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A Magical Love Story 12 July 2021: A Magical Love Story update Monday 12th July 2021 Aman taking care of Roshni’s wound. He lifts her and takes her. Kahani hamari….plays…. Everyone looks on and hides. He says total rubbish, don’t talk. Roshni asks what if anything is imp, will you understand by eye contact. He says shut up. Parveen looks on and thinks this girl is trying to come close to Aman, she has become his wife. The tree gets a new bud growing. Raakh Jinn comes there and sees the tree. She knows that Jinn will not have any effect on Aman if the tree gets all the buds. Aman makes Roshni rest. Tu jaane na…plays… They come close. Chotu disturbs them by his cute talks. Aman asks him to stop it. Chotu says you changed after marriage. Aman asks him to go, he will come to tell the story.

Raakh Jinn gets three huge boxes to Ada. Roshni gets amazed seeing the flying book. Chotu asks Aman to tell about Sifriti Jinn. Aman says you are too young. Roshni says please say. Saima says please tell us. Chotu says please. Aman opens the book and shows them about Sifriti Jinn. He says its impossible to kill him, he has powers to take human forms. Raakh Jinn shows three Sifriti Jinns. Ada gets shocked. Aman says he can pass this power to other Jinn as well. Raakh Jinn chants a spell. Chotu says zombies….. Raakh Jinn says you have to power of Sifriti Jinn now. Aman says his biggest warrior is the 8000 year old warrior princess, who had defeated this Jinn, her name is….. He thinks Roshni is totally crazy, if I take her name, she will get completely mad. He says what’s in name, we will hear the story. Roshni asks him to say the name, please. Aman says Ayana. They smile.

Roshni smiles happily. Aman says its 8000 year old story, it doesn’t have any importance now. Roshni says its important, I used to think I have super powers, yes…. life was giving me signals and I couldn’t understand, I m warrior princess Ayana the great. She gets up and falls back. Aman says Ayana doesn’t become Ayana until she gets her powers, but Sifriti Jinn can call zombie soldiers any time. Three Zombie soldiers of Sifriti Jinn arrive inside the house. Aman, Roshni and everyone get shocked. They stick together as a group. The Jinn soldiers surround them. Aman signs everyone to disperse and get away from the attack.

Roshni and Chotu go to other side. The soldiers go to Roshni. Aman asks Roshni to do it. Roshni throws Chotu towards Aman. Aman catches him and asks Sara and Saima to take him away. Aman calls Baazigar. Soldier throws rope at his hand. He misses to get his stick. He fights the soldiers.

Roshni cries watching this. They turn towards Roshni and shoot arrows at her. Aman gets shocked. Baazigar comes in front and gets all arrows on himself. The soldiers disappear. Aman and Roshni get shocked. Aman runs to Baazigar. They cry and recall Baazigar. Dadi, Parveen and everyone come. They get shocked seeing Baazigar shot. Roshni says my life wasn’t so valuable that you gave your life to save me. Everyone cries.

Roshni says there should be some option to get Baazigar back to life. Aman asks them to come after him. He runs to his study and throws books down. He asks them to please check the books. He says I read somewhere that Baazigar can never die, that book will find us. Everyone checks the books. Roshni gets the book. They see Baazigar’s book.

Aman and everyone bury Baazigar and try to revive him. Aman reads the book. Aman cries when he doesn’t have the stick in hand to chant the spell. Aman reads the book’s golden words. He asks Baazigar to come back. The book disappears. Aman and Roshni ask Baazigar to come back. Aman says you are my best friend, I love my family and you equally, get up and come back. Parveen says Ayana was coming to protect us, but it happened wrong, Baazigar died because of Ayana. Dadi consoles Aman. She says I m your Dadi also, Baazigar, will you make me cry, come back. They all join hands. Aman and Roshni hold hands and see each other.

They chant the unity lines, we are together, enemies will lose. Aman hugs them and cries. Roshni says I m sorry Baazigar, I wish to give my life and get you back, this family is incomplete without you, please don’t leave them, come back please. She cries at his grave. Her tear falls down on the soil. Baazigar comes back. Everyone gets surprised. They happily smile and hug. Aman signs to thank Roshni. Roshni gets back. Raakh Jinn looks on and thinks Aman’s power would have ended if Baazigar died, Roshni always protects her, we have to do something big now. Ada looks at Roshni.

Dadi gives ancestral bangle to Roshni. She says all these gifts for you. Phupi says we didn’t know your choice, so Sara and Saima got all these clothes. Roshni says its their clothes. Dadi asks why can’t it be yours, the married girl can wear same clothes, no one told Aman to wear different clothes after marriage, its your wish, your clothes. Roshni thanks everyone for giving her much love. Phupi asks why is Roshni crying, why so many gifts here. They all smile. Salma says I want the money which Aman deposited. Doctor says I took my share and this is your money. Ada and Raakh Jinn come there. They ask for Salma. Nurse says go in and ask, this is not fancy dress competition. Raakh Jinn throws her away. Salma’s money flies away. She picks the notes. She gets shocked seeing Raakh Jinn and Ada. Roshni feels hungry. Aman asks how did you like the gifts. He asks what happened.

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