A Magical Love Story 7 August 2021: A Magical Love Story update Saturday 7th August 2021 The Episode starts with Aman decorating the room. Roshni gets ready with Sara’s help. Aman calls her and does Shayari. Roshni talks indirectly. She says you need to keep patience. He asks how much more patience. She jokes. She goes to Aman. Parveen sees her and thinks whatever you want will never happen. She sprinkles the gold powder and thinks you will believe the lie, no one will believe you now. Roshni sees Parveen and Salma fighting. Parveen blames Salma for the theft. Roshni goes to sort the fight. Parveen insults Salma and asks her to get out. Roshni stops her and says my mum can never be wrong. Aman and everyone come. Roshni says Parveen is blaming Salma for theft. She cries.

She says your mum feels Salma and I are here for money. Parveen sprinkles power on Salma. She says Roshni what are you saying, I was just talking to Salma. Salma says yes, why would Parveen insult me. Roshni says what are you saying, maybe someone scared you, I m with you, if you go from this house, then I will go with you. Aman asks why are you saying this. Roshni says because Parveen insulted Salma. Salma says no, Parveen treats me like a sister. Roshni faints. Aman lifts her and takes her to room. Aman says Roshni got conscious. Dadi says don’t know why she behaved this way, I spoke to Tabeezi, she said Roshni maybe influenced by Kabir. He says I have to make her fine. Salma comes to Roshni. Roshni asks why did you lie. Salma asks her to take rest. Roshni says I m not sick, why are you behaving like this. She goes.

Aman comes to ask Roshni what happened. Roshni says I m not sick, I have seen everything, I don’t know why they are lying, I m not mad. He says I know, but I spoke to them, they said this didn’t happen. She says you mean I m a liar. He says no. She says you mean I m a liar or mad. He says no, Kabir controlled your mind so …. She says you should have trusted me. She goes. He stops her. He says I trust you. She asks did I go mad to imagine things. He says we will sort this out. She says I m not mad. He says don’t worry, I m with you. She says oh no, its our suhaagraat tonight. He says you forget things and remember suhaagraat. She says why shall I forget it. He says I didn’t know my wife will talk such things. She says I didn’t know you will just talk. He says you are suffering from fever, take a rest, good night. She sleeps.

Tabeezi, Farah, and Roshni meet. Farah asks are you saying you imagined the fight. Roshni says exactly, something was happening and I saw something else. Aman looks for Roshni. Dadi says she went to meet Farah, Aman why don’t we keep this marriage with all the rituals. Salma says yes, Aman just let me see her marriage. Aman says the relation got your blessings, why do this for the world. Parveen asks how is Roshni. He says she is fine, she went to meet Farah, maybe Tabeezi tells her. Parveen thinks no one knows about Sifriti magic. Tabeezi says it’s not mentioned in the book, you are seeing the things that didn’t happen, maybe Kabeer is doing this, I will find out, wear this ring, it will glow when there is magic happening around, keep an eye on it. Roshni comes home. She sees Aman and Dadi talking.

Aman says I spoke to the doctor, I shall take Roshni there, her state is bad, she isn’t listening to me. She asks what are you saying. Aman says we didn’t mean it. She asks do you think I m getting mad. She recalls his words. Parveen does the magic. Roshni thinks I m also play the same game. Parveen hides from Roshni. Roshni starts acting and says Aman you went on your mum, you don’t know what you are making me feel, I m not mad. She sees the ring glowing. She thinks Aman and I aren’t doing any magic, then who is doing this. She gets back and removes the ring. She sees Aman and Dadi disappearing. Roshni says it means it was an illusion, someone is trying to make me crazy. The ring goes. Roshni says trust me, your mum wants to separate us. Parveen smiles. The ring flies to Parveen. Roshni comes there and sees her. She cries.

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