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Age is Just a Number 21 July 2020: Age is Just a Number Tuesday 21st July 2020 update, Deepak grabs the collar of the doctor and asks if it was a boy or a girl. The doctor tells him to take care of his wife right now. Deepak clutches doctor’s neck badly who says it was a boy.

Karan comes home. Shruti hugs Karan and tells him about Gauri’s abortion. Prachi comes to slap Shruti for being a curse in the house. She first ruined her married and now Gauri’s child. She warns Karan to leave this girl before she ruins his life. Anjana was blamed for not bringing her children well, Bari Amma says any other mother must have killed herself already. Anjana walks towards the kitchen and holds a knife to harm herself. Vaidika comes in and brings Anjana to consciousness. She questions Anjana if she would leave her children on someone else’s intriguing, it’s the time her children need her the most? If she wants her children a chance to always repent that their mother lost her life because of them? Bari Amma heard this and comes inside, she curses Vaidika that it’s her devilish shadow that ruined the peace of their family. She is an eclipse to their family.

Vaidika tells Bari Amma to go and take care of her children, Gauri needs her right now. She is an elder and must have kept the family united already. Nani brings two sticks for them to fight, she warns Bari Amma not to interfere in their matter. Its Vaidika’s husband who gave this house to them as alms. Anjana comes to Shruti and hugs her, determined. Vaidika was relieved and goes with Nani.
Yash was packing in the room when Nani brings Vaidika. Yash says although there has been tension between them, the reason is also the environment of the house and the people living in it. Yash tells Vaidika if they go away from the people here, everything between them might get better. Vaidika doesn’t understand. Nani explains he wants Vaidika to go on honeymoon with her. Vaidika wasn’t ready to leave the family alone. Nani asks which family? She insists on Vaidika to leave in a while, she has already done packing for Vaidika. Vaidika clarifies to Yash that it’s not right leaving everyone in such a situation, she can’t go. Nani was emotional and says Vaidika would see her dead face if she doesn’t go on honeymoon.

Age is Just a Number 21 July 2020: Karan calls Shruti from washroom to get him towel. Nidhi holds the towel and teases Karan. She recalls the night she spent with Karan. Shruti is sitting somewhere with a swollen face. Shruti comes to shout at Nidhi leave her bedroom, she knows girls like her well. Nidhi asks if she is saying this, who ruined her sister’s marriage? Shruti was about to slap Nidhi but Karan holds her hand as Nidhi is pregnant. Shruti leaves the room annoyed.
Deepak comes to the room drunk badly. He physically harasses Gauri for not being able to take care of a single child for him. It was better than she was infertile, and curses the time he decided to marry her. He holds a vase to throw at Gauri but doesn’t. Gauri was crying and asks why he is saying so? It wasn’t her mistake. Deepak says it was surely his mistake, his first marriage broke and now second would also break. He mourns for his dead child and drinks on a seat nearby. Gauri prays that this marriage shouldn’t break. She must ask Vaidika for help.
Vaidika was in Sahil’s room and speaks to him that his family is breaking without him, everyone including Prachi, Bari Amma, Gauri and Shruti are all upset because of him. His mother attempted a suicide. She can’t do it alone, she wants to take care of him but the world calls her characterless. She is unable to take care of his family. Her mother wants her to go to honeymoon with Yash; how can she leave when he is so ill. She was frustrated and cries that she has been unable to bear the responsibilities of a mother, a daughter, a friend and a wife at a time. She needs Sahil’s help and him being there. He needs to get up and help her like he always does.

Deception update Sunday 3rd May 2020 on zee world

Aarya wonders what she must do to stop Vaidika go on a honeymoon with Yash. She stood near the staircase, then gets an idea and names it after Yash; hopeful that he would be proud of her. Aarya deliberately slips and rolls down the stairs. Vaidika who came from the opposite direction runs towards Aarya.
Vaidika was with Aarya in the room after the doctor had bandaged her. The doctor assures there is nothing to worry, she would heal in a few days and only needs rest. Vaidika apologizes Aarya and vows not to go away from her. Vaidika thinks it pains, but it was important for her to stop her. Vaidika likes Sahil but it’s only because of people. Nani scolds Aarya for not looking on. Yash comes inside and says Aarya is also his daughter like Suomya, at least one of them needs to understand this marriage and its responsibilities. He leaves while Vaidika was silent.

