Age is Just a Number 21 August 2020: Age is Just a Number update Friday 21st August 2020, Bhoomi fell down during the pooja while Vaidika remains steadfast. Nani boasts about Ved’s real mother’s will.
Deepak follows Gauri outside. She had a lunch box in hand and promised Manish on phone to be there. She lies to Deepak that she is taking food for their NGO children. Deepak was suspicious of Gauri.

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Nisha watch Vaidika completing her testimony and use black magic to ignite the already burning coals. Vaidika had almost lost her stamina and balance. Sahil runs to support her while Vaidika fells unconscious. The Pandit announce that the testimony has been accomplished. Sahil carries Vaidika into the bed while Aarya calls the doctor. Sahil cries watching Vaidika’s burnt feet and wonders she is really the one who left Ved alone. He can’t believe it and still feels protective about her. He leaves draping Vaidika in blanket.
After Sahil had left, Nisha walks into the room and says it was for the same love story that Sahil moved her out of his life. Now she would see who leaves the house. She works black magic on Vaidika’s feet and awaits Bhoomi come into the room now, and it will bring great drama.

At night, Vaidika wakes up to find her feet perfectly healed up. Bhoomi comes to the room and accuses Vaidika of fooling them all. She forbids Vaidika to take advantage of her child for her selfish gains. Vaidika clarifies she did whatever Pandit ji had asked them for. Bhoomi blames Vaidika for always interfering in their personal lives; she is again using Ved to get Sahil. It’s her, Bhoomi’s family and she promises to force Vaidika away from it. She will do anything to save her house. Sahil comes there and was angry at Bhoomi for creating a pointless issue. He asks Bhoomi to apologize Vaidika. He always supported Bhoomi because he respected her, but today she blamed Vaidika for something she never did. She only did this for Ved’s life, and Ved is her son as well. He questions Bhoomi if she blames him of disloyalty. Vaidika defends Bhoomi saying she understands her reservations and fears. Bhoomi claps for Vaidika who poses to be innocent in front of Sahil. She clarifies to Sahil that she still considers Vaidika as the second woman, and won’t let her break her house. Vaidika was badly hurt by Bhoomi’s words.

Vaidika asks Sahil to give her a chance to improvise herself. Sahil pulls Vaidika away from himself and leaves. Vaidika was under the effect of Nisha’s black magic, she couldn’t recall anything. Nisha smirks behind thinking she hates Vaidika and will continue make her suffer. Nisha comes to Vaidika offering her help for Vaidika. Vaidika wonders why Nisha interferes in their personal matters and is so concerned.
Vaidika was walking across Agarwal house with the aarti of pooja. Nisha and Puneesh come out of the room speaking pleasantly. She says she doesn’t believe in aarti and wish Vaidika doesn’t take any such flames to her room until she is staying. Vaidika inquires why Nisha is staying here when the case has now been closed. Nisha says she is staying until Puneesh’s legal case needs her. Puneesh curtly says that Vaidika is also staying here as a guest, who is stubborn and won’t leave. Nisha asks Vaidika to focus on the pooja today. Afterwards she thinks Vaidika will have to suffer in the pooja testimony today.

Vaidika and Bhoomi had to carry water pots. All at once, Vaidika hears Ved calling them for help, he was hanging from the roof. Vaidika drops the pot and runs shouting Ved! Nothing will happen to you. Everyone was shocked as Ved stood in the crowds, and Vaidika pointed to an empty roof. Sahil asks what the matter is. Vaidika says she doesn’t understand what happens to her, she begins to behave strangely. Bhoomi taunts that this must be Vaidika’s trick to get closer to Sahil, but Sahil was sure Vaidika isn’t lying.
At home, Vaidika prays for some clue. The Pandit ji comes to her and says he can sense some black power working in the house. He gives Vaidika some rice and instructs her to hide four packs of it in the corners of this house, if this rice turns black then there is some black magic being done here. Vaidika infers that she is under the effect of black magic, and must counter the inflictor.

Vaidika hides the rice packs in different corners of the house. Sahil comes from behind asking if she was looking for something. They hear Deepak shout for everyone to come downstairs. Deepak had brought Manish home and blames Gauri to have an affair with another man. He was furious over Gauri and says Gauri must be grateful to him that he married a divorcee; still she betrayed him. He was about to slap Gauri on face, but Sahil stops his hand in midair. He stood between Deepak and Gauri and forbids him touch his sister.

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