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Age is Just a Number 30 July 2020: Age is Just a Number update thursday 30th July 2020, It was an old age where Vaidika was doing aarti. The elders bless her for changing the environment of the place altogether since she arrived. Maya comes to meet Vaidika. The friends were heavily pregnant and greet each other. They sit in a corner to discuss the night Maya helped Vaidika leave Kanpur, Maya had brought Vaidika to Gangapur Aashram. She appreciates Vaidika’s decision of leaving Kanpur. Vaidika says Sahil would have continued fighting for her; she even had to leave her Aarya and mother uninformed. Maya says Sahil has been frantically looking for her each day for past eight months. He calls her at least a hundred times. She is well aware even Vaidika miss him. Vaidika forbids Maya to discuss this but this isn’t Sahil’s life to fight the society and ruin his life. She always pray that he makes his life up with Bhoomi. An elderly calls Vaidika for his medicine, Vaidika goes to attend him at once. Maya thinks she can never believe that Sahil and Vaidika’s love story will end this way.

At Agarwal house, Bari Amma was angry at Puneesh for not being able to find that single lady. Her child must not be born at any cost. Puneesh assures that his men are spread across the city. Bari Amma says her Gauri is pregnant again and she wants to keep good care of her now, Puneesh must find Vaidika from anywhere.
In the room, Deepak stuffed Gauri’s mouth with Lauki (gourd). Gauri didn’t want to eat it at all. Sahil comes to the room and insists that each child of Agarwals hate gourd. Any true Agarwal would surely reject eating gourd. There, Vaidika denies eating gourd. Maya says her child’s father might not like it, otherwise Vaidika used to love gourd. Vaidika thinks she doesn’t even know who the donor of her child is. Maya says it’s Sahil, Vaidika denies at once that Sahil is her donor. Maya shows her the phone saying its Sahil’s call, she goes out to speak to Sahil.
Vaidika feels pain in her belly. She walks into the corridor where she thinks about Sahil’s face, his care for her; she can even see Sahil’s reflection in a young man taking care of his family at a distance. She was distressed and wonders why she miss Sahil so badly, she screams out of pain, fells on the floor and shouts Maya’s name.

Age is Just a Number update Thursday 30 July 2020: At Agarwal house, Anjana brings Bhoomi into the room where Pandit was. She asks Pandit to take the Kundli and give a date for their wedding. Bhoomi clarifies to Anjana that she and Sahil aren’t marrying, the engagement was just intended to make Vaidika realize her love for Sahil. She convince Anjana to realize Sahil’s love for Vaidika, she is a mother and must understand her son’s feelings that are out of this world. She respects Sahil and would consider herself the luckiest girl if she gets someone like Sahil to love. She can be Sahil’s wife and get a place in his house, but in his heart only Vaidika will reside. Everyone has always tried to part them, at least once can Anjana try to unite them. Anjana can bring a change in their society and give Sahil and Vaidika’s love story a new hope.
Sahil was in the hospital to get Gauri’s medicines. Maya had brought Vaidika to hospital as she was in pain for last two hours. Vaidika’s stretcher was moved right behind Vaidika’s. The nurse in hospital recognizes Sahil.
In the hospital ward, Maya tells Vaidika she was stressed and fainted. She had to bring her to Kanpur. Vaidika was offensive. Maya explains she was afraid and couldn’t risk her pregnancy of a late age. Her delivery will take place in the same hospital. Vaidika was stressed. Maya goes to speak to doctor who will take care of her delivery.

The nurse searches the files looking for Vaidika Agarwal’s file. Another nurse comes to inform that she placed the file in her room there as instructed. The nurse was worried what if Vaidika finds out the real donor in the file. There in the room, Vaidika spills water from the glass over the file. She cleans the file with her dress.
It was night, Sahil stood in front of temple in Agarwal house. He says he knows Vaidika was there in the hospital and prays for him to unite with Vaidika and accomplishment of their incomplete love story. The nurse enters the room and looks around for the file while Vaidika wasn’t there. She turns to leave the room. Vaidika stops her from behind and slaps her hard on face.