Age is Just a Number 21 July 2020: In the room, Gauri stood on a single foot in a circle. She cried and requested Deepak to leave this blind trust on her Pandit. Deepak says it was because of his Pandit’s suggestions that she conceived a son but lost him. She must not stand here like this for ten hours, and another son will be born. Gauri insists that son’s aren’t given through all this. Deepak turns to slap her but Vaidika enters the room then. She was shocked to see Gauri being badly harassed and restless. Deepak tells her to leave the room but Vaidika slaps him and brings Gauri to bed. Deepak resists but Vaidika asks if he is shameless? She is weak and just lost a son. Deepak says she killed his son and must not pay for the loss and bear another son. He would see who stops him. Vaidika says she will.

Age is Just a Number update tuesday 21 July 2020: Vaidika warns Deepak to file a report against him in police if she again harasses Gauri. Deepak deters her to bring either police or army. Vaidika drags Deepak downstairs. The family gathers around, Prachi complains that Vaidika is always blaming someone from their family. Vaidika tries to explain what Deepak wad doing but Bari Amma stops Vaidika, she says everyone in the family is sensible to take care of themselves. Wishing a son is everyone right, she must not interfere in their family matters. Vaidika says she won’t stop herself from even going to police. Gauri will stay silent to save her marriage but she won’t let Deepak harass her again.

Age is Just a Number tuesday update 21 July 2020: It was night, Puneesh walks to Sahil’s room. Vaidika lay on the couch there. Puneesh bolts the door. Vaidika jumps out of the couch and shouts at Puneesh why he came here. Puneesh says he would definitely do something when he has come in. He wants to repent, Vaidika has been burdened by each man near her. She needs a man like Puneesh Tiwari. Vaidika resists while Puneesh attempts to molest her.
Miraculously, Sahil’s body moves and he opens his eyes sitting up in bed. He get off the bed. Puneesh hurries outside the room leaving Vaidika on the couch, her mouth stuffed with a cloth. Sahil walks towards Vaidika, unties her hands and remove the cloth from her mouth. Vaidika was shocked to see him. Sahil drools over about to faint but Vaidika slips, Sahil holds her into his arms. The family breaks into Sahil’s room and finds Vaidika in his arms. Prachi blames Vaidika’s character and asks what she was doing in Sahil’s room in the middle of night. Vaidika asks Prachi to question Puneesh why she was locked inside, she blames that Puneesh came here and was about to molest her. Prachi wasn’t ready to accept it as Puneesh was with her all night. She steps forward to slap Vaidika but Sahil stops her by holding her hand in midair. He acts childishly and shoots everyone with a fake gun except Vaidika. Vaidika was shocked to see his mental status. Everyone blamed Vaidika but Vaidika says she needs to find the reality about Sahil first. She takes Sahil out of the room.

Age is Just a Number tuesday 21 July 2020 update: Later, the doctor tells Vaidika and Anjana that sometimes stress or sudden shock disturbs patient’s mental ability. He wants to run away from the reality and is not ready to face it. He might get better in a few days or may take years but they shouldn’t stop their efforts for Sahil. Vaidika turns to leave after doctor. Anjana holds her hand to stop her. She apologizes Vaidika for always taking her wrong but now she will think as a mother of Sahil and Shruti. She begs Vaidika for her son’s life like she has saved Shruti. Vaidika assures Anjana that Sahil would soon be fine. Sahil opens his eyes and smirks as he watch Anjana hugging Vaidika.
Vaidika was in the kitchen when Yash comes to hold her hand, he asks why she is blinded in Sahil’s love. He is twenty four years but very cunning, he is crazy in her love. Sahil is betraying everyone and being her husband he needs to protect Vaidika. Vaidika clarifies she can’t stop helping Sahil, he has helped her and family a lot. She reminds Yash that he is responsible for Sahil’s present condition, he had pushed Sahil. Vaidika leaves. Yash says he is well aware that Vaidika loves Sahil but now she is his wife and Suomya’s mother, he can’t let her love accomplished.

In the room, Sahil had a confrontation with Nani. Nani asks Sahil to call himself crazy but he stared at her. Vaidika comes into the room with Aarya and tells Nani to stop this, they want his condition to improve. Nani scolds Aarya for ruining her mother’s honeymoon and leaves. Vaidika sits for Sahil to have food. Anjana comes there and offers to feed him. Sahil wants to eat from Vaidika’s hand. Vaidika gives a few bites and asks Sahil if he would eat from Anjana’s hands, she is really nice. Sahil asks if Vaidika likes her. Vaidika assures she is a very nice person. Sahil agrees to eat, then asks for a glass of water. Anjana breaks into cry and leaves. Vaidika tells Sahil to rest for a while and leaves the room as well.
Sahil sits up in the bed and cries telling everyone not to cry, he dislikes when they cry for him. He hides his face and comes to the mirror, then removes his hand off his face from a normal Sahil. He was determined to make his family and Vaidika realize how much she loves him and that his love isn’t childish.

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