A Perfect lie update Tuesday 25th February 2020 on Starlife


A Perfect lie update Tuesday 25th February 2020 on Starlife; The Episode starts with Shaurya flirting with a nurse while Durga is coming to his ward. He holds her hand. She asks if anyone comes. He thinks yes, my game will be over if anyone sees me. Durga comes and he leaves her hand. He says thankyou sister, is my pulse and BP is normal. She says yes, I checked. He says get me discharged soon. She says sure and leaves. Durga says thank God Shaurya, you are fine. Shaurya says I m fine as you came, tell me your dad said yes for our proposal. She says no, he is annoyed, and does not want to talk to me, I made a reason and came to meet you.

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A Perfect lie update Tuesday 25 February 2020; Sakshi comes and hears Durga showing concern to Shaurya. She asks Shaurya how is he feeling today. Shaurya says much better. Sakshi thinks Durga is not wasting anytime. She says Durya, your love brought you here, no one should come in between this love. Durga says I m going USA tonight, I did not think you will support our love and my dad will be against. Shaurya asks will you leave me and go USA. Durga says yes, I have to go, but promise me you will try to be without me, and stay happy. She says my dad wants me to leave from this city. She asks him to take care, if he is not happy, she can’t be happy. I will miss you.

A Perfect lie update Tuesday 25th February 2020 on Starlife, She says I m really sorry Sakshi, its all because of me. She apologizes to her. Sakshi thinks Durga is so talented, that she can become a melodramatic film heroine. Sakshi says its ok Durga. Durga leaves. Rajnath calls Dayal. Dayal smiles and takes the call. Rajnath says I wanted to meet you. Dayal says not now, I m sorting things with Neil, he is upset with what Shaurya did, he knows its not Durga’s mistake and want to get engaged to Durga even now. Rajnath says I want to talk about Durga.

A Perfect lie update Tuesday 25 February 2020, Dayal starts acting and says I know Neil is right for her, we should end it here. He ends the call. Dev thinks about Durga’s words. Dev thinks he can’t believe Durga loves Shaurya, did she do this for some reason. Kangana comes to him and says I came to know Shaurya is fine now. Dev says that’s nice, you look good when you smile. She says that was scary what Shaurya did, I did not think he can go to this level. He says yes, we also did not think so, suicide is foolish. She says maybe love is like this. He says no, love gives strength to people. She says maybe, but I m happy Durga accepted her feelings for Shaurya, this problem is about Nitya and Payal, stupid girls.

He gets angry. She says they have blamed him for rape, and made Durga doubt on him, you don’t know, I saw the trials, no one told in their favor, its good Shaurya and Karan got free of this case. She says I mean all his friends. She leaves. Dev thinks he has to get the proof in Nitya and Payal’s innocence. Raima asks Sakshi why is she thinking. Sakshi says Durga is trapping Shaurya. Raima asks how can you be so sure. Sakshi says I m his mum and understand who loves my son and not. She says it was all Durga’s drama and then she said she will go to US, no she is playing mind games with him, using his emotions.

Rajnath comes and defends Durga. He says Shaurya wants Durga, and we have to stop her from going US, I don’t want to lose my son. Dayal tells Durya that Goenkas will do something and comes to know Sakshi came. He gets glad. Dayal and Durga go to talk to her. Sakshi acts sweet and apologizes for everything. Dayal and Durga are glad. She says I have accepted their relation by heart, his happiness is everything for me, I believe they both love each other.

A Perfect lie update Tuesday 25th February 2020 on Starlife, She says Shaurya’s past was bad, but he did not get punished by court as he was not involved in Payal’s rape. She says Shaurya has changed and working hard in office now. She says Durga I want you to know that I can see my mirror image in you. Dayal apologizes to Sakshi and says Durga is leaving today for US. She gives the Shagun and asks for Durga’s hand for Shaurya. Dayal says no way, Durga will marry just Neil. Durga requests Dayal to accept their love. Sakshi thinks Durga is doing this to trouble me. Sakshi asks Dayal to think again, as its about three lives.

A Perfect lie update Tuesday 25 February 2020; Durga says I will not marry Neil, I can’t cheat him. Sakshi holds her hand and Durga smiles. Sakshi says I will be honored if Durga becomes my bahu.Durga thinks how Sakshi gave Shaurya’s proposal to Payal. She thinks Sakshi is still begging me, but this time you and your son will be ruined.


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