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A Magical Love Story 11 July 2021: A Magical Love Story update Sunday 11th July 2021 The Episode starts with Roshni saying I m sorry Dadi, I didn’t see that chair at night and bumped into it, I fell out of the window, sorry for your loss. Aman looks on surprised. Dadi sees Aman. She kisses Roshni and says this house can’t get a better bahu than you. Roshni smiles. 

Dadi says Aman, you are very lucky. She goes. Ada’s dad asks is this true, Aman has married Roshni. Parveen says he is my son, I promise he will come to your house to get Ada. Ada’s dad asks Ada not to worry, Aman will come to take her soon. Ada smiles. She sees Raakh Jinn there. Aman says you can tell me if you need anything. Roshni nods. He asks why did you lie to Dadi.

Roshni says I said what I wanted to, you won’t get saved for free, you have to pay a price. He recalls Salma’s words. He says oh, what price do you want. Roshni says three things, you have to hold ears and say sorry, you will say I m the prettiest girl in the world, you will go to some address and do what I say. He smiles. She asks him to say, will he pay the price. He asks what’s this, total rubbish. He goes.

Dadi and Phupi see the tree. Dadi says Aman and Parveen hate Roshni, they aren’t realizing that Roshni is the girl who can save their lives. Roshni asks Aman to hold his ears and say sorry. Aman tries. His sisters come. Saima asks how did this happen. Roshni says I just fell down, I got hurt on the marriage day, this is just a little scratch, don’t worry, it will get fine on holding ears. Saima asks what. Roshni says specialist isn’t convinced easily. Sara asks him to go and hold that person’s ears. Aman says yes, I will talk. Roshni asks where is Chotu. Saima says he is ill, he is sleeping. Roshni asks what happened to him.

Aman says I know what happened to him, any kid can get traumatized, whatever happened yesterday. Roshni looks at him. Phupi says time knows that when Aman and Ayana fall in love, this tree will have new buds blossoming. Dadi says I wish so. Phupi forgets. Roshni says where is Khan baba, he is really cheap. She goes out and says he should have atleast thanked me, he failed my plan. She sees Aman with everyone. She goes to see. Aman hugs Chotu.

He says the family where there is no father, the elder son has no right to make a mistake, I couldn’t keep my responsibility, Sara, Saima and Chotu planned a lot and decorated the house, they danced, invited people and I spoiled it all. He cries and says I m sorry, I should have controlled myself, I called you all here, next time this won’t happen, you all forgive me. Saima says we are sorry that you had to beat that guy alone, in fact we should have beaten him together.

Sara says Saima is right. Chotu says I should have supported you, sorry. They hug. Roshni thinks he becomes a perfect gentleman when he sees tears in his family’s eyes. Parveen angrily goes. Dadi says don’t worry, we will convince her. Aman says don’t get sad, we will party soon. He sees Roshni out. He goes to ask her. He sees her foot hurt. He takes care of her. Everyone does aw…. Aman removes the glass piece from Roshni’s wound. She falls in his arms.

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