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A Magical Love Story 21 July 2021: A Magical Love Story update Wednesday 21st July 2021 The Episode starts with Roshni sinking inside the water. Aman comes and gets shocked. He shouts Roshni. He pulls her out. He calls out Baazigar and does the magic. Roshni comes out of the water. Aman and Roshni see each other. They see the water. Aman ignites fire in the book. He asks Roshni are you fine. She nods. He says its water of illusion well, how did this come here. She says I don’t know, it pulled me in. She hugs him. She sits shivering. He gets a towel for her and asks are you fine. She says yes.

Dadi says you are right, its water of illusion well, I just spoke to Tabeezi. Aman says someone has dropped the well here. Dadi says you are right. Aman asks what solution did Tabeezi give for this. Dadi and Aman put some powder around the house. They see the protective shield.

Dadi says we have bound the house by this mantra, it will come in effect until morning, remember, if you keep your foot out of this circle, this mantra will end. Roshni says I will stay inside. Aman says this new phone is for you, we will postpone the function. Roshni asks him not to postpone the function, nothing will happen to me. Dadi says fine.

Saima gets ready. Dadi compliments her. Saima’s in laws come. Roshni comes. Aman asks are you fine. Roshni says yes. They see Sameer coming. They get shocked. Roshni recalls Farah’s words. Aftab’s sister introduces Sameer as her husband. She says he went out for some work. Sameer greets Aman and asks why are you so shocked, didn’t Roshni tell you that I m coming back, such families train for cheat. Aman warns him. Dadi asks them to come and have dinner. Sameer sees Roshni. Raakh Jinn gets the illusion well and comes there. She stops by the shield. Roshni goes to the kitchen. Aman goes to her. He seals the place for them to talk.

He asks did you know Sameer is going to come here. She says no. Aman says he knew he is married and you are going to marry him. She asks why are you asking. He says you were marrying a married man, a girl like you can do anything for a blank cheque, you are selfish, your nature is to cheat, so you have left Sameer and 51 lakhs for a blank cheque. She thinks its a lie, if I say truth, you will insult my mum, I can’t tolerate that. He asks her why is she silent, doesn’t she have any plan in mind. He says mum was right about you, you are a selfish, greedy and a cheater. He goes. She cries.

Aman says Sameer is Aftab’s brother-in-law, Sameer was going to marry Roshni. Dadi says I didn’t know this, maybe Aftab and his family don’t know this, look at Aftab. Aftab serves food to Saima. She says he seems like a good guy. Aman says even Roshni looks decent, we should check Aftab’s background once. Dadi says fine, but none should know. Sameer holds Roshni’s hand.

Aman looks on. Sameer says I will help you. Parveen says we shall go for the rasam. They all go. Sameer stops Roshni. She scolds him. Aman sees them. Saima’s rasam gets done. Aman stays worried. Dadi asks Aman and Roshni to give the shagun together. Raakh Jinn gets Ada there to take the illusion well inside. Aftab’s sister says we are glad to meet you.

Sameer says we will keep coming now, its hard to find decent people these days. Sameer says I know you like Roshni, she is hiding something from you, she won’t stay here, she likes to roam around, I will prove it. Aman gets angry. The guests leave.

Roshni comes to Aman and says you are misunderstanding me, I didn’t know Sameer is going to come. Aman says I m not interested in you, you shouldn’t matter to me, don’t do anything that hurts this family’s reputation, you will not even see Saima, Saima’s marriage is imp for me. Roshni cries and asks what after the marriage. Aman says then you do whatever you want. He goes.

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