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In a perfect lie 26 march 2020; A perfect lie update thursday 26 march 2020 update starlife, Durga asking the nurse who has sent it to kill Raima. Sakshi says clam down Durga and scares the nurse by acting sweet. The nurse says please, I don’t know anything. Isnoector Mukherjee comes there and says he has the right to ask the nurse. Durga says they are just asking. Mukherjee says she can name anyone, wil we agree if she says any filmstar name, come to court and find out. Rajnath scolds Mukherjee and asks him to go out, as he will get the truth out of the nurse. a perfect lie 26 march 2020 update He shouts on the nurse. Mukherjee says lets go by rules, come tomorrow with laywer and ask the nurse. Sakshi says yes, we will know the truth. Mukherjee asks her to come.

The nurse asks her to come. She says don’t take me. Durga says can we be there on questioning time. He says no, come with lawyer and see her written statement. The nurse takes the gun and asks everyone to move far. Rajnath gets angry. Shaurya stops him saying dad she has gun. The nurse locks them and runs. a perfect lie thursday 26 march 2020 update Sakshi and Mukherjee to get her, and she hopes she does not do anything to Raima, and she should not go out of city,else who will give statement in court. Rajnath gets the door opened and goes to catch the nurse. Dayal asks Durga to understand their plan and get the nurse.

Sakshi says well done Shaurya, you did well by stopping Rajnath. He says yes, I know you must be feeling so cheated knowing about dad and Raima’s affair, I understand your pain, I feel so sad for you mum. He thinks this is the benefit to know secrets, it can be used some day. Sakshi thinks nurse should get the gun and then run away, once she runs, you have to get her out of the city, she can’t stay here. Mukherjee calls the nurse and tells the plan. She thinks no one will find that I m behind all this, I have to be careful. a perfect lie thursday 26 march 2020 Durga tells Dayal that she did not get the nurse. Dayal says yes, Sakshi has made her run so easily. He says Mukherjee will take nurse far. Suchitra comes and asks how will we prove Dev is innocent. Dayal says we knew this would happen, and we kept spy camera in Raima’s room, we have its footage and we can prove our point. We have doctor’s statement also, we can get Dev free tomorrow. Suchitra says she is afraid to think, if they were not there, what would she do, how could she free Dev alone. She apologizes to Durga. She says she is sure today that she can’t get a better bahu than her, thanks for everything. Durga asks for her blessings. Suchitra says on one condition, that you will call me Maa like Dev calls me. Durga hugs her and says Dev will be free tomorrow Maa.

a perfect lie 26 march 2020 Rajnath meets Raima and says thank God you are safe. He says whoever has tried to kill you, is my enemy now, and I won’t leave them. But who can it be, who wants to kill you? He asks the doctor who else comes to meet Raima. The doctor says Jatin. Rajnath is shocked and thinks Jatin….. the alimony case is in his favor, what problem will he have. Jatin sees the news about Raima being attacked in the hospital. Rajnath comes to meet him. Jatin asks why is he here, and asks him about what he wants from him.

Rajnath smiles and says Goenka Sir to Rajnath now, what will you give me, you are a poor man, I have supported you so that you don’t hurt Raima. Jatin argues. Rajnath makes a drink and asks him did he go to meet Raima in hospital. Jatin says yes, will I take your permission to meet me wife. Rajnath says she was your ex wife. a perfect lie update 26 march 2020 Jati says yes, but you had rights on her. Rajnath says it means you knew everything. Jatin asks what do you mean. Rajnath says it means you tried to kill her in hospital. You will be punished now. Shaurya comes to the rehab centre and names the ward boys Tom and Jerry. He gives them money and asks them to serve him. Sakshi looks on.

He asks is there any beautiful girl in this centre, with whom he can fall in love with. Sakshi talks to Shaurya and says it’s a nice place. He says yes, I will know in morning its nice or not. She says don’t do anything stupid here, get well here, remember your promise, I want to see you on your foot. She says its good you are here away from Durga, she will find it tough not getting you at home, Dev will not come out of jail as I stopped it, but can’t trust Durga. a perfect lie update thursday 26 march 2020 Sanjukta greets them. Sakshi asks her to take care of Shaurya. Sanjukta says don’t worry. Sakshi leaves. Sanjukta asks did he like his room. He says yes, its good, but one problem, its double bed and there is just one passenger, how will I sleep, will you help me.

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She says my first session will start at 5am. She leaves. Jatin asks Rajnath not to kill him. Rajnath punches him and aims the gun at him. He says what will you do when I shoot you, you have shot Raima, and tried to kill her in hospital. Jatin says no, I went there to see her state and get happy, that I can share my court victory, I did not shoot her and did not attack her. Why will I do this? Rajnath says you wanted to get saved by alimony and you knew about me and Raima. Jatin says no, I did not do this. Rajnath aims gun at him and says you have two mins, tell me the truth. a perfect lie thursday 26 march Rajnath asking Jatin to tell the truth. Jatin thinks about Sakshi’s warning. Sakshi comes home and asks about Rajnath. The servant says he did not come. She thinks is he with lawyer and calls him. Rajnath gets his call and he does not take her. He asks Jatin to speak up. Sakshi thinks Durga has created doubt in Rajnath’s mind, I m sure Rajnath will try to get that nurse to know the truth. She calls Mukherjee and asks about nurse. Mukherjee says I know you are in tension, as Rajnath wants to find her, I have hidden the nurse that even Lord can’t get it, I m back, don’t worry. She says just assure that nurse should not be seen in city. He says yes. Sakshi asks the servant to make green tea for her, as its special day for her.

