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A Magical Love Story 28 August 2021: On A Magical Love Story update Saturday 28th August 2021 Starlife Aman doubting Laila. He says the attacker isn’t harming us as she is in front of us. Laila argues with him. Imran says she can’t do this, you are mistaken. Laila says we are fighting and making that attacker mighty. Aman says you are right, we invited the attacker home. Laila asks do you think so. Roshni says no, we didn’t see the attacker, the attacker didn’t come when we are together, tell us the complete matter. Sara sees her stone shining. She shows it to Aman. Aman says danger. Aman and Roshni look around.

Laila says I told you an attack will happen. It gets dark smoky. Everyone gets shocked seeing Sara turning into a stone. Aman and Roshni use their powers together to save Sara. Dadi prays. Aman and Roshni save her. The smoke disappears. Aman hugs Sara. He sees Laila and says I told you, you are doing the attacks. Laila says I have come to save you. He asks from whom, from yourself. She says no, look behind. They see Laila’s twin. Imran asks what’s happening. Laila says I m Chandni, Laila’s twin, she is attacking.

Chandni says I didn’t do this, Laila has done this, she is doing this. Laila says she is a queen of liars. They both argue to get the throne. Dadi signs Tabeezi. Laila flies in the air… and attacks Chandni. Chandni and Laila’s fight begins. Everyone gets behind. Aman calls Baazigar and signs Roshni. They also fly in the air and try to stop the fight. Laila and Chandni lose their weapons. They continue their fight with their powers. Aman bounds them by his magic. Tabeezi gets the red moon stones. She says these pieces will tell the book about red moon story and the person who is harmful for Roshni and Aman. She chants.

The book takes the pieces in. She sees the twins. She says it means Laila cheated us, I have to tell everyone before she harms everyone. Laila and Chandni ask Aman to free them. Roshni gets a call. She says Tabeezi said the truth, who is bad between both the sisters, Chandni did this. Roshni asks are you sure Tabeezi, thanks. Roshni says yes, Chandni did all this.

Tabeezi is hypnotized by Kabir. He says I regret to do this with you, but what to do, brother’s love is making me do this. He recalls asking Laila to kill Aman. He says we both are the same, what belonged to us got snatched by our blood. She agrees.

Chotu tries to wake up Locha. The boy hits him and rubs the lamp. Chotu faints. Locha comes out. Aman frees Laila. Laila says you did well to trust me, now your family will be safe. Chandni says you will regret Aman. Chotu goes to get the lamp from the cupboard. The teacher comes to see. Chandni asks Roshni to take care of the kids. Laila says it’s not safe to keep her here. She gets her weapon back. She attacks Chandni. She says now I will become the red moon princess, you and your time are over. She says it hurts to do this with my sister.

The teacher scolds Chotu and asks him to go and study. Aman asks why didn’t they get fine. Laila says I want a red moon piece to help them, you broke the moon, how will you get the rock now, there is a way, that moon is still there. Imran asks are you thinking we are Neil Armstrong to get that moon rock. She says love tower will help you reach there. He says fine, I will get it. She says no, just Ayana can do this work.

Aman saying I will go with Roshni. Laila says if Chandni comes back, then you have to be here and save the family. Roshni says we can trust Laila, better be with family and protect them, I will go and get the moon. He thinks of her words. He says fine, Baazigar will go with you, we don’t have time to waste. He calls Baazigar. Roshni says I have decided, I will go. Laila wishes her. Roshni asks does Chandni have any kids. Laila says no. Roshni asks why did she ask me to take care of children. Laila asks her not to think of that, Chandni may lie anything. Salma and Aman ask her to take care. Roshni goes.

Locha calls out Chotu. He looks at her and asks who are you. She says I m Locha Pari. Dadi and Aman worry for the family members. Laila says I will find some way to stop this. She goes to the white moon and sits on it. She flies away. Aman says I think she didn’t make any antidote, go and be with mum. Locha says I did wrong magic and got Lily Pari’s face. Chotu says get back your old face. She says no, it can’t happen now. The boy and teacher think whom is Chotu talking to. Laila comes to Kabir.

She says it happened as we thought, Ayana is at the minar. Guard stops Roshni. She says I have to go in. She goes in. Farah finds Tabeezi fallen down. She tries to help. Tabeezi gets up to attack. Farah calls Aman and says mum has become Zehraal. Aman is shocked. He says it means Tabeezi has become Zehraal, she is in Kabir’s control, did we had to control Chandni, not Laila. Roshni turns to see. She sees the moon coming down. She thinks I have to take the piece of the moon. Aman asks Farah to save Tabeezi some how, get the purple powder from her stuff. She checks the purse. The bottle goes under the cupboard. He asks her to get it. She tries to get the bottle. Aman looks for Laila. He says I had seen Laila coming here, where did she go. He asks Farah to find powder fast and make Tabeezi fine, he needs her. Farah throws powder on Tabeezi. Tabeezi turns to normal and faints down. Farah asks her to get up. Tabeezi gets up and says I m fine. Aman says give her the phone. Tabeei asks are you fine. He asks why did you call us. She says I called you to tell you that Laila is your enemy, you have to trust Chandni.

He asks are you sure. She says yes, it was written in book, Laila was born before Chandni, she was evil so she was punished to sleep, she wants to become the queen. He says we made big mistake, we trusted Laila and Laila had sent Roshni to the moon. Tabeezi says its a lunar eclipse today. Chandni says when Roshni reaches the moon, there will be an eclipse, then nothing will be same. Baazigar stops Roshni from touching the moon. Roshni thinks what’s happening, why is the moon getting black. Chandni says we will get what we want. Kabir says my goals will be in my hands. Aman asks what will happen then. Tabeezi says Ayana will be in trouble if she is pregnant. Aman says Chandni was warning Roshni, it means Roshni is pregnant. He recalls his intimacy with Roshni. He runs.

Roshni recalls Laila’s words. She thinks to take the bright part of the moon before it gets dark completely. Aman recalls Tabeezi’s words. He runs downstairs. Aman calls Baazigar. He says he isn’t here, take care of Roshni, I m coming. Baazigar stops Roshni. She asks what are you doing, Baazigar. Aman gets a dagger. He stabs himself. He turns into a devil.

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