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A Magical Love Story 27 July 2021: A Magical Love Story update Tuesday 27th July 2021 The Episode starts with Aman coming to meet Roshni. Roshni gets scared and asks him not to give her a heart attack. He says I m sorry, I want to revive her memory by repeating the past, I took her from the magical door last time. She asks him to sit and talk to Roshni. He asks her not to worry. She asks him to save her from the dark shadow. He asks where is Roshni. She says in her room. He goes. Roshni sees the door appearing in her room. She gets shocked seeing Aman. She asks how did you come here, does magic happen in real life, why did you come here, what do you want, don’t think I m weak. He says I came to take you. She runs to Salma. He does magic and changes the door and windows. She gets shocked.

He says your voice won’t go out of this room. Roshni shouts Ammi, help me. He says total rubbish, and lifts her. He gets to the same ground. She asks him to leave her. He recalls Tabeezi saying its the dangerous way, you will see the Sifriti jinn blood on Roshni’s forehead when you take her to illusion well, the blood is controlling Roshni, illusion mirror will pull the blood. Aman says I m ready to do anything. FB ends. Roshni shouts and her anger breaks the rocks. Aman says I forgot she is Ayana. The illusion well appears. Aman thinks I have to take Roshni inside the illusion well some how. Roshni asks Aman not to follow her, not anger her. He asks her to listen. She attacks him with her clips. He gets hurt by the weapons. Roshni looks on puzzled. She catches the weapons back. Aman says you are hurting me, listen to me. She says maybe he won’t agree this way. She attacks again with more blades. He bends down and gets saved. He goes to her. She goes back and falls inside the illusion well. He jumps after her.

Tabeezi says I had asked Aman to go to the black jungle, there can be danger, he will need illusion well for Aman. Dadi says phone also doesn’t work there, if we go there, he will have to save us, I will keep a watch to get any info, take care, I will go. Dadi thanks her. Kabir comes to the well. He says I feel so good, my brother got his happiness back, I have a habit to snatch happiness, if Roshni remembers everything, she will not be in my control, I won’t let this happen. He gets some bolt in his hand. Aman holds Roshni. Kahani hamari…. plays… He holds the illusion mirror in front. Kabir attacks them. Aman is thrown out of the well.

Roshni gets caught in the storm. The well gets shut. Aman says no, Roshni…. Kabir shouts Aman….. Aman asks what are you doing here. Kabir recalls seeing Tabeezi at home. He collides with her and says sorry. She leaves. He asks who was she Dadi. Dadi says Tabeezi. He asks why do you look worried. Dadi says Aman… FB ends. Kabir says Dadi has sent me to find you. Aman says I did a big mistake, Roshni got shut inside the illusion well. Kabir says don’t worry, I m here. The well appears. Aman says stay here, your life can be in danger. Kabir asks how can I let you go alone, I have come here for you, brother’s love makes a person do anything, don’t waste time, we have to get Roshni back. Aman nods. They run to the well and dive in.

They see Roshni. Aman uses his powers to stop the storm. Kabir holds her. She sees Kabir saving her. They come out. They are seen lying unconscious on the ground. Scene shifts to Roshni’s house. Salma takes care of Roshni. She goes to get soup. Aman sits by Roshni’s side. He stops Kabir and says after dad left, I have always fought alone, its the first time I felt someone is with me, if you were not there, Roshni and I would have not got saved, you came to the black jungle for my sake, you saved us, thanks, fate always cheated me, I feel like fate gave me a gift also, it gave me my brother. He hugs Kabir. Kabir gets thinking.

Aman says Kabir, are you fine. Kabir says I will meet you at home. He goes. Salma asks did Roshni come out of Sifriti jinn’s effect. Aman says everything was going fine, someone spoiled it. She asks who. He says I also want to know this. Kabir goes and recalls Aman’s words. He gets angry.

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