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A perfect Lie update Thursday 26th December 2019 on Starlife

A perfect Lie update Thursday 26th December 2019 on Starlife, After Navin Mathur’s arrest, Rajnath and Shaurya apologise to Dr Dayal. Later, they learn that Dr Dayal plans to get Druga married. Meanwhile, Shaurya’s friend Karan tries to impress Kangana, who lies about her whereabouts to Sakshi.

Durga talking to Dayal. She says we are ready and crosses on Mathur’s pic. Sakshi is shocked to see Mathur and Chaudhary’s pics. Raj is shocked too. Durga says Sakshi will be shaken with the pics, I m feeling happy thinking what will she do reading the letter. Raj asks Sakshi whats in your hand. Sakshi says we got this letter from Mathur’s home. She reads it aloud and they come to know Mathur helped Arun Mukherjee and ruined Goenka’s name. He has sent the police in the night club to trap Shaurya. She says someone was blackmailing Mathur for Rs 5 crores. Raj says after 15 years of service to us, Mathur sold himself to Chaudhary.

She says when there was fire alarm ringing in the office, he was with Chaudhary taking money from him. She says Mathur lied to us fooling us. She says I thought he is a fool and he played smart. The inspector says we got Arun’s phone at Mathur’s house. He says it has the video footage also. Raj sees it. Sakshi says he has done that email, now we don;t need any proof, Mathur is finished. Shaurya says blo*dy traitor, I will kill him. Sakshi says patience, learn from Mathur, step by step, he cheated us smartly. She says I will deal with Mathur. Raj says you told me always about him, but I did not trust you, I should have heard you. Sakshi says you don’t blame yourself, I will punish Mathur. This is Kalyug, no one should forget it.

Durga waters the plant. The servants say I left watering them thinking they died, but your hands are magical. Durga says we need to talk to them like kids, so they grow. Dayal comes and says this is the event in the city today. She smiles seeing Mathur’s pic in the newspaper. She says Mathur will be shaken today. He will be finished today. Mathur calls Sakshi and thanks her. Sakshi asks but for what. He says I know you will be presenting the award to me. H/e says I m glad that my boss will be giving me the award. Sakshi says I m happy for you, you should get the reward, I requested to them that I want to present the award.

Mathur says I m this because of you. Sakshi says get ready, tonight is yours. She ends the call and says this night will be long for you Mathur. Raj tells her that everything is ready. Mathur gets ready and gets a message on his computer saying 30 mins remaining. He is on the way and a boy gives him a vessel saying you will need this. He reads 20 mins more. He thinks what it this. Mathur comes in the award function. Shaurya welcomes him. Durga changes her look and dresses like a journalist and looks at him standing far. Shaurya says Kolkata and I are happy for you, come inside, everyone are waiting to honor you. Mathur gets a bouquet with message 10 mins left. He thinks who is joking with him. Sakshi and Raj smile seeing him.

Mathur thanks the Goenkas for making him reach this place. Sakshi asks the media to give attention to Mathur as its his day tonight and she will talk to them later, thats a promise. Chaudhary sees Mathur and talks to him saying congrats. The Goenkas look at them and are angry. Raj comes to them and asks what are they discussing. Chaudhary laughs and is about to hug him but Raj stops him angrily. Mathur gets 5 mins left note. Sakshi asks what happened, he is tensed as if he saw someone’s death. Mathur says no, I m nervous. Sakshi says everyone will know you from tonight, I don’t know we will also not be able to hide you.

She says you will be very famous. Mathur smiles. They drink wine. Durga looks at them. The award function starts. Raj is applauded and Mathur claps for him. Raj and Sakshi go on the stage. Durga messages Mathur saying action time. Mathur goes on the stage smiling.

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