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A Magical Love Story 30 August 2021: A Magical Love Story update Monday 30th August 2021, Laila saying it’s not good to be so restless for dear ones, we have Parveen with us, come after my guards, you will get her. She disappears. Aman comes and says Ammi isn’t there. She says I know where is she. She shows the guards. He asks where are you coming from. She says I m coming with you. He asks in this state. She asks what state. He asks didn’t the doctor ask you to rest. She says yes, just for a month, it’s not a big deal. He asks her to stay at home. She says fine. He thinks how did she agree so soon. 

He asks how did you agree so soon. She says it’s also a problem for you. He says no, stay at home. He thinks she is really going to stay at home. He runs. He reaches some ice mountains and shouts for Parveen. He sees her and wakes her up. He asks her to come. She says my legs aren’t moving. She asks him to just leave. He asks why are you saying this. Kabir catches him. Roshni goes and calls out Chandni.

She hears Chandni’s voice. She runs and says I will get you out. She uses her powers and gets Chandni out of the land. She fails and shouts. Parveen tries to get free. She cries for Aman caught by Kabir’s magic. Aman sees Kabir. Roshni tries once again and gets Chandni out. Chandni asks are you fine. Roshni says Laila freezed the family, please save them. Chandni says I can’t save them, you have to defeat Laila, where is Aman. Roshni says Laila and Kabir kidnapped Ammi, so Aman went to save her. She says it means Kabir and Aman are together, Laila did this together, she wants to kill them together. Aman scolds Kabir. He sees Kabir stuck in the ice. Aman also gets stuck by the ice layer around his feet. Laila smiles seeing them.

She says life has separated you both, now death will get you closer, you will die together, why are you worried Kabir, you have always thought of me as your partner, I used you, I thought to kill Roshni’s twins, if not them, then you both, you are also twins. Aman says Roshni’s twins.

Kabir says be it Majnu or Kabir, Laila takes his life. Laila takes her powers from the moon. She throws her weapon to attack them. Roshni and Chandni come in between and catch the weapon to save them. Aman and Kabir open their eyes and see them.

Roshni asks Aman what’s the point to be made of fire if you can’t melt the fire. Roshni and Chandni free Aman and Kabir from the ice trap. They see Laila gone. Roshni says Laila has run away. Chandni says no, she will come back to strike. Aman says you are still here to strike. Kabir says you have doubted on me, it hurts here, she also tried to kill me, I don’t like to die. Aman and Roshni say you may have planned this. Kabir says she was told that she had to sacrifice twins to become queen of the red moon. Chandni says he is right, she wanted to kill you both. Roshni asks why didn’t she try to kill me. Aman asks don’t you understand. Roshni asks what. He says it’s about us.

A storm occurs. Chandni tries to control. Aman holds Roshni. Kabir says Ammi’s life is in danger, Aman…. Aman asks where is she, Roshni takes care, I will come. They go to see Parveen. They see Parveen under some big ice ball. She shouts Aman…. Kabir stops and looks on. Aman tries to move the ice ball. He calls Baazigar. Baazigar isn’t able to reach him. Aman turns into Jinn and pushes away the ball. Kabir looks on. Parveen gets up. Aman asks are you fine. Aman says yes. He calls out Kabir, seeing the huge ice ball going towards Kabir.

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