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A Magical Love Story 18 July 2021: A Magical Love Story update Sunday 18th July 2021 The Episode starts with Raakh Jinn getting the illusion well painting inside the house. Roshni cries and goes. Raakh Jinn thinks I have to keep this painting somewhere else. Roshni turns to see. Raakh jinn goes. Parveen says Ada will stay here. Dadi asks what this drama. Parveen argues. Dadi says Aman’s life is in danger, red moon night is going to come, you want to make Ayana out. 

Parveen says Ada is Ayana, not Roshni, I trust her. Dadi says I trust Roshni. Roshni cries and thinks of Parveen’s words. Ada says I was marrying Aman, but don’t know what happened that he married you. Roshni says even I was marrying someone else, Aman married me and changed my life, I didn’t know when I became his wife. Ada says you won’t be his wife for long. Parveen says we will test our belief, permit Ada to stay here, everyone will know who is real Ayana.

Dadi asks do you want another woman to come in Roshni’s life, you have gone through this pain, you want to give this pain to Roshni. Parveen cries. Aman worries. Ada says Aman promised me that you are in this house for few days, his family needed Ayana, they needed a bodyguard, there is difference between bodyguard and wife, right. Aman asks Parveen to accept the happening. He says let me drop Ada home, if you think its wrong, I will get her back, I promise. Parveen goes.

Dadi says she is angry, I will talk to her. Aman asks why did Ada try to attempt suicide, our arranged marriage didn’t complete, she didn’t know me, I didn’t know her. Ada says you and Aman will get divorced soon, then he will marry me, don’t get habitual to become his wife. She goes. Aman doesn’t see Raakh Jinn. He comes to Roshni.

Roshni says my life had many problems, I never lost and never got scared of anything, why are you doing this with me, you got angry on seeing me dancing, you told many times that you married me for your mum’s sake, you don’t like me, its my insult, maybe you and Ada were GF-BF, you were going to get married. Aman says no, we were going to have an arranged marriage, I didn’t throw you out of window as you had danced. She says lie, I remember everything, you have insulted my family, called me a dancer, stared at me and rolled eyes. She counts the number of times. She says I m not asking you to like me, what am I doing here, why am I here.

Aman asks you like my family. She says a lot. He says then you are protecting the family. She asks who wants to harm them. He says they want protection from me, its happening because of me, I m cursed by Jinn’s shadow. She gets shocked. He says I would have not asked you to stay if it was about me, the danger has come over my family, just you can protect us. She says yes, I understand, nothing is imp than family, I can do anything for my mum, I will stay to help you, I knew my muscles are strong, I m sure now, I m Roshni, the great, Ayana the warrior prince. He says really. She says yes, did you see my clips, they went as weapons and soldiers disappeared. He says then you fainted and I saved your life.

She says you fainted and I saved your life. He says I fainted as I got three arrows on my back to save you, maybe someone is calling me, I will just come. He goes. She says he got arrows on his back, three arrows, to save me. She smiles.

Raakh Jinn fixes the painting. She says now we should leave from here. Ada goes with her. Roshni is sleeping. Aman smiles seeing her. She gets disturbed by sunrays. He stops the sunlight from falling on her. He does magic. He hears her praising herself. He suspends her in the air. She says Aman thinks he is hero, who would protect him, I m Ayana. He smiles.

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