A perfect Lie update Tuesday 7 January 2020 on Starlife


A perfect Lie update Tuesday 7 January 2020 on Starlife

A perfect Lie update Tuesday 7 January 2020 on Starlife; The Episode starts with Durga walking with her wounded foot. Dayal looks at her. She comes in the house temple and prays to Durga Maa. She does the aarti and says I took always blessings, but today I ask pain for Shaurya Goenka, such pain that Payal’s pain looks a small wound. She says I want to make every stain away from Payal, give me strength. Dayal looks at the blood marks. Its night, Sakshi gets ready. Shaurya comes to her. He helps her and says this necklace suits you. She asks the reason for his smile. He says Durga. Sakshi is shocked and looks at him. She says you are still taking her name, after knowing everything.

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He says no, we were wrong, I came to know whole story about Durga meeting Payal. He says Durga was testing me, and I m supersmart being your son, I convinced Durga that Im the victim, not Payal. Sakshi smiles. She says this pearl set does not suit me. She says you are a fool. I regret on you and your overconfidence. She says why are you giving her explanations. She says I m afraid your foolishness ca ruin our family. She breaks the pearl set. He says I have made it clear by making Payal’s reputation bad, why are you calling me a fool. Raj comes and hears this.

Sakshi says you and your dad think less and talk more. Raj says your problem is you think a lot. He says I agree that Shaurya is telling right. He says I agree that Durga is a social worker and doing serious work, she wants to do something for Payal, let her do, whats the problem. Sakshi asks is this Shaurya’s dad talking or Dayal’s business partner. He says both. She says you are impossible and leaves. They go after her and says relax your mind, don’t doubt on everyone like this.

He says I handled everything. She says I hope my doubt is wrong and you are right. He says yes, this will happen, trust me. Dayal comes to Durga and asks how are you feeling now. She says better. He says someone went to take Payal’s medical reports. Durga says Sakshi is predictable. Dayal says yes, this war is smart, you are great, well done, I m proud of you. Akash comes and brings Payal’s medical report. He says it’s a good news. Raj says tell us. Akash gives the reports to Sakshi and says Payal’s brain is damaged and she can’t be normal now. Raj says fantastic, this is great news, this calls for celebrations.

A perfect Lie update Tuesday 7 January 2020

Raj drinks wine and says I told everything will be fine, now you can say All is well. He laughs. Akash says Sir is right. Shaurya looks on. Raj says you may leave now. Akash leaves. Durga says we have planned a fake medical report and they will not be worried about Payal now, but I don’t like smile on their face. Dayal says fine call them, they will be shocked. She says good idea, thanks. Durga calls Sakshi. Sakshi is shocked to see her call. Raj and Shaurya looks on. Durga says sorry to call late night, but its important. Durga asks can we meet tomorrow in your office. Sakshi asks why. Durga says I have to talk on cancer research project. Sakshi says what is it.

Durga says I have to take some important decision and I have to share it face to face so that we don;’t have any misunderstandings. Sakshi says fine, lets meet at 11am. Durga and Dayal smile. Raj asks what was she saying. Sakshi says she said she has to take important decision. She says I think she will cancel this deal. Raj gets angry and says I told you not to send Payal and Durga’s pic, he went to explain, the matter has got so much. Raj scolds Shaurya and says this deal means everything to me, public will join my political career when I get this deal, just pray this does not happen, else we will bear majbor loss and you will be responsible.

Its morning, Raj and Shaurya are tensed. Sakshi asks them to relax. Dayal comes with Durga. The Goenkas meet Durga and Dayal in the board meeting. They sit to talk. Sakshi asks Durga whats the reason for this meeting. Raj says I hope you all are happy with this project. Dayal smiles and signs Durga to say. Durga says this are the papers of our project. She gives the file to Sakshi.

Sakshi sees the file and is shocked. Raj gets tensed. Durga smiles. Sakshi reads all the papers. She says your sign is on every page. Durga says yes, why does it look you all are worried. Sakshi smiles and says we are not worried at all. Durga says just relax, I want your signs on these papers, so that the deal is finalized. Raj says fantastic. Durga says our pandit ji told me to take sign before afternoon, as the project will be successful. Raj gets happy and asks Sakshi to sign it. Sakshi thinks. Sakshi says you could have told me this on phone, why so much suspense for my sign?

Durga thinks about Sakshi warning Nitya. Durga says ofcourse, but I could have told on phone, butnits not fun, than to see in eyes. Saakshi is shocked. Durga repeats Sakshi’s words. Sakshi signs the papers. Raj says its final now. Congrats Dayal. Durga says congrats. Raj says this call for celebration. Dayal says when this project srarts. Raj says fine. Dayal says I will take your leave. Dayal asks Raj to agree to him, as its his request. Raj asks what. Dayal says I want Shaurya to be away from my daughter. Everyone is shocked.

Dayal says our relation is professional. It should not become personal. Shaurya gets angry and asks what do you want to say. Raj gets tensed.


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