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Age is Just a Number 1 November 2020: Update on Age is Just a Number Friday 1 November 2020, Arju asks Sahil to go and take some rest, she has sent Vaidika in a room upstairs as well. Sahil says Vaidika is stressed and must stay alone for some time. He decides to sleep in the yard. Arju claims themselves to be lucky as Sahil behaves as their own son. He wish his parents had accepted his decision as well, but his father never understands him.
Avantika thinks Vaidika and Sahil have made her plans easy. They have come here by themselves.

Vaidika was asleep in her room. Someone breaks into the room. It was Tanuj. He shots her with a bullet. Sahil enters the room then, Tanuj shots Sahil as well. Vaidika wakes up as it was only a night mare. She hurries downstairs concerned for Sahil. Sahil pulls her close to himself and asks how it happened. Vaidika doesn’t reply and goes upstairs. Sahil cheers that I love her so much.

The next morning, Sahil bakes a cake for Vaidika. Her mother smiles watching him. He offers her a piece of cake with stevia (natural product instead of sugar). She takes another piece for Prem Pratab as well. Vaidika comes to the kitchen and apologizes Sahil for sleeping till late. Sahil offers her to taste the cake. Vaidika complements it. Sahil goes to answer her mother’s call. Vaidika was happy that Sahil has brought much happiness into the family. She thinks she can’t let Sahil live like this forever, she must do something to unite him with his family.

It was night and dark, Vaidika comes outside as there was no electricity. She was shocked to see the candle lit around the yard. Sahil turns the decoration of lights on. He presents a gift to her while they enjoy tea in champagne glass. He offers to dance together. Vaidika happily takes his hand. Sahil holds Vaidika with her back. Vaidika recalls the harassments of Tanuj and begins to scream and cry. Sahil says he is Sahil, not Tanuj and brings a glass of water for her. He says he understands what she has bear, she holds very bad memories from her past. He only wants to get close to her and assure her she isn’t all alone. This new life of theirs would bring a lot of happiness for her. Vaidika says may be she would never be able to love him. Her troubled relationship has turned her insecure. Sahil assures Vaidika he doesn’t expect a lot from her, he truly believes their relation has been made for ages. She would gain trust over him with time. He only wish her to remain on her side forever. He doesn’t want to get intimate with her, till she is comfortable. He gets weepy now that everyone left his side, he hopes at least she won’t leave his side. Vaidika promises Sahil she won’t leave his side. Sahil leaves. Vaidika thinks she is aware he is hiding all his pain. She also wants to see him happy.

The next morning, Vaidika comes to temple behind Rekha. Rekha was angry and warns Vaidika to stay away from her. Vaidika says she wants to speak to her about Sahil. She isn’t a mother, and is worried for Sahil. She must call Sahil back home by convincing his father. Rekha taunts that Vaidika was so impressed by all the luxury that she isn’t comfortable in her own house anymore. She curses Vaidika as she has parted a son from his parents. She earlier broke her ex-husband’s house, then grabbed their Sahil. She doesn’t want to see Vaidika at all. Vaidika says whatever she did that day was to save their families from any disgrace. Rekha claims it a lie, and demands Vaidika to break this marriage if she really cares for them.

Vaidika tells Rekha she has complete faith over the strength of a marriage, though her ex-marriage wasn’t a good experience. It’s a pious ritual, not any drama so that she can forget about it. No matter how much Rekha hates her, she must call Sahil back home. Rekha asks Vaidika if she wants to enter the house again. Sahil won’t leave Vaidika, as it’s their brought up but they will never accept Vaidika as their daughter in law. She demands Vaidika to leave Sahil for his happiness. Can she do this? Vaidika was speechless. Rekha says Vaidika can’t let go of a young, handsome and Kashab’s only heir so easily. Vaidika replies she isn’t concerned for luxuries, but she believes in the faith and loyalty in marriage. She asks if Rekha can leave her husband. Rekha shouts how Vaidika dare think of it. Vaidika asks how she thought of it then. Rekha leaves the temple, Vaidika prays to God for some way so that Sahil can meet his family.

