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Age is Just a Number update Monday 29 June 2020; Age is Just a Number 29th June 2020, Vaidika arrives at Yash’s home for tuitions. Yash was being shown some designs of jewelry. She was thoughtful watching the dummies draped in clothes. Suomya comes to bring Yash’s attention that Vaidika has rejected these designs. Yash asks what’s wrong with this jewelry. Vaidika suggests simpler jewelry for heavy dresses like these.

Age is Just a Number 29 June 2020 Shruti was in the hall when Puneesh drags her towards a wall. Shruti stops him fearful of Anjana and clarifies he must take an action now, either leave Prachi or forget her. As Anjana calls Shruti, Puneesh smiles that he can never leave Prachi. Suomya comes in between to save Vaidika from Yash’s anger. Yash offers Vaidika to work for him. He couldn’t see what she saw in the jewelry. It’s the contract of a traditional family and Vaidika has good consent regarding the sense of jewelry. She would be his consultant. He is aware she needs a job. Vaidika abruptly agrees and shakes hands with Yash.

Age is Just a Number 29th June 2020 At night, Vaidika brought a saree for Nani as gift. Aarya looks around to find her gift, she was annoyed while Nani was excited. Vaidika presents Aarya with a box of dancing shoes. Sahil sat in the window and asks what she bought for herself? He presents something to her as well; it was a candle lit cake. He congratulates Vaidika and also offers a rose to her. Vaidika doesn’t hold it, but Aarya does; Sahil toss the flower and presents it to Nani. Vaidika cuts the cake. She then discuss she never thought Yash would like her idea of jewelry so much.
At Agarwal house, Bari Amma was angry over Deepak again. Puneesh comes there to give her details about Leela jewelers and number of the owners. Vaidika had reached the guest house. Bari Amma was calling the landline. Vaidika comes to take the phone. Bari Amma was shocked to hear her voice. The secretary comes there and sends Vaidika to Yash. Bari Amma furiously asks the name of the one who took the call before, the secretary doesn’t tell her. Bari Amma tells her to fix a meeting with her owner tomorrow and inform her.

Age is Just a Number 29 June 2020 Sahil comes inside and boasts about being a miraculous husband, husbands must learn keeping their wives happy from him. He asks Vaidika to accept his love now. Vaidika gets a call from Gauri and comes inside to reply to it. Gauri tells Vaidika that Deepak brought her to some doctor, and requests her to save her child. Vaidika asks why she doesn’t speak to Bari Amma. Gauri cries that Deepak can twist the matter and Bari Amma would also blame her. Vaidika asks for the address and promises to be there. Gauri requests her not to share this with Sahil. Vaidika promises she will not let Deepak test the gender, it’s legally a crime in their country. Nani hears this and thinks about taking some action. Sahil wonders where Vaidika has left for in such a hurry.

Puneesh and Bari Amma come to meet Yash Malhotra. Puneesh assures he won’t let this man win over Agarwal jewelers. Yash watched them seated in the house, and tells his secretary to let her wait. He says he was furious watching her after years, but is sure his mother’s revenge will now be completed. Bari Amma was restless but Puneesh insists they must wait and meet the owner. Yash calls the secretary not to lend water to them. Bari Amma asks the secretary for water, and complains their boss has no manners. They turn to leave finally.

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Age is Just a Number update Monday 29 June 2020 Vaidika arrives at the hospital room where doctors were inspecting on Gauri. She warns the doctor to call police, if they were determining s*x of child; doesn’t he know it’s illegal. The doctor says her husband asked him to. Vaidika called the doctor as having no ethics, he was easily bribed by a man. It’s because of people like him that women never get any respect in their society. Deepak knocks from outside to ask about the gender of the child. Vaidika warns the doctor that she will go to police and get his license cancelled, she tells the doctor to convince Deepak they must wait for a few weeks more to know the gender. After the doctor has left, Vaidika tells Gauri she only wants that three months are passed before Deepak can know anything. Gauri was thankful for Vaidika to always help her family.

Age is Just a Number 29 June 2020 In the room, Bari Amma was furious over the disgraced she bear for four hours. Puneesh comes to the room. Bari Amma was determined to destroy that Leela Jewelers. Puneesh tells Bari Amma no one can win over Agarwal Jewelers in Kanpur, it’s time the whole society realizes this. He suggests about inviting all the rich people of the city on 50th anniversary of Agarwal Jewelers. Bari Amma smiles at the idea.
Police comes at Agarwal house with arrest warrants against Bari Amma for s*x determination of Gauri’s child. Bari Amma comes downstairs and was hand cuffed. Gauri and Deepak were coming home and shocked to see them. The inspector tells them about the accusation of s*x-determination. He says the name was some Mathur, and resides in Indra Nagar. Bari Amma asks Deepak why he didn’t tell her Gauri was pregnant. Deepak says he himself knew about it now, Vaidika must have done this. Gauri tries to explain but he tightly clutches her hand. Bari Amma was furious over Vaidika.

Age is Just a Number update Monday 29 June 2020 There, Vaidika returns home. Sahil was waiting in the kitchen and asks about her day. He gets a call about Bari Amma’s arrest on accusation of illegal s*x determination. Vaidika wonders why Bari Amma was accused for Deepak’s crime. Nani comes in and says she did this, she had heard her conversation with Gauri on phone. She decided to teach her a good lesson. Vaidika was worried what police and media would do to Bari Amma now.
Bari Amma was brought to jail. The media reported against Bari Amma while was telecasted live. Puneesh warns the police inspector. The inspector says even the doctor was arrested, it will be proven in court now. Deepak smirks that Bari Amma will now bear the consequences of doing wrong to Vaidika.
Yash was happy to watch the news. He was determined to bring her even more pain and disgrace.

Age is Just a Number 29 June 2020 There were protests against Agarwal family in the police station. Sahil comes to police station. Puneesh stops him there. Prachi blames Vaidika for filing a complaint against Bari Amma. Sahil wasn’t ready to accept it. Vaidika also reach the police station. Prachi tells him to ask Vaidika face to face. Sahil asks Vaidika if she had filed a complaint. He was sure there was a misunderstanding. Deepak clutches Gauri’s hand. Gauri speaks that it’s not a misunderstanding, Vaidika came to hospital where she had an appointment with the doctor. Vaidika is taking advantage of her situation to blame Bari Amma. Deepak blames Vaidika for turning a drama of his family and Bari Amma, she has personal enmity with Bari Amma. He got this happiness after years but she spoilt all their excitement. He tells the inspector they don’t care if it’s a son or daughter. After inquiry with the doctor, they will prove this woman is lying. He confirms Gauri who nods.

Sahil asks Vaidika if she went to the hospital. Why she felt there was s*x determination testing? Bari Amma says she is a liar and has always planned against their family. Puneesh requests the inspector to release Bari Amma. The jail was unlocked. Bari Amma comes between Sahil and Vaidika

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