Rajnath says Jatin, you have just 15 secs now and starts counting, Jatin says ok I will tell you wait, but promise me you will save me. Rajnath asks from whom? Jatin says Mrs. Sakshi Goenka. Rajnath is shocked. He asks Sakshi? What do you mean? Jatin says she knows about your and Raima’s affair. Rajnath is shocked. Jatin tells everything how he got the video and showed to Sakshi. Jatin says Sakshi has told me two things, that I will win the case and no one should know about affair and video clip, else she will kill me. She says Sakshi has shot Raima. Rajnath laughs and aims gun saying he is still lying. Jatin says no, Sakshi has the video clips with her. Rajnath gets angry. Durga shows the video clip to Bhattacharya about the nurse harming Raima. a perfect lie update 26 march Bhattacharya says Durga you are brilliant, Dev will get bail. She says I want the case to bee dismissed. He says yes, it will happen as there is no proof against Dev. Durga says she will get the proof and make Dev out of the blame. He asks her to give copy of the clip. She says she will give in morning, and till then she will keep it. He asks why. She thinks how Agnihotri cheated her by selling proof to Goenka. She says she is being careful. Dayal says our experience is bad, I hope you understand. He says fine, we will meet tomorrow in court.

Jatin calls Sakshi. She says greed and Jatin can’t be separated. Jatin talks to her on speaker. He makes her admit about Raima’s attack. He says we can be in problem if Raima gets into problem, you taught her a good lesson as she cheated you by having an affair with your husband. Sakshi says are you drunk, what is this nonsense. a perfect lie thursday 26 march 2020 update He says this is your style, I have seen your face when you saw the clip. Sakshi asks him to get good wine as she has paid him. She says don’t you dare call me again. She ends the call. Jatin asks Rajnath are you convinced now, Sakshi has done this, she won’t be quiet after knowing it.

Rajnath says if you had not given the clip, Raima would be not in hospital. He slaps Jatin. Jatin says why are you beating me. Rajnath worries and starts leaving. Jatin asks will he protect him from Sakshi, promise me. Rajnath says no, I won’t, if you want to stay alive, be friendly with Goenkas, if you try to cheat me, remember what will happen then. He leaves. Durga comes home and keeps the media card in the cupboard thinking no one should get it. a perfect lie 26 march 2020 Sakshi comes to her and gives her green tea. She says afterall you saved my best friend. She passes some taunts and asks her to get down her stress. Durga smiles and thinks Sakshi does not know my plan, where she will get shock seeing Dev out of jail.

Rajnath is on the way and thinks about Raima. He thinks how Sakshi stopped him from going on holiday and showed hatred towards Raima. He comes home in anger and sees Sakshi. She asks where the hell were you, you did not answer my phone. He shuts the door by bolting it and she asks what is the matter. He takes out the gun. She is shocked. He says he has understood few things. She asks why. He thinks that she has taken advantage of Dev and Raima’s fight, and trapped Dev, he has to get the tape from her, by hook or crook. He aims gun at her and she is stunned.

a perfect lie 26 march 2020 update She asks what are you doing. He thinks your death will be a gift for Raima. She thinks does he know that I have shot Raima, no that’s not possible, who can tell him, no, there is nobody. She asks whats this madness. He says you think this is madness, and asks her to shoot him. He says come on shoot me. starlife a perfect lie 26 march 2020 update She shouts Raj. He says Dev will be out tomorrow and take Goenka power, it will be better that I don’t see tomorrow morning, shoot me. She throws the gun and says have you lost your mind. He says see everyone, my empire, I made it and Dev will take everything, I can’t bear it. She says calm down, geta grip on yourself, this won’t happen. He says it will happen and holds her hand.

a perfect lie starlife He says we tried to fail Dev and he is winning. He says after Arvab died, the company turn over was 2 crores and I made it big by my hardwork and you want Dev to get all this, no, never, I can’t do it. He asks her to shoot him and aims gun at himself. Sakshi says calm down, control yourself. She says Dev will not be freed, we will get his custody extended and plant fake proof to make him prove guilty, we know Dev tried to kill Raima, he will be punished. a perfect lie thursday 26th march 2020 update She thinks she has to get Rajnath out of depression, if he fails, even she will lose everything. She thinks to take control in her hand. Rajnath thinks she said it right, whoever has harmed Raima, will be punished. He thinks he has aimed gun to make her scared, and now he will scare her more, this is just the beginning, tomorrow you will get a call that will change your life. He smiles and thinks he will make her breath tough and once he gets the tape, then he will kill her.


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