Vaidika caught Geet with a guy red-handed. She inquires them both. The guy says they are college fellows, and love each other. Sahil comes there and asks the guy if he has any real plans with Geet. He says he wants to marry her once their studies are complete. Vaidika tells him to bring his family home then and formally ask for Geet’s proposal. After the guy, Rahul has left Sahil tells Geet to thanks Vaidika for convincing him that Rahul isn’t a bad person. Avantika watches this.

At Kashab’s house, Rekha was thinking about Vaidika. Avantika comes to meet her. Avantika says she understands what game Vaidika is playing. She has thought about moving on, but Vaidika makes her jealous; even her parents forgot how disgraceful their wedding event had been. She says she is extremely sorry on her sister’s part. Vaidika is always fond of whatever had belonged to me. Vaidika not only snatched her husband to be, but also Rekha’s son. Now Vaidika wants Geet to marry Rahul, her boyfriend. Sahil was against it, but Vaidika was insisting that Geet must marry that stray man. Avantika holds Rekha’s hand and offers to help her defeat Vaidika in her game. Rekha hugs Avantika and says she was angry but holds nothing against her anymore. Avantika thinks she will snatch everything from Vaidika, including Sahil.

It was night. Sahil spoke to Geet on call that Rahul spoke to his parents. Vaidika convinces Sahil that they must speak to his parents. Sahil was reluctant as his parents would again insult Vaidika. He says they can marry Geet from here. Vaidika says they are elders, its justified that they are angry. Whatever happened in the mandap would have aggrieved anyone. It’s their duty to make them up, and win their hearts through love. Sahil receives a message from Geet that Rahul’s parents want to speak and wants them to go there too. Vaidika says they can bear a little anger of parents but must go there.

Mina was happy and selects a dress for Geet. Rekha comes to speak to Mina and sends Geet outside. She asks Mina why has confirmed this proposal without inquiring anything about her. Mina argues how fruitful Rekha’s inquiry was in case of Sahil’s wedding, they ultimately brought a divorcee home. She doesn’t want any ill sentiments and negativity in her daughter’s wedding matters. She must take care of her son, and she will handle her daughter herself. Rekha was furious and about to slap Mina, but Mina holds her hand in mid-air. Mina says she is also a daughter in law of this house and has equal rights over this family. She tells Rekha to cheer up and help in the matters, or else go and rest in her room. Rekha tells Mina that this proposal has been sent by Vaidika and that Rahul already knows Geet. Mina wasn’t ready to accept the blame. She says Rekha hates Vaidika and blames her for anything that happens in the house. Her sister’s Pandit ji sent the proposal and she trusts her sister. Mina says she won’t repeat Rekha’s mistake in her Geet’s wedding. Rekha thinks she can’t let Vaidika succeed in her intentions, a guy of Vaidika’s choice would never come into this family as a son in law.

Avantika was with her boyfriend who asks why she appears so happy. Avantika says she has ignited a new fire into Vaidika’s life. She told her mother in law that Vaidika has brought a proposal for Geet, and will break this proposal. Geet won’t be married to a guy of her choice, and Vaidika will get cursed.

Geet was happy to meet Sahil and Vaidika. Mina comes there. Geet shows her how much Shagun Vaidika had brought. Vaidika and Sahil say they wanted to make sure that they must be ready for Roka as well. Deepak comes to welcome Vaidika while Geet boasts her sister in law is the best. Mina says Vaidika must be hit as a sister in law, but is still flop as a mother in law. She must live in the house cautiously. Rekha comes there and was emotional to see Sahil. Vaidika nods at Sahil. He goes to meet Rekha and hugs her. Vaidika tries to touch Rekha’s feet but she turns her face away. Rekha says she needs to speak to Sahil alone.

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