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A perfect lie update Friday 3 January 2020 on Starlife

A perfect lie update Friday 3 January 2020 on Starlife; The Episode starts with Shaurya removing his jacket saying now you will see the real Shaurya. Durga says let me go. Shaurya laughs and says I got to know everything about you and Payal. She says I m sorry Shaurya, let me go. He says how to let you go like this, first take the punishment of your mistake. He molests her. This is all Shaurya’s imagination. Durga stops the car and asks what happened, are you ok. She brings him to the mental hospital and says I work even here. Shaurya is shocked. Durga smiles. She says come, I want to make you meet my fav person, I m sure you will be happy.

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She says its very tragic story, she lost her mental balance, no one meets her, only I meet her. She says she is there, I thought you should meet her, I m sure you will be happy. Durga walks to Payal and thinks of Payal’s fears. She turns Payal. Shaurya is shocked seeing her. Shaurya thinks about Payal. Durga thinks what happened Shaurya Goenka, you ruined her life and can’t see her face now. Durga says she is my fav, meet Payal, Shaurya. Shaurya walks away. Payal is shocked seeing him and thinks of her rape. She starts shouting and says he came again, take him away. Everyone one and calms Payal. Payal points to Shaurya.

Durga asks Payal to calm down. Payal is taken inside. Durga asks Shaurya does she know you, she did not react like this before. Shaurya leaves. Durga smiles. Shaurya says it means mum is right, mum warned me but……….. why did I not listen to her. He says no……….. what does Durga know, did she do this intentionally, first Babjee and now Payal. He says but it can be a coincidence, else did she really? No…. I don’t have the answers but I need the blo*dy answers. Payal hugs Durga saying he is a very bad man, I m afraid. Durga says he is gone, I m with you. Payal says tell my Nitya Di, he is back. Durga cries. Payal calls out Nitya.

Durga calms and hugs her. Payal sleeps in Durga’s lap and Dayal comes to her. Durga looks at him. Raj says Sakshi you should have not sent the pic to Shaurya. She says he will come soon seeing the pic, he will not meet Durga. Raj says if Shaurya deal with Durga then, no one will save him. Sakshi says relax, trust Shaurya, he is your son. Dayal calms down Durga. Durga says I made Payal cry today, she was very afraid seeing Shaurya, because of me, I m a bad sister. Dayal says no Durga, bad memories should come out, it was necessary, you are doing this for her. Payal now knows you will protect her and no one can hurt her now.

A perfect lie update Friday 3 January 2020 on Starlife

He says no one can get a sister like you. He says you are the best. He says make Payal your strength and take revenge. Durga hugs him. Shaurya comes home. Raj asks why did you not answer my call, where were you. Shaurya says what does this pics mean, I m shocked. Sakshi says I m shocked too, Durga is not right, did you ask her whats her connection with Payal. Shaurya says she took me to Payal. Sakshi and Raj are shocked. Raj says why Payal. Sakshi says have you lost your mind, you went to meet her whom we made mad to save you.

Shaurya says Durga did not tell me, she took me to rehab centre telling about social work. Sakshi asks what happened there. Shaurya says Payal reacted seeing me, she shouted. He says trust me, I got a boy on road and I treated him well, she melt and took me to meet Payal. I was shocked seeing Payal. I wanted to confront her, but I left. I think it’s a coincidence. Raj says yes, maybe. Sakshi says no. Raj says but Durga has seen Payal reacting, and she can share this with Dayal, will it affect our deal. She says you are worried about deal.

Shaurya says Payal is not in her senses, so don’t worry. Sakshi says I can’t be quiet now. Shaurya leaves. Raima comes and hears this. Sakshi says Durga is doing this intentionally. Raj says the case is shut two years ago. Sakshi says Durga is opening the case again. Raj says Shaurya said he will not…………. He sees Raima and stops talking. Raima greets them. Raima talks about tarot card reader. She looks at Raj. She says he has given the death card for Goenkas. Sakshi and Raj are shocked.

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