A Perfect lie update Friday 14 February 2020


A Perfect lie 14 February 2020 update; Dev coming to Nitya’s house ad finding his locket. He gets it and says thank God I got this. He hears the people talking about some man who stayed in Chawl and turned from ordinary lawyer to a rich man. He has fought Payal and Nitya’s case and Agnihotri lost it and run from this city, and he earned so much in two years, he was very lazy and superstitious. They talk about Goenkas supporting him. Dev thinks maybe he lost the case to get money. Dev tries to see that man Agnihotri. He finally sees him. Dev sees Karan coming and hugging Agnihotri and is shocked. He thinks what is Karan doing here with this man. Agnihotri says Karan has helped me a lot and donated money for this temple. Dev thinks if Karan is his friend, it means the lawyer had money and lost the case, Agnihotri is responsible for Payal’s state.

Karan asks Agnihotri not to tell he is his friend. Agnihotri says relax, two years have passed. People should know my good time has come. Karan says if you are staying here, be calm, don’t make issues in public. Agnihotri says everyone forgot what happened two years ago. Karan says this should not happen tomorrow. Dev hides from Karan’s sight. Dev says he will find everything about this lawyer and know how did he get so much money.

A Perfect lie 14 February 2020 update

Agnihotri gets a new case and says he will start working on it after two days. He sees Nitya’s pic and thanks her and Payal for giving him all this. He says you thought I can help you, and my fate changed. He recalls. The FB shows how Nitya came to him with Payal’s rape case and he took it and then took money to lose the case. He thinks he made the copies of the video and will tell Goenkas what he can do. The man has sold the video to Goenkas by showing it to Shaurya and Rajnath. All FB scenes are shown.

A Perfect lie 14 February 2020 update; He asks them for Rs 15 crores. Shaurya gets angry for being blackmailed. Rajnath agrees to pay him and asks him to leave the city, else he will kill him and take the money back. Agnihotri tells Nitya that he was beaten up and lost the proof. Shaurya got freed from the case and Nitya and Payal lost the case. Rajnath gave 15 crores to Agnihotri for losing the case. He then left the city. Agnihotri thanks Nitya for giving him this life.



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