A perfect lie Thursday update 16th January 2020 starlife


A perfect lie Thursday update 16th January 2020 starlife

A perfect lie Thursday update 16th January 2020 starlife; Dev coming to the same temple where Durga and Dr. Dayal are at. They meet each other and exchange some pleasantries. Dev tells them that he has come for a mannat and that he has an really old relation with this temple. Durga taunts him saying whether he maintains all his old relations. Dev says yes. Before going Durga tells Dev to not ask for anything which goddess Durga herself can’t fulfil. Saying this she goes but stops and notices Dev tying a thread in the same tree as Nitya did once. He prays for her safety and asks god to look after her wherever she is. Durga hears it and promises to herself that she will take revenge on him and will never forgive him. Scene then shits to Goenka House, Everyone is at the living room. Sakshi goes to Dev and questions him as to why he accused Shaurya of raping Payal. Dev denies saying that he just asked him.

PreviouslyA perfect lie Wednesday update 15th January 2020

Rajnath also comes and tells him that he has not only accused Shaurya but he tried to tarnish the reputation of the Goenka’s. Sakshi tells him that now she knows the reason why he came to India all of a sudden. She tells him that he has come to search for Nitya. She rebukes Nitya but Dev stands up for her. Shaurya asks him to confess that he is going to challenge the decision of the court. Sakshi and Rajnath try to explain to him. Rajnath tells him that after his brother passed away he always tried to keep the family together. He says that if his father was alive he wouldn’t be happy with the way Dev behaved. He requests him not to tarnish the name of his brother. They leave from there. Dev apologises to his mom. His mother tells him not to suspect his brother. Dev tries to explain to her that he wants to believe Shaurya but says how can he believe all that nonsense they are saying about Nitya and Payal as he knew then since childhood. Scene then shifts to Sakshi. She is shown telling Rajnath that she doesn’t trust Dev at all. She says that its better if he leaves India as soon as possible. Shaurya tells that he is sure that Dev will not go but Rajnath says he is confident that he will go. He tells them how he emotionally blackmailed them in the name of his elder brother and tells him that during the court case he used his brother’s name so that Suchitra Bhabhi would stop him from coming back to India.

Suchitra tries to explain to him that even she was shocked but after hearing it from Payal’s mouth herself…Dev tells her that no matter what he will find out the truth and till then he requests her not to believe anyone. He says that he wanted to come back to India but wasn’t able to as his visa had some problems and by the time it got sorted it was too late as the court had announced its decision. He tells her that he has come back to remove his guilt.

Scene then shifts to Sakshi. She tells Shaurya that if we can’t finish the enemy then at least we can defeat him every step of the way. She tells him not to under estimate Dev. She tells him to become responsible and smart like Dev. Shaurya agrees with her. He says that he has a perfect plan. Suchitra tells Dev that she doesn’t doubt him but tells him that she doesn’t want any  harm to come on the family. He assures her that he will say sorry to Shaurya and try to find the truth the right way. Durga calls Shaurya. Shaurya tells her that he was just thinking about her. Durga tells him not to say such cheesy lines on her. She tells him that she has to cancel their meeting this evening as she has some important work regarding the cancer project. Shaurya gets angry. Durga is shown getting angry on Dev for ditching her when she needed him the most.

Next Shaurya is shown beating up the architect of the Cancer Research Project. His friend comes in the car and asks him if he killed him Shaurya says not yet but if he doesn’t step down from the project he will definitely kill him. They leave from there. His friend ask him as to why he took such a big risk. He asks Shaurya about the future course of action. Shaurya tells him that he has to get rid the architect first so that he can gain the project. He phones Mr. Gaungly and asks him for a favour. Back at Goenka’s Akash is shown telling Rajnath about Mr. Archarya being in hospital. Shaurya comes in. Rajnath asks Akash to find a new architect. He goes. Shaurya asks him not to allow anyone in. Shaurya asks him to tell him the problem saying that he will find the solution. Rajnath tells him about the architect. He says that he doesn’t know if he can be the solution or not. He gets worried thinking what will happen to the project. Shaurya says it was necessary. He tells him that he was the one who attacked the architect.   He says that he wanted to focus on his career and following the advice given to him by Sakshi. Rajnath gets angry on him.

A perfect lie update Thursday 16th January 2020 on starlife

He asks him the reason for taking such a step. Shaurya tells him that he did this to wanted to become the architect of the project. Rajnath tells him that despite knowing how  important this project is to him why he wants to harm it. Shaurya tells how beautiful Durga is. Rajnath understands that he did it to impress Durga. He asks if he didn’t get another way to come close to Durga. Rajnath threatens him saying that if cause of him the project his harmed he will not spare him. Shaurya doesn’t care and tells him that to get Durga Thakur he can go to any extent. Raima phones but Shaurya tells him to cut the call saying he is busy with his son. Shaurya tells him to phone Dr Dayal and arrange for a meeting.


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