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Age is Just a Number saturday 13th update June 2020; Age is Just a Number update saturday 13 June 2020, Nani finds the driver speaking to Panday ji. She shouts at everyone to leave and calls Vaidika outside. Maya stops them but Nani says there is nothing in this city. Vaidika walks out shattered. Maya requests Vaidika to stay, they can arrange for something otherwise. Vaidika says its court’s order; and she doesn’t want to live here anymore. Aarya locks the door. Vaidika reads the name plate outside their house, recalling her memories in the house.

Sahil questions the manager of hotel why he named the room after fake person. The manager shows them the online booking. They spot a girl in the footage and thinks this girl can be a good witness for them. In the next footage, Sahil watches Puneet. The manager says this is Puneet Tiwari, a regular client who was there with his girlfriend here.

Puneet comes to Shruti who was upset with him and tells him to leave. He convinces Shruti to make her up but Anjana comes there. Shruti tells Anjana she was asking Puneet why he never bring Prachi along. Anjana also tells Puneet to convey her greetings to Prachi. Shruti leaves. Puneet wonders why Vaidika didn’t disclose his affair in front of anyone.

Age is Just a Number update saturday 13 June 2020 zee world The judge watches the news about Vaidika’s banishment. He thinks at least Vaidika held as much shame as to leave the city in time. Sahil drags the witness to judge’s room and says he blamed Vaidika Mathur for girl’s trafficking pointlessly. The man accepts for doing it all only for the sake of money. Karan hands him the confession letter. The judge wonders why someone would want to trap a school teacher. Sahil says it’s because of his love with Vaidika. The judge asks if he is aware who did this. Karan places a hand over his shoulder before he can speak. Sahil asks the judge if it’s a sin to love someone who is older than him. The judge replies as no. Sahil requests him to withdraw his case before Vaidika leaves the city. The judge takes his announcement back.

Age is Just a Number update saturday 13 June 2020 Maya requests Vaidika not to leave. Vaidika asks her to keep her in memories. She gets a call from Sahil informing that judge withdrew his judgment. He was excited and promises to be there with Vaidika within next five minutes. Vaidika forbids him to come; nothing can be changed as the society already considers her ill-character. Maya tries to inquire Vaidika what Sahil said but she doesn’t tell Maya and even hands her cell phone to her. Sahil passes by Vaidika’s car and reaches her house. Maya tells Sahil that Vaidika has left already; and didn’t take her phone as well. She hands Sahil a letter from Vaidika. The letter reads, ‘It might feel strange for him to find the letter in times of social media. She isn’t angry but is sad to leave Kanpur. The city gave her a lot of memories, an experience of being a mother and a friend like him. She is lucky to have a sincere and honest guy like him; though everyone calls him as immature. She prays Sahil finds a life partner of his own age, she would be extremely happy that day’.

zee world Age is Just a Number update saturday 13 June 2020 Vaidika’s cried in the car. Sahil says he can’t let Vaidika leave the city leave this way, defeated by the world. He comes at a radio station and requests the DJ to let him speak. He calls Karan to reach 80.1FM. The DJ Raaj introduces Sahil and requests his audience to help him. Sahil calms himself down and directly converse with Vaidika. Whatever happened with her is wrong, she has been blamed falsely. He says he is speaking about the same teacher blamed for girl’s trafficking. Raaj asks him what exactly happened that Vaidika was falsely blamed. Sahil says Vaidika has to leave the city because a 24 year old guy loves her. He is the only heir of famous Agarwal jewelers, and has fallen for a 42 year old lady Vaidika Mathur. The kinnars, Vaidika’s neighbors, judge and everyone hear the show. Vaidika hear the show in the car.

Sahil felt estranged of the society. Sahil says Vaidika wasn’t heard in the court because she is a lady, and those in against her were powerful and rich. Sahil posts the witness’s signed confession live on friend’s book as well. Aarya also watches this. Sahil says Vaidika was silent only to keep the respect of an innocent girl. Sahil and Raaj requests the audience to call the show and stop Vaidika. The show receives various calls, everyone requesting Vaidika not to leave Sahil. The kinnars were convinced by the show. The judge thinks he must have committed a sin had he not withdrawn his decision.

In the car, Vaidika announces that it’s her last decision that they won’t return to Kanpur. Sahil was thankful to everyone. He promises he won’t withdraw himself from taking names of his family involved in it, once he finds the proof. He promises to get Vaidika justice in her case, and requests her to return to Kanpur. He was weepy now.

