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A Perfect Lie Wednesday 12 February 2020; Sakshi talking to Durga and asking her not to do any drama. Durga says she is also upset. Sakshi says stop it to hurt on back, lets accept whats true. She says I hate you Durga. I cant bear you, your feelings are also same for me, if you want to play the game, lets face and challenge each other. She asks does she have guts to play face to face, I know you don’t love Shaurya, you hate him, I m his mum and know who thinks right and wrong for my son, I can see in your eyes, your love is fake, nothing else. She says you want to marry Shaurya in this state, I m sure your motive is something else. She asks her to tell her what she has in her heart, what secrets she has. She says no girl will take this step in today’s world. She asks why is she being so great.

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She says you knew I was against your and Shaurya’s relation, if he did not do suicide attempt, I would have not done this, but today he is not in mental state to hurt himself, it means its between you and me. She says you are not marrying for money or social stature, the matter is something else. She says what is it, don’t tell me, the fun to play the game will end. She says she is not interested to know why is she doing this, I m interested to think what will I do with you. She says I left him with you alone and this accident happened. She says no accident will happen with Shaurya again, as I will not leave him alone. Durga says I don’t know why are you saying this.

A Perfect Lie Wednesday 12 February 2020

Sakshi says don’t start acting again, your lie can’t be hidden to me, yes I agree you are in better position, as Shaurya is in your control. Sakshi smiles and says so I can’t stop you from coming in my home, actually I don’t want to stop you, come and step in your bad luck phase, as no one will be there to save you from me, so you are very welcome, but move back being worried, my life’s aim will be taken away then. She smiles and says good luck Durga. Durga looks at her. Sakshi says baraat will come on time, be ready. Durga is stunned. Sakshi leaves. Durga thinks now this war will be face to face, now I have to be more careful.

Karan, Tarun and Rishi come to meet Shaurya. They see Sakshi and stop. She scolds them for coming when she told them to be away from Shaurya. Karan says we came to see him. Sakshi says keep your fake concern with you, he is here for the bet you three made, just leave. Kangana comes and sees them leaving. She asks did you meet Shaurya. Sakshi says they are leaving. Kangana says I called them here to cheer up Shaurya. Sakshi says always consult me first before doing anything. Kangana says what will happen if they meet him. Sakshi says fine, meet Shaurya, but don’t make him adamant, else I will not leave you all.

A Perfect Lie wednesday 12 February 2020

Kangana asks Sakshi what is the matter, why don’t you like them, what did they do. Sakshi says stay away from Karan. Kangana thinks how to tell you about Karan. They come and meet Shaurya with sad faces. Shaurya says did anyone die, don’t show sympathy. Karan says not on you, but on us, your mum scolded us. Shaurya tells about the journalist. He says I will stand in two days. Tarun says be practical, you are paralyzed, you will need much time. Shaurya says you always talk negative. Shaurya says he will win the bet. Rishi says look at your state. Shaurya says he can do anything to win the bet. Karan says I agree I lose, I will give you 5 crores, please end this bet matter, its impossible, leave it now.

Shaurya says I don’t want sympathy. He says I don’t need anything free. Karan says we are your friends. Shaurya says don’t give sympathy to me, I m fed up, I have strength to win today, I know I m still man enough and I will prove it to you. Karan says fine, the bet is on. Rishi says Karan, no…. Karan says tell me what will you do with Durga in this state, how will you win this bet.

Rajnath comes to meet the pandit in the jail. He asks for confirmation about Shaurya and Durga’s kundli. He says I know you said this on Sakshi’s saying and its not true. He says Shaurya is in hospital and his lower body is paralyzed, he was with Durga and still we are going ahead with their marriage, so I came to be confirmed. The pandit says he told that for money greed, Durga’s kundli is clean, all this is coincidence. Rajnath thanks him and says he will try his best to get him out of jail. He leaves. The pandit says you are realizing your mistake very late, I lost my everything, now if you bring me out, my life will be same, you are the reason for my ruining and Durga will ruin you all and she has bad luck for you all in her fate.

A Perfect Lie update 12th February 2020 starlife

Dev comes to meet Payal. He talks to her and says trust me, I m finding hard to know those me who did this to you. He says then we will punish them together. He says don’t know why I m always at the dead end. He says he wants to find Nitya, but there is no way to find her. He says he lost Nitya again, only Durga can help him, but she is not. He says she avoids me and does not answer me. Why is she doing this, I know she knows everything, but she is not ready to tell me. He says I will find it out Durga’s truth and Nitya, you support me. He says only you and me are the one who believes Nitya is alive. He promises he will find Nitya one day. Payal opens her eyes. Dev is glad seeing her. A Perfect Lie 12 February 2020

A Perfect Lie 12 February 2020; Dev asks is she listening him, please tell something. He says he will call the doctor and give this good news. Dayal and Durga come there. Durga says Sakshi challenged me, now she is alert. Dev asks nurse to call the doctor. Durga asks why, is Payal fine. Dev says she is fine and there is a good news, she responded to my talk, she can understand us. Durga smiles and runs to meet Payal. Durga talks to her and asks her to say anything. Karan says Shaurya that you can’t eve stand. Shaurya says I will prove to you. He says he is calling a girl to prove his manhood. He calls someone and says he is missing her a lot.


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