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A Magical Love Story 26 July 2021: A Magical Love Story update Monday 26th July 2021 Dadi asking Kabir to come home. She hears Parveen crying and runs to see. She sees Aman stabbed by the sword. She says his wound won’t heal on own, he doesn’t have his magic, who did this. Parveen recalls Kabir. Dadi says we have to remove his sword first. Dadi removes the sword. Parveen thinks to heal him by her powers. Parveen heals him. Dadi and Phupi get shocked. 

Dadi says when Roshni saved his life, his powers got ended, how did the wounds heal on own, we have to tell Tabeezi, Kabir met with an accident. Aman gets up. She asks where are you going, you can’t go, your life maybe in danger. Aman says one who wants to live care for life, my life is given by Roshni. He goes. Kabir gets a lady home. They all run to see. Kabir says I don’t know how this girl came in front of my car, she got much hurt than me. Aman and everyone get shocked seeing Roshni. Aman goes close. Kahani hamari…plays… Kabir asks do you know her. Dadi says she is our bahu, Aman’s wife.

Kabir asks what, I m glad to do something good, right Ammi. Parveen signs angrily. Aman stops from touching Roshni. He runs out to see the grave. He finds the grave empty. He runs back. Chotu says Roshni is Ayana, so she is back. Aman sees her and holds her. He kisses on her cheek. His tear falls. He asks Roshni to open eyes. Roshni gets conscious. She smiles seeing Kabir. Kabir recalls… FB shows… Kabir going to the grave. He says if Ayana is alive, Aman will stay weak and away from darkness, the arrows took Ayana’s life, red moon will give her a life now. He bears the pain and asks the favor from red moon. He gets the red moon from the ground.

He chants the spell and opens up Roshni’s grave. He sees Roshni. He cuts his hand and pours his blood on Roshni. He says my blood is giving you a new life, Ayana, your mind will have my thinking, you owe me for this new life, you will always be in my control. He returns her clips. She opens her eyes. She gets out of the grave. She walks on the road. Kabir saves her from a speeding car. She says you saved my life. He says no, you just remember you are Salma’s daughter, I saved your life, you can’t stay without me. FB ends. Roshni says you saved my life, thanks. Kabir smiles. Aman asks are you fine. Roshni asks who are you. Everyone gets shocked.

Aman says Aman Junaid Khan, Khan baba. Roshni says stay away, whoever you are, I don’t know you and anyone here. Dadi says Roshni, what are you saying. Roshni hides behind Kabir. Aman says you are my wife, I m your husband. Chotu and everyone introduce themselves. Roshni faints. Kabir holds her. He says I think I should take her home. Aman says this is her house, she is my wife. He lifts Roshni and takes her to their room.

Roshni talks in sleep. She holds Aman’s hand. She says you should have fought with me, but you shouldn’t have said that, you said we can never have any connection. She says the day you feel this connection, you will know how it feels when heart aches. Aman says I know, I can’t take the pain back, but I can share it, love gives a right to share pain, please give me this right to share your pain. She opens eyes and sees him. He smiles.

She makes him away and scolds him. He says we are married. She says no, I m not married, where is my mum, don’t follow me. He says you are my wife. She says you can’t be my husband. Dadi stops Aman and says let her go, she is scared, have patience. Aman says how will I apologize to her. Dadi says she came back into this world, she will return to your world also. He says you are right, I should be happy that she came back, I got another chance, I will not lose this time in love, I will get Roshni back. He hugs Dadi.

Aman following Roshni. Chal diya….plays… She gets down the auto. She goes to meet Salma. Salma gets shocked. She recalls Aman informing her. Roshni asks why are you standing outside, a guy was after me, he was calling me his wife, you know I run so fast, I came here, you are so talkative, we will go inside the house and talk. Salma kisses her hands and cries. Roshni asks are you fine. Salma says no, you are really an angel. She hugs Roshni. Aman looks on from far. Chotu says I m very happy. Sara, Dadi and Phupi say me too. Phupi asks why are we happy. Dadi says Roshni is alive again. Aman comes and says Roshni is at her home with her mum. Chotu asks did you get Roshni back by magic. Aman says my magic….. Baazigar comes. Aman and everyone smile.

Aman says I don’t know how this happened, I got my love and my friend. He hugs everyone. Sara and Chotu do a drama. Dadi asks who taught this to you. Everyone laughs. Dadi says fate has to rectify mistake if prayers work. Aman says we should rectify mistake, we did wrong with Tabeezi. Parveen says we didn’t do anything wrong with that woman. Aman says her name is Rubina, she didn’t know about dad, she is also a victim like you, its just dad’s mistake, we told her a lot, she just helped us, we are responsible for the hatred, we should apologize, I love my sisters a lot, I have another sister, who didn’t get dad and brother’s love, she also deserves my love. Parveen says you are becoming emotional. He says you both should stand together, I lost Roshni once, I don’t want to lose anyone now, I m going to apologize to Rubina.

Parveen thinks to not tell him anything against Roshni. She says fine, you are doing the right thing, I won’t stop you. He hugs her. Tabeezi sees Aman and recalls his words. She cries. He says your house is really good. She says thanks. He asks where is Farah. She says she isn’t at home. He says I m sorry. She says don’t apologize for fate’s mistake, Ayana freed you from Jinn, you couldn’t see anything before, you could see things clearly now. Parveen says you got her back to make Aman weak. Kabir says I had to do this, Ayana’s love won’t let him go away from goodness, I will become the king of Jinnat. Tabeezi and Aman see the book. They see Roshni resurrecting from the red moon. She says Sifriti jinn has made her alive and now she is in his control. Aman asks how will we find him. She says we have to find out if she is really under control.

Kabir says Aman will get love and I will get the throne, you wanted this right… Parveen says yes, what else does a mum need. He says this is the question, what else does a mum need. She thinks to make them strength, she will need them on the stars rain night. Tabeezi gives a magical mirror to Aman. She says this will bring out the illusion. Aman comes to meet Roshni by her window. He sees her sleeping. He recalls Tabeezi’s words. She asks him to hold the mirror and check if Roshni’s forehead has some black liquid, it would mean she is in control of Sifriti jinn. Aman tries to check. Roshni turns and covers up her face. Aman gets Baazigar and does magic. He suspends himself over her. Baazigar goes. Aman falls over Roshni. She wakes up and sleeps. Aman smiles. She hugs him.

He sees her face in the mirror. He sees the black spot on her forehead. He gets shocked. Roshni wakes up and shouts. Aman also screams. She calls Salma. Salma comes. Roshni asks what is he doing on my bed. Salma asks him what is he doing in her bed. Roshni asks her to get angry and scold Aman. Aman says its my wife’s room and bed, its my right. Salma says he is right. Roshni asks her why is she so calm. She says you are not my husband, I m not married. Aman recalls Tabeezi’s words. She asks him not to remind her the past. FB ends. Aman says you are right, I m not your husband. Salma asks him to say. Roshni asks why are you not shouting on him, make him out. Salma fake scolds him. He smiles. She says she didn’t even identify you. He says yes, I m glad she has returned. She says yes. Roshni shouts. Salma asks him to go. Salma says he won’t come sleep now. Aman says life gave me another chance, I won’t lose, I will win this game and Roshni. Kahani hamari….plays….

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