Twist of Fate update Wednesday 10 June 2020

Age is Just a Number update saturday 13 June 2020 Sahil promises justice to Vaidika and requests her to return. He was clearly weeping. Raaj now speaks that he has never heard such a love story around. He also requests Vaidika to return if she is listening to them. Raaj gets a call from a mature lady and questions how a 42 year old lady can marry a 24 year old guy. There was another call, an old man was there and disagrees to the lady. She urges Sahil to move on and stop Vaidika as love has no age. Raaj and Sahil selects a #NoLicenseToLove to support their cause.

In the car, Nani and Aarya requests Vaidika to return as Sahil has solved everything now. Bari Amma instructs Puneet that Vaidika must not return to Kanpur. Puneet assures that his driver will surely leave her out of the city. Puneet promises Bari Amma to find a solution to this problem now. The driver gets a call. Nani tells the driver to return to Kanpur but Vaidika wasn’t ready.

Age is Just a Number 13 June 2020 Maya calls on Aarya’s number. She convinces Vaidika to return, Sahil clarified her name and if she still leaves she would be a coward. She must return as they are all waiting for her on radio station. Vaidika was move and asks who? It were Vaidika’s students supporting her. Sahil requests Vaidika to return through radio. He asks her to see what opinion people hold for her now. Vaidika thinks about her times with Sahil and was convinced to return. Puneet’s order to leave Vaidika out of Kanpur echo in driver’s mind, he speeds up the car. Everyone in the car was worried at the attitude. A traffic police officer stops the car, it was Deepak who tells the driver that they have to take the car back to Kanpur. Deepak drives the car back towards radio station. Karan comes to radio station and informs Sahil that Vaidika has returned.

Age is Just a Number saturday update 13 June 2020 Sahil hugs Raaj and thanks him before hurrying outside. Raaj resumes the show and informs the audience that Vaidika has returned. Maya, Karan, the students and everyone greet Vaidika. Sahil hurries downstairs. As they come face to face, Sahil takes Vaidika’s promise to never leave him. He says I love you to Vaidika, and requests her to accept his love. Maya urges Vaidika to say a yes, but Sahil soon gets a slap. It was Bari Amma who had reached there. She questions if this is how Sahil paid them back, and ruined their respect. Sahil asks if she is only concerned for her own respect, doesn’t she car for how she treated an innocent lady. Bari Amma was about to accuse Vaidika. Vaidika tells Bari Amma to stop it, she has been blinded in her hatred. Does she realize what her son did today? They daily come across men harassing women, but today Sahil saved the honor of a woman, it’s brought up and must be proud to call him as her son. She wish every mother’s son is like Sahil, not like Puneet.

Age is Just a Number update 13 June 2020 Puneet holds her arm but Sahil saves Vaidika and confronts Puneet. Bari Amma pulls Sahil back. Deepak smirks at this riot. Vaidika tells Puneet he can’t force her into anything, she is lonely but not weak. Now she can get a harassment case filed against him now, he must be well aware of molesting women. Bari Amma questions if she is deterring her son in law. Nani comes to argue with Bari Amma. Bari Amma turns to leave with Puneet. Vaidika stops Bari Amma and says she is aware whatever happened to her was wrong, it’s proven that only the truth wins. She might hate her, but should never forget what Sahil has done today. She walks to Sahil and thanks him for the favor, he removed every blame over her today. A media reporter walks to Vaidika and asks if she is about to accept Sahil’s love and marry him? Vaidika doesn’t reply and leave. The kinnars and neighbours apologize Vaidika for behaving so falsely with her. Aarya unlocks the door. Vaidika cries inside.

Sahil questions Puneet why is he silent. Bari Amma asks why he is blaming Puneet pointlessly. Sahil says he got to know about Puneet’s reality while finding proof against Vaidika. He must know about hotel’s room. He always stay in the same hotel and must be aware of implanted CCTV cameras. He could see the face of girl clear, the manager said she comes with veiled face. He asks Puneet whom he holds an affair with. Bari Amma calls it a rubbish, and asks Puneet to tell him the truth. Sahil asks him the name of the girl, for whom he is cheating on Prachi. Extra-marital affair is physical and emotional cheating, and a crime in law. He can present CCTV footage and manager, both. Puneet was silent, then accepts his mistake. He has no relation with her and he won’t meet her again. Bari Amma was hurt and says marriage is based on faith and trust, if it’s an illegitimate relation… A lady calls from the door who calls his relation as illegitimate.

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