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Age is Just a Number update saturday 6th June 2020; Age is Just a Number update saturday 6 June 2020, In the room, Vaidika thinks Aarya must also be afraid of this change. She must speak to her. Aarya was trying Sahil’s number but he didn’t attend the call. He was packing his luggage in the room thinking about Vaidika’s acceptance of Gautham’s proposal. Aarya was crying in the street and tries Sahil’s number for help. She was hurt that even Sahil wasn’t her side when she needed him, no one cares for her. Vaidika comes out calling Aarya. Nani says she didn’t return since morning and must be sitting in the street somewhere, angry. Vaidika tries her cell phone which was powered off. Nani goes calling Aarya in the street. Vaidika panics. A girl comes home with a letter from Aarya for Vaidika. It reads that she is leaving her forever and won’t return, Vaidika may now marry Gautham as her daughter has also died for her. Vaidika fell over the floor crying badly.

Later, Gautham speaks to his men to find Aarya. Vaidika was tensed what if Aarya hurts herself. Nani assures she must be fine. Vaidika says she called all of her friends, she is nowhere. Gautham goes looking for Aarya outside. Aarya was crying in the bus and thinks Vaidika must be happy, she won’t stop her anymore. She decides to text a friend and will stay in her grandmother’s house in Mumbai. Some men suspiciously looked towards Aarya.

Age is Just a Number update saturday 6 June 2020 Vaidika was thinking about calling police. Police inspector arrive and recognizes Vaidika as the lady whose shop they had broken. The police begins to blame Aarya’s character being the daughter of a single mother. Gautham comes home and says as Aarya’s father to be, he called the police here. Vaidika was furious over the police inspector for blaming Aarya’s character. Gautham signals the inspector to do what they came here for, she is a worried mother. They ask if Vaidika is suspicious of someone. Gautham takes Sahil’s name, he was their tenant and a good friend of Aarya. Vaidika didn’t blame Sahil and tries his number.
Sahil was devastated and didn’t attend the call. Bari Amma watches him silently leave for vacations with friends and feels good about it. Sahil had left his phone in the room, Bari Amma takes a chance to block Vaidika’s number. There, Gautham was sure Sahil was involved in kidnapping as he didn’t attend the call as well. Aarya calls Anju that she will reach her grandmother by night. The van stops by and goes out of order. Aarya was left alone as all the other passengers leave. She was now tensed and walks on afraid.

Age is Just a Number update saturday 6th June 2020 zee world Anjana tries to stop Sahil but he was irritated and turns to leave for a while. Anjana was concerned and asks what happened. He says there is something strange. He calls Karan and denies going to Masuri with him. Anjana was happy. Bari Amma comes to scold Sahil and Anjana both and says Sahil must go out for a while. Sahil watches Aarya’s missed calls in the phone and calls her back, worried. The police arrives then, snatches the phone off Sahil’s hand saying Vaidika filed a complaint against him for kidnapping her daughter. Sahil resists, Bari Amma deters the police but they take Sahil after slapping him. Bari Amma curses the moment Vaidika came into Sahil’s life.

Outside, it was night. Sahil assures the police to help police find Aarya but they take him into the mobile. Gautham gets a call from the inspector, he informs Gautham that Aarya’s police was switched on. They must inform Lucknow station as well. Gautham forbids them inform anyone, he wants Sahil to be blamed for all this.

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zee world update Age is Just a Number 6 June 2020 Gautham calls his goon he sent Aarya’s photo. He tells him to get her in Barabanki and keep her hostage until his next order. Gautham was happy that when he will find Aarya Vaidika will herself marry him. He comes to Vaidika and informs her about spotting Aarya in Barabanki. They hurry outside together.
The inspector leaves the mobile halfway. Sahil grabs his phone from the seat and jumps off. He runs across the road.
Vaidika was crying in the car with Gautham. Sahil ran across the street saying he will save Aarya no matter he has to lose his life. Gautham decides to get Vaidika at any cost this time.
There, Aarya was walking across the lonely street.

Age is Just a Number update saturday 6 June 2020 Sahil tries Vaidika’s number and finds it was blocked on his cell phone. He tries her number but couldn’t connect. Vaidika was trying Aarya’s number and cries wondering if she blocked her number. Gautham says even he can’t connect to her number, Vaidika must stop blaming herself. He is with her and they will soon reach Aarya’s location. He thinks to himself that only Aarya won’t be there, being a hero isn’t easy.

Age is Just a Number 6th June 2020 Aarya was tied with ropes, and cries that she must not have left home and Vaidika. The goon tries Vaidika’s number to present their demands. There, Vaidika looks around for Aarya and cries. Gautham fakes coming to her breathless and says he got a call from kidnappers for ransom of 30 lacs. Vaidika was not in her senses, Gautham assures to pay the ransom and free their Aarya soon. Deepak returns home and informs the family that Sahil has run away from police custody in the mid of way. He was worried for Vaidika’s daughter. Bari Amma curtly says that they have lost Sahil. Anjana was worried about losing her son in the fight of Bari Amma and Vaidika.

Age is Just a Number saturday 6th June 2020 zee world Vaidika gets a call from Sahil. She tells him that Aarya has been kidnapped, they got a call from ransom. Sahil asks Vaidika to stay calm as whenever there is a difficult situation everyone looks towards her. He promises to bring Aarya back. Vaidika was relieved after the call, and thanks Sahil for always standing with her. Bari Amma comes to Vaidika’s house. Nani tells Bari Amma that she is marrying her daughter already, his name is Gautham and is richer than her. She must keep her Sahil away from her daughter now. Bari Amma was happy about the news.

Age is Just a Number saturday 6 June 2020 update Aarya senses the stare of the goon over herself as he heads to her with a smirk over his face. She resists while the other man takes him outside. They fight with each other and return to find Aarya’s seat empty. Aarya runs towards the forest at the back, hides herself under some trees. Gautham gets a call from the goons and scolds them sending behind Aarya. Aarya gets a call from Sahil, she was crying. He tells her to text her location to him and put it on silent. Aarya’s phone goes dead before the message. Sahil tries to find the location using GPS. The goons had reached Aarya, Sahil hears her scream and chases the sound.

zee world Age is Just a Number update 2020 Aarya was tied to a tree while the goon head towards her. He shouts if someone is there to save her. Sahil follows Aarya’s scream and jumps towards them, beating the goons. One of them hits his head with a wooden stick, he fights back and saves Aarya. Vaidika gets a call from Sahil. He says Aarya is with him and is fine. Vaidika asks to speak to her but Sahil says Aarya is asleep right now, he will get her home soon. Vaidika tells Gautham about the news and was convinced that Sahil isn’t a bad person. Sahil says he doesn’t know what would be his future with Vaidika, but he will always remain a friend for her. Vaidika thanks Gautham for all his attempts. He requests Gautham not to meet Aarya today, she needs to speak to her before he meets her. Gautham understands that it’s not easy for Aarya to give her father’s place to someone else.

Vaidika returns home and was relieved as Aarya stood with Nani. Sahil stood in the hall as well. Nani was emotional and thanks Sahil for protecting their family. Vaidika runs into the house and hugs Aarya. Aarya apologizes her, but Vaidika only loves and kisses her daughter, tears spilling both’s eyes.

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