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A perfect Lie update Wednesday 1 January 2020 on Starlife

A perfect Lie update Wednesday 1 January 2020 on Starlife; Sakshi talking to akash. She tells him that she has an important work for him. He says I will do it. Sakshi tells him to find where is payal and I want her as soon as possible. And second thing keep an eye on durga I want every information on her. She says if you will do these two things properly then your job is ginal. He says I wont disappoint you. Sakshi gets a call and its raima..she tells her she will be there and on time. Riama is in a art gallery and sakshi arrives there she congratulates riama. Raima says the bet paintings are already sold and sakshi says I get what I want you know that. Raima introduces sakdhi with the painter and goes as she has to attend a call. The call is of rajnath she says I hope you could have been here and I will reach, just message where to come and when. When riama turns durga is stznding behind her, she is shocked. Durga asks for phone as her phone’s battery is dead. Riama makes an excuse to hide raj’s number. She says my phone’s battery is also dead, I will arrange a phone.durga says its ok. Riama goes to sakshi and asks how are paintings, she sats they are awesome. Sakshi sees durga and asks riama why is durga here and riama says I invited her becouse she helped me and I want profit.. Durga says hello to sakshi and sakshi says hello. Durga introduces the painter to durga and says thankx for coming. Durga says you make awesome paintings. The artit says its honour to be appreciated by you and asks if she will pose for a painting. Durga says if you will make my painting you will loose something, the bigget insoiration is here, mrs.goenka, durga says make her painting.. Raima says its correct.. A man asks the artist that why this canvas is blank, he says I dont know maupybe the canvas dont jnow wht he wants.. The artist asks sakshi and durga to help. Sakshi says I see a mother in this canvas, a mother who protects her child like a lioness and clears off every thing in her way to save her child.. The persons present thier claps.. Then durga says, I see an women her, who is broken who doent have hope, who is burning.. And then from the same fire she ets a new birth and now she knows her enemy and now nothing is difficult for her.. The artist draws it on the canvas..

A perfect Lie update Wednesday 1 January 2020 on Starlife

Sakshi thinks why my instincts gets alert when durga is near. The artists says thank you durga its one of my best paintings.. When i will complete it I will gift it to you. Durga tells dr.dhayal that I onky have 48 hours to make a problem between shaurya and sakshi. Dr.dhayal asks what are your plans.. She has I have many plans and leaves. She is at a tennis court.. And there she meets avantika..

Avantika says durga what a pleasant surprise. Durga says I am here for a game.. Avantika asks so lets place.. And says a new start to our partnership. Durga says kets start the game.. And they starts playing.. Durga says what have you make of shaurya he always talks about you. Avantika says but he dont talk talk to me. Durga says are you uoset with him. She says no, he is busy in his work, he has changed alot he was into gurls and cars but now he is in offuce. Durga says its gud he is settling now next step will be marriage.. Avantika stoos playing. Avantika asks her shaurya or marriage Durga says ya maybe becouse he is changing. I heard mrs.goenka talking to baba. Avantika is least interested in playing.. Durga says he also dosent have a shortage of girls.. Avantika suddenly leaves from thier saying sorry. Durga says now its time to break you false dreams and to let the truth infront of you that for shaurya every girls is a way of entertainment.

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