A perfect Lie update Friday 10th January 2020 on Starlife


A perfect Lie update Friday 10th January 2020 on Starlife

A perfect Lie update Friday 10th January 2020 on Starlife; Sakshi leaving. Durga shuts the door and is relieved. Babjee gets tensed. Durga asks him to be careful, he is blind infront of the world. He says I know, what did she say, is Divya with her, she will not leave her alive. Durga says trust me. He says I trust you, you can save my daughter. She says I won’t let anything happen to her. Akash makes a reward posters to find Divya. He says I kept Rs 10 lakh reward. Sakshi says make 20000 posters, it should be in every lane of the city. He says I will do this in two hours. Sakshi thinks we will get Divya now. She asks Akash to keep an eye on Durga. If they are connected, we will find out Durga is involved in this.

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Shaurya hears this and says don’t know what problem does mum have with Durga, but I will get her any any cost.

Akash leaves. A servant hears the talk. Sakshi asks him to leave. Durga thinks where is Divya. She talks to Dayal and says I don’t know how will Sakshi do in these 48 hours. She says I feel she has Divya. He says you have to reach Divya before her. She says maybe she kept Divya in some other city. He says what should we do now. She says we have to divert her, so that Sakshi forgets Divya and get in our story.

Dayal asks what is it, how will we do this. Durga sees her phone and says I have one way. Dayal smiles. She calls someone and says your info is valuable to us, but I need help you, I got your message and now I know Sakshi does not have Divya, if she gets her, she will not leave her alive, I have to use my other plan now. She smiles. Akash makes some men paste Divya’s posters on every wall and tree. People see her. Durga sees it and is shocked.

People say we have seen this girl in this café, we should get her and we can get Rs 10 lakhs. Durga gets worried and says thinks she is my duty, I should do something, but how. She gets an idea and says Shaurya. She gets Shaurya’s call. He asks who are you, tell me the truth. She is shocked and asks what. He says I mean you are an angel or what. He says I called to apologize, I m sorry for my rude behavior. She says its ok I have forgiven you. He says your dad is right, I will stop chasing you.

He says will you have coffee with me. She says not today, I m going somewhere. He gets happy and says I m also going there, we have a farmhouse there, shall we meet there for coffee. He requests and she says fine, I can’t stay for much time. He says I m calling you at farm for some important work and it won’t take much time. Durga leaves. Akash sees her and calls Sakshi. Sakshi tries calling Raj and leaves a voicemail. She says Shaurya is taking Durga to our farmhouse and we know our deal can get cancelled if Dayal comes to know this.

Sakshi goes to the farmhouse. Shaurya tells Karan that Durga is coming to meet me at farmhouse and I will send the proof in one hour. Sakshi calls Shaurya and he is busy talking to Karan. Karan says do I have to give Rs 5 crore. Shaurya says she is not less than price money. Shaurya gets Sakshi’s call and he says sorry mum, I can’t take your call. Sakshi calls Raima and asks where are you. Raima says at home. Sakshi says I came to know everything. Raj comes to Raima. She says Shaurya is taking Durga, what to tell you now.

Raima says you know Shaurya likes Durga, but Durga does not agree to him. Sakshi says Akash informed me. Raj gets close to Raima. Sakshi says I m going to our farmhouse, you come there. Raima is shocked. Raj panics. Raima says wait for me at home, we will go together. Sakshi says I m at the gate. Raima covers herself and says what will we do now. She panics. She says of she sees us then. He says nothing will happen. Sakshi reaches the farmhouse and sees a car. Durga looks at her and smiles. Shaurya is on the way.

Dayal calls Durga. She says I m fine, I did not come in my car I hired a rented car so that no one doubts on me. She smiles and parks her car. Raima says Sakshi came, if she sees me here, she will ruin me, I cheated her, she will never forgive me. He says calm down, be quiet, let me think. She asks where are you going. Raj sees the watchman opening the gate. He gets tensed seeing Sakshi knowing Raj is inside with Raima. Sakshi sees Raj’s car and thinks how is this here. Raj thinks of an idea and asks Raima to wait. She says what to do now.

Durga keeps an eye on Sakshi and smiles. She says Sakshi Goenka, when there is fire on your home, you will forget to ruin others. After seeing this, I don’t think you will think about Divya.


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