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A Magical Love Story 29 July 2021: A Magical Love Story update Thursday 29th July 2021 Aman asking, does everyone remember their dialogues. They say yes. Phupi says I forgot that I forget things. Aman says lets do this Dadi. He calls Baazigar. He does the magic and arranges a dinner table. Everyone smiles seeing the food arranged. Sara says just Roshni is coming for dinner, not the entire locality. Dadi says Roshni is coming. He asks everyone to go. Roshni comes. Aman smiles. Sara asks Kabir to come and see.

Kabir sees them. He says I will just come. Dadi asks Roshni to have food here, this is also her house. Roshni says that’s very sweet of you, I will not refuse. Aman smiles. Roshni thinks he is really mad. She asks what’s in food. He names all the dishes of her choice. He says we will see how less you eat, we know you have strong muscles. She thinks how does he have info about me. He asks her to sit. They go. Phupi asks how will she eat so much food.

Dadi says yes. Aman asks them to just see. Roshni finishes all the food. They get shocked. Aman says she eats a lot. He goes to Roshni and asks will you have anything else. She says no, I m on dieting, I can’t eat lot, you aren’t a good man, but you cook well, really sorry, there is no food left for you. He says there are noodles in your hair. She says who said there is no food left, have it. Salma comes. Dadi and everyone say no…. Aman eats the noodles. Salma says no….. Roshni and Aman smile.

Everyone makes faces. Roshni asks where were you, Dadi called me to have food, there is no food left for you, sorry. Salma says I had food, did Aman have food. Roshni asks why are you talking to him with respect like he is your son in law. Salma says you are also right. Everyone does a drama. Salma says Roshni will help you until your bahu comes, I mean as a helper. She asks Roshni to help them. Roshni says yes Dadi, no need to worry when I m here. Dadi thanks her and hugs. Roshni decorates the lights. Aman sees her and smiles. She sees him. Khalipili rokne ka nai…..plays…. Roshni drops all the gifts. He helps her. Her dupatta flies and falls over his face. She signs him to return it. He signs no. Kahani hamari…..plays..

Phupi takes the dupatta for Roshni. Aman helps Roshni and holds her hand. He says I know you love clouds and birds here, I can bring them here if you want. She scolds him. She says I have no interest in your sorry and you. Farah comes. Roshni hugs her and smiles. Roshni says I know Aman is your brother, but he is weirdo. Kabir says I have to take the mirror from the book shelf. He doesn’t see any book shelf. He asks where did the book shelf go. He sees the servants taking the shelf. He stops them and ge

Aman saying I learnt this from you, the magic to sink in your eyes, your talks, smile, style…. She slips in the pool. She comes out. Aman smiles seeing her. Kabir comes there and looks on. Aman also jumps in the pool. Thodi jagah….plays…. Aman hugs Roshni. Kabir breaks the mirror in anger and goes. Aman asks do you want more magic. They lift in the air. Roshni smiles. Aman asks Roshni to get ready. He gives her a towel to dry hair. He goes. Roshni says his eyes are cute, I like him, but I should get such cheap ideas.

The mirror pieces fly in the air and join back to form a huge mirror. Aman and everyone dance in the party. Cutie pie….plays… Kabir sees Roshni. A mercury like liquid come out of the mirror. It flows on the ground. Phupi goes to get the gift for Aftab. She gets caught inside the mirror frame. Dadi asks Aman to dance with Roshni. Aman hugs Kabir.

Kabir and Aman smile seeing Roshni. Sara also steps on the liquid and gets caught in the mirror. Aman claps for Roshni. Saima and Aftab sit for the gifting ceremony. Everyone gives them gifts. Roshni thinks where did mum go. Roshni also goes inside the mirror. Salma, Parveen and Chotu also get captured.

Kabir and Aman see off Saima and Aftab. They come inside the house and don’t see anyone. Aman sees some liquid dropping down. He moves Kabir away. He liquid drop disappears. They see the huge bubble. Aman recalls Tabeezi’s words. Aman says its the illusion mirror, I felt it with Tabeezi, who got it here, if the mirror gets angered, then…. we have to find it fast. They find the entire family trapped inside. Aman says we have to take this mirror to Tabeezi soon. He tries to take the mirror. The books begin to fall. Aman says Kabir do something, if his mirror breaks, my entire family will die, Choti, mum… Kabir is leaving. Aman says Roshni…. Kabir stops and thinks I have to save everyone to save Roshni. He asks Aman to throw the mirror in the air. Aman throws the mirror. Kabir uses his powers. Aman gets shocked. He calls Baazigar. He also uses his powers. Everyone comes out of the mirror.

They all wake up. Aman asks are you fine. Roshni says Khan Baba…. Aman sees her. Kahani hamari…..plays…. Aman cries. He lifts Roshni and takes her. Kabir thinks I won’t let Roshni regain her memory until the star shower night, I will snatch everything from Aman. Dadi wakes up Tabeezi and asks how did you come here. Tabeezi says I don’t know, someone trapped me in illusion mirror. Parveen sees Kabir. Tabeezi says just ilme jinn can answer me. Kabir thinks its time to make someone out of my way. Aman takes Roshni to room and asks her to open eyes. She sees him and smiles. Kabir comes there. Roshni asks why are you seeing me like this. Kabir cuts his hand and drops a blood drop down. Roshni gets under his control again. She forgets Aman and asks him what is he doing. Aman says you fainted, so I had to get you here. She faints again. Aman goes out. He sees the black drop and recalls Tabeezi’s words.

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