshni. Chandni helps Aman and Roshni from Laila’s malicious expectations. Afterward, Roshni cuts Laila to death. Prior to kicking the bucket, Laila curses Roshni that she will pass on before the following full moon. Aman attempts to beat the clock and prevails with regards to saving Roshni however briefly. 

Later the red moon warrior assaults Roshni, and she loses one of her unborn youngsters and Aman. Roshni is sorrowful. In any case, she battles fate and brings back Aman. She meets Aman’s maternal cousin, Rehan Ahmad Khan, a jinn, to help her in this conflict. After a bombed endeavor, she hits an arrangement with Kala Jinn to give her firstborn youngster rather than Aman’s life. 

A Magical Love Story full story Starlife: Roshni conceals this from Aman and the family till she discovers an answer. Here Rubina’s niece Shayari shows up. While Rehan, Aman’s maternal cousin, discovers inconvenience being designated by a Jinn Shikari, ignorant that it was his better half, Natasha. He speculated Shayari, who was subsequently uncovered to be another Jinn Shikari however not a risk for Rehan. Rehan needed to discover his sibling and drew in with Natasha. He incidentally gets drawn in with Shayari, who got irate after this yet consented to help them after Aman mentioned her. To save her kid, Roshni chose to substitute it to a young lady with Tabeezi, But Roshni alters her perspective as Kala Jinn compromises her to kill Aman in the event that she breaks her guarantee. Aman charms Kala Jinn for their youngster’s wellbeing. Roshni assists Aman with doing the undertaking however later deliveries Kala Jinn from bondage, subsequently staying faithful to her obligation. Aman tracks down this out and deceives Roshni to cause her to uncover reality. Subsequent to learning reality, Aman was devastated. Roshni leaves Junaid Manzil to help him to have an improved outlook, yet he brings Roshni back. 

In the interim, Rehan takes a bolt on his chest to save Shayari, saving his life from the lethal assault. Later on, Shayari’s fact is uncovered, and an enraged Rehan breaks their commitment. The Khans deceived Kala Jinn to save Aman’s youngster. 

Here, Ayaana, the antiquated fighter princess, comes to help Roshni save her youngster. She assists them with deceiving Kala Jinn by giving a phony kid while Roshni securely conveys her child in the Ayanaa Corner. Subsequent to learning this, Kala Jinn detained Roshni and Armaan (Aman and Roshni’s child) in a cavern. Aman was fruitful in saving Roshni and Armaan, yet Kala Jinn discovered. Aman consented to Kala Jinn that they would track down his genuine name to save Armaan. Kala Jinn revealed to them they could discover his name after doing the three jobs. 

Rehan and Shayari likewise choose to help the khans and go set for discover Kaala jinn’s name. Kaala Jinn, to crush the Khans, sends Aman and Roshni’s first youngster (who was killed by the red moon’s bolt) as the third test. Be that as it may, the Khans prevail upon the child’s soul (affectionately called child rooh) with their unqualified love for it. In the wake of getting the three signs, Aman and Roshni discover the name when Rehan and Shayari found that whoever takes Kala Jinn’s name kicks the bucket right away. Kala Jinn goes to the chateau and requests that they reveal to them his name. Roshni blasts out his name to save her kid, stunning everybody, except her first kid’s soul held her. Kala Jinn doesn’t acknowledge disappointment and demands them to battle him. It is uncovered that Armaan, being the child of Jinnad Ke Badshah and Ayaana, will end Kaala Jinn. Roshni, Aman, Rehan, and Shayari go on a journey to end kaala jinn, and Armaan at long last kills the risk that disturbed his family for a long time. This journey brought Rehan and Shayari closer and supported their confidence in one another. 

Afterward, it is uncovered that Tabeezi (Rubina), Roshni’s auntie was an Ayaana before and needs her Angelic-heart back from Roshni and that Natasha was associated with her. It is likewise uncovered that Roshni is Tabeezi’s sibling, Mansoor Ahmed Choudhary’s girl, and is the first proprietor of Junaid Manzil and Tabeezi. 

A Magical Love Story full story: Roshni was crushed to gain proficiency with this and vowed to give her heart to Tabeezi yet made her guarantee that she wouldn’t hurt her family before Sunhare Suraj ki Rat (transl. The Night of the Golden Sun. Yet, Tabeezi kept attempting to hurt her and her family. In the mean time, Rehan and Shayari attempt to help the family via looking for the Ilm e Jin book, which would settle their questions. To find solutions, Rehan needs to focus on his questions, yet everything he can focus is on Shayari. This causes Rehan to understand that he’s frantically enamored with her. Then again, Roshni chooses not to give her heart to Tabeezi and won’t stay faithful to her commitment, making Tabeezi incensed. 

Roshni again gets pregnant. Tabeezi attempts to hurt Roshni and the entire Khan family to get back her Angelic-heart back from Roshni; be that as it may, all goes to no end. Then again, Rehan and Shayari are hijacked, and Shayari is choked. Rehan separates on seeing this. Later they figure out how to stay alive. Rehan can’t admit his affection, yet Shayari gets it. 

The evening of the Golden Sun, she traps the whole Khan family in harm’s way. Aman and Roshni lose their forces however are ensured by Armaan’s forces. At last, with the assistance of the mysterious ring given by Roshni’s mom’s spirit to her, they could overcome Tabeezi, and she is removed by two other Ayaanas from Ayaana Kumbh. 

