A Perfect Lie February Teasers 2020 Starlife


A Perfect Lie February Teasers 2020 Starlife

Below are the written A Perfect Lie February Teasers 2020 Starlife; 

Monday  3  February 2020
Episode 67
Rajnath snatches the knife from Shaurya. Dev suspects Rajnath of hiding the truth from him. Rajnath informs Sakshi about Dev investigating Payal’s rape case. Durga instigates Dev against Shaurya and decides to show Nitya’s diary to Dev. Will Dev get the diary from Durga?
Episode 68
Aakash informs Sakshi about Dev and Durga being together in a restaurant. Shaurya informs Rajnath to keep Dev away from the project. Meanwhile, Dev finds Nitya’s diary in Durga’s bag and tries to steal it. Will he succeed?
Tuesday 4 February 2020
Episode 69
Shaurya spills water on Dev deliberately. Durga leaves with Dev in order to make Shaurya feel jealous. The couple is shocked to find their car punctured and suspect Shaurya. Meanwhile, Durga tells Shaurya that she is more than a friend to Dev. How will Shaurya react to this?
Episode 70
Shaurya becomes intimate with Urvashi. He later finds a note and an envelope containing pictures of their intimate moments. He panics on finding out that the pictures have been sent to Durga as well. A shocked Shaurya finds Urvashi in Durga’s house and believes it to be Dev’s conspiracy.
Wednesday 5  February 2020
Episode 71
Shaurya is upset to learn that Rajnath sent Urvashi to trap him. Durga and Dev’s car breaks down while returning from a meeting with Dr Prabhakar. Dev and Durga recall their past. Meanwhile, Shaurya decides to take revenge on Rajnath. What does he have in mind? [starlife] A perfect Lie February Teasers 2020
Episode 72
Shekhar Mehra introduces himself as Durga’s friend to Sakshi. Durga finds Nitya’s pictures on Dev’s mobile. Dev requests a truck driver to drop them to the city. Shaurya finds Dev’s car, but fails to find Durga and Dev. How will Shaurya react to this?

A Perfect Lie February Teasers 2020

Thursday  6 February 2020
Episode 73
Sakshi instructs Shekhar to gather information about Durga and decides to help Shekhar in his business. Meanwhile, Durga arrives in the Goenka house, where she praises Dev to make Shaurya jealous. Durga thanks Dev for taking care of her; Dr Dayal watches them.
Episode 74
Shekhar learns that Durga informed Dr Dayal of instigating Shaurya against Dev. Shaurya feels Dev is trying to impress Durga and decides to murder him. Meanwhile, Raima invites Durga for a party, where she introduces her to Shekhar. Will Durga find out Raima’s intention?
Friday 7  February 2020
Episode 75
Dev learns Shaurya is jealous of him and decides to discontinue the hospital project. Meanwhile, Shaurya hires a contract killer to murder Dev. Sakshi decides to host a party and invites Shekhar. Dr Dayal warns Durga to stay alert during the party. What is the intention behind hosting the party?
Episode 76
Durga confronts Shekhar for not inviting her for his wedding. She tells Shaurya about Shekhar’s proposal to her. Shekhar tells Sakshi Durga has changed. Sakshi gives Shekhar a chance to prove the same. What will Shekhar do?

Complete Teasers to be released soon……


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