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Age is Just a Number update Thursday 30 July 2020: Vaidika confirms the nurse if it’s true that her donor is Sahil Agarwal? The nurse apologizes that it was her mistake, the files got exchanged by her. Maya comes to the room. Vaidika gives the file to Maya who was also shocked to read the news. Maya says Sahil didn’t even know she underwent artificial insemination, he donated sperm for her. She cheers that it’s all God’s miracle, she always wished Vaidika to bear Sahil’s child and here he is. Vaidika always feared a society and today God has slapped that society and proven her love for Sahil. Maya leaves the room. Vaidika cries thinking that she bears Sahil’s child.
Later she walks towards Agarwal house and rings the bell. Sahil comes to open the door and was shocked to see Vaidika standing outside. Vaidika says she has known a life changing truth now; the child she bears is his and he is the father of her child. It was hospital’s mistake that he became her donor, but she believes its God’s will. She will give birth to his heir. Tears fell off Sahil’s eyes as he consoles himself.

Vaidika was ready to bring his child along with him, she wants to reply his proposal in yes. His love is her fate, and today she accepts it. She opens her arms wide. Sahil looks on for a while then hugs Vaidika. Vaidika stood outside Agarwal house still smiling and realizes it was only a day dream. She now rings the doorbell.
Sahil was in the hall and thinks it feels as if Vaidika is somewhere around. Outside, Vaidika thinks she needs to share the truth with Sahil, then everything will be fine. But she can’t do all this in excitement at this time of night. She must think again because this truth will change everything. Before Sahil opened the door Vaidika had left. He calls God to bring his Vaidika to him and plan something that brings Vaidika to him.
The next morning, Maya holds the hospital authorities accountable for the irresponsibility to switch donor but she and Vaidika have decided not to take any action against them. She informs the doctor that she wants Vaidika’s delivery here in the hospital. Maya turns around to see Anjana bring Gauri. Gauri had gone inside for a test, Anjana sits on a nearby bench and prays for Sahil. Maya comes to Anjana and shows her the file of Vaidika.
Anjana hurries home and informs Bari Amma cheerfully that Vaidika bears Sahil’s child. She decides to marry Sahil and Vaidika as soon as possible, its God’s will. Bari Amma questions if Anjana has lost her mind? Bari Amma says she only wants the child in this house, not mother. Anjana resists and clarifies to Bari Amma that she no longer needs her consent in the matter, she will marry Sahil and Vaidika now.

Vaidika stood in her old house and speaks to her child for being her support and a proof that her relation with Sahil is God’s will. She is no longer fearful of either Agarwal family nor the society, she will accept Sahil’s proposal for her. Anjana stood behind Vaidika and promises she will never let this happen to her again.
At Agarwal house, Sahil cheers when Bari Amma informs Sahil that Anjana went to Vaidika’s house with his proposal for Vaidika. Bari Amma says she only fears what if Vaidika denies once again. She suggests Sahil to go to Vaidika’s house, its important for him to be there. Sahil swirls around with her and leaves in excitement. Bari Amma assures Sahil that she will accept whatever Anjana decides. Later, Bari Amma thinks she never expected Anjana can be so blindfolded in Vaidika’s love. She can’t let Vaidika marry into her family no matter she has to kill someone from her own family. She recalls mixing poison in the water she presented to Anjana from temple. The poison will slowly show its affects and the accusation of Anjana’s death will come to Sahil. Sahil must hate Vaidika.

Anjana felt dizzy. Vaidika noticed this. Anjana replies may be she is over happy, she has brought a proposal for Vaidika and wish she marries Sahil. Vaidika accepts her proposal. Anjana happily kiss Sahil’s forehead. All at once, Anjana feels heaviness in her chest. Anjana didn’t agree, she was in a hurry to go and tell Sahil about it. Vaidika shares with Anjana that she is afraid, there is always a mishap whenever she is about to get some happiness. She turns around to see Anjana almost out of balance. Sahil just entered the house when he finds Anjana falling off the stairs.

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