While the Khan family celebrates with bliss that now every one of the issues from their lives are gone, they can live cheerfully. Shayari admits her affections for Rehan, and they embrace one another. Aman inquires as to whether the Angelic-heart isn’t with her or with Armaan, then, at that point where it went. Roshni gets some information about it as presently issues are finished, and they can lead a straightforward and cheerful life for eternity. The Angelic-heart is uncovered to be with Aman and Roshni’s youngster, who is inside her belly.



  • Vikram Singh Chauhan as Aman Junaid Khan; Roshni’s husband, Parveen and Junaid’s son, Kabir, Sara and Saima’s brother, Armaan’s father, Farah’s half-brother, jinnat kabadshah (king of the jinn)
Vikram Singh Chauhan

Vikram Singh Chauhan


  • Aditi Sharma as Roshni Ahmed; Aman’s wife, Salma Janesar’s adopted daughter, Armaan’s mother and as Ayaana the saviour alter-ego of Roshni, whose main weapons are shurikens


  • Smita Bansal as Parveen Junaid Khan: Former Sifrati Jinn, Nasreen’s sister; Junaid’s first wife; Kabir, Aman, Sara and Saima’s mother (2019–2020)
  • Sushant Singh as Junaid Khan: Anjum’s son; Baby’s brother; Parveen and Rubina’s husband; Kabir, Aman, Sara, Saima and Farah’s father (2019–2020)
  • Garima Vikrant Singh as Salma Janesaar: A Tawaif; Roshni’s adoptive mother (2019–2020)
  • Jaswinder Gardner as Rubina Khan “Tabeezi” : Junaid’s second wife; Farah’s mother; Roshni and Shayari’s Aunt. Aman, Sara and Saima’s stepmother; Khan family’s ex-helper; an ex-Ayaana (2019–2020)
  • Arhaan Behll as Kabir Junaid Khan: Sifriti Jinn; later Zehraal; Parveen and Junaid’s son; Aman, Sara and Saima’s brother; Farah’s half-brother; Aliya’s husband and Aamir’s father (2019–2020)
  • Vaibhavi Kapoor as Sara Junaid Khan: Parveen and Junaid’s daughter; Kabir, Aman and Saima’s sister; Farah’s half-sister (2019–2020)
  • Gouri Agarwal as Saima Junaid Khan: Parveen and Junaid’s daughter; Kabir, Aman, Sara’s sister; Farah’s half-sister, Aftab’s wife (2019–2020)
  • Saloni Daini as Farah Junaid Khan: Rubina and Junaid’s daughter; Kabir, Aman, Sara and Saima’s half-sister (2019–2020)
  • Richa Bhattacharya as Anjum Khan: Baby and Junaid’s mother; Kabir, Aman, Sara, Saima and Farah’s grandmother (2019–2020)
  • Seema Azmi as Baby Khan: Anjum’s daughter; Junaid’s sister; Farah, Kabir, Aman, Sara and Saima’s aunt (2019–2020)
  • Ayansh Mishra as Mr. Chotu: Soha’s son; Khan family’s adopted child (2019–2020)
  • Aamir S Khan as Imran: Aman, Sara, Saima, and Kabir’s cousin
  • Shehzada Dhami as Rehan Ahmed Khan, Nasreen’s son, Aman’s maternal cousin, Mahira and Farhan’s brother, Shayari’s love interesr(2020)
  • Shruti Sharma as Shayari Choudhary, Roshni’s cousin, Rehan’s love interest and secretary, A jinn hunter (2020)
Shruti Sharma

Shruti Sharma


  • Ashita Dhawan as Nasreen Ahmed Khan: Sifrati Jinn; Rehan, Farhan and Mahira’s mother; Parveen’s sister (2020)
  • Prabhat Choudhary as Farhan Ahmed Khan: Nasreen’s son, Mahira and Rehan’s brother (2020)
  • Solanki Sharma as Mahira Ahmed Khan: Nasreen’s daughter; Rehan and Farhan’s sister (2020)
  • Himani Sahani as Natasha: Jinn Shikari; Rehan’s evil girlfriend (2020)
  • Sanjana Singh as Adaa Rizvi: Aman’s former fiancée (2019)
  • Massheuddin Qureshi as Mr. Rizvi: Adaa’s father (2019)
  • Anushka Singh as Mrs. Rizvi: Adaa’s mother (2019)
  • Rupesh Kataria as Sameer: Roshni’s former fiancé (2019)
  • Rajshri Rani as Huma: Sameer’s wife (2019)
  • Sreejita De as Aliya: Haiwana; Aman’s ex-girlfriend; Kabir’s wife; Aamir’s mother (2020)
  • Krishvi Bhanushali as Aamir Khan: Aliya and Kabir’s son (2020)
  • Saloni Chauhan as Raakh Jinn: Kabir’s helper (2019)
  • Surbhi Jyoti as Laila and Chandni: Red Moon Princess (2020)
  • Zubeida Verma as ChunBun Dai: Spider Jinn (2020)
  • Pranav Kumar as Jaadugar Jinn: A magician (2020)
  • Shefali Mahida as Aman’s sword (2020)
  • Shraddha Tiwari as Shola Jinn: A dragon (2020)
  • Shaurya Shah as Young Aman Junaid Khan: Parveen and Junaid’s son (2019; 2020)

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