A perfect lie Wednesday update 15th January 2020


A perfect lie Wednesday update 15th January 2020

A perfect lie Wednesday update 15th January 2020; Sakshi asking Rajnath why did he do this on Shaurya’s saying, is he blackmailing him. She says don’t tell me its true, you are breaking my heart, I felt I m alone who knows your secrets. Durga crushes Dev’s pic and cries. Dayal comes to her. He pacifies her. She says how should I control myself, I have much anger in me, Dev was my friend, let this feelings go away with tears. She says Dev has given me pain, by not supporting me. I want to throw my all feelings for him. She says but I won’t be able to do this. She sees Dev’s pic and says I will take revenge from him. He keeps Dev’s pic with the Goenka’s family on the wall.

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Dev sees a cycle and thinks about Nitya. He says everyone says you are not in the world, but I feel you are still alive. Shaurya comes talking on phone loudly to Karan. Dev hears him. Rajnath says no one is blackmailing me, its about my son, I told Shaurya that I will talk to Dayal. Sakshi says very intelligent of you Raj. He says its about our son, he will not agree to us, so he should hear this from Dayal, maybe then he will stop. Shaurya takes a gun and aims at the bottle. Dev comes in between and Shaurya stops.

Shaurya says lets have a gun, who wins in shots. He gives the gun to Dev. Dev takes the gun and shoots the bottle. Shaurya claps and takes the gun. Dev asks did you and your friends raped Payal. Shaurya is shocked and misses the shot. Dev breaks another bottle and says I need an answer. Shaurya says yes. I and my friends have raped Payal. He says Nitya and Payal were my close friends, and they have blamed us, but Dev if you want to know the truth, read the court’s decision. Dev says the truth for me is Nitya and Payal were innocent.

They break more bottles. Shaurya says I feel you came to find about them. Dev says I will find the truth. Dev says I won. Shaurya says if you out your hand in dirt, your hands will be spoiled, its family’s matter, so support the family. Dev says Nitya’s family was like my family. Shaurya says fine, then go and meet her in hell, she is dead. Dev says if Nitya is dead, then she must be in heaven, as she saw the hell here in the world. Rajnath tells Sakshi that I m doing this for Shaurya, I love him, trust me, he will not listen to us now, but he will agree if we give him some time.

Sakshi moves back. He says fine, stop doubting me. He leaves. Shaurya comes in his room and thinks about Dev’s words. He thinks about Rajnath supporting Dev, and asking someone to stop Dev there. Shaurya thinks he is back to dig my past. Sakshi comes to Shaurya and smiles. Shaurya says perfect, you would have scolded dad, and now my turn, tell me. Sakshi says please sit down. They have a talk. She says you did not understand till now that you are my weakness. I won’t bear to see you in problem, so I supported you in the rape case, being a woman. Sakshi says I promised myself that I will give you everything, but not Durga.

A perfect lie Wednesday update 15th January 2020

Dayal and Durga come to the temple which is peaceful and far from the city. Durga thinks she and Payal used to come here. Durga smiles and says I have many memories here. Sakshi asks Shaurya to believe her, Durga is a problem for them. She says she points to your past, you be away from her, let the project get completed, this is just a business venture. She says you are risking your future, I want you to be successful, more than Rajnath. This is second chance for you, use it right. She says promise me you will always stay away from problems. He says yes.

Sakshi thinks I hope he will understand me this time. Shaurya says but what about the problem that came itself. She asks what do you mean. He says Dev. She says Dev?

Durga sees the tree and thinks she and Dev had tied the thread to the tree having a wish for keeping Dev away from every problem. She sees the thread and breaks it saying now I won’t leave you, so I m taking back my wish. You will have to face problems now, no one can save you from me now. She throws the thread and Dayal says do you know what are you doing, are you sure, maybe it was Dev’s mistake, maybe he is innocent. Durga says he was not with me when I needed him, maybe I can forgive him, but he said that he will support his family, he showed his real face. She says Dev is also responsible and now on my target.

Dayal says give him a chance, talk to him. Durga says yes, I will ask him but before that I will take my revenge from him, bend him on his knees and ask this question. Dev looks at her and she is shocked seeing him in the temple.


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