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Age is Just a Number 24 July 2020: Age is Just a Number Friday 24 July 2020 update on zee world, Yash and Suomya place Leela’s photo in the temple at Agarwal. Yash asks if she is now happy, she returned where she was thrown out of. Even Bimla got kicked out of the house. Sahil comes to speak to Yash. He sends Suomya away. Sahil says there was a relation made between them in last twenty four hours. He is ready to accept their new relation.
Yash says Vaidika herself said she doesn’t love Sahil. Sahil insists that Vaidika doesn’t accept her love for him. Yash says she loved Vaidika for Suomya, but now he has fallen for her. Even Vaidika finds a sincere life partner in him. Sahil was of the view that Vaidika can never love someone as proud as Yash. Yash challenges Sahil to make Vaidika accept her love for Sahil, he promises to leave Vaidika himself. Sahil accepts the challenge, and minds Yash not to forget the promise.

Vaidika was shocked to hear about the accident, she grabs the first aid box out of tension and dials Sahil’s number. Bhoomi calms Vaidika down saying her test is completed. She only wanted to test Vaidika, she is never so worried for anyone else this way except Aarya. She insists on Vaidika that she is only tensed for Sahil. She insists she can hear yes in her no as well. Vaidika forbids Bhoomi to get filmy. Bhoomi says she left her wedding mandap, she understands what’s right and wrong. There is no one, neither Aarya, Nani, Agarwal’s nor the society; Vaidika must accept for once only that she loves Sahil. She doesn’t let Vaidika go. Vaidika slaps Bhoomi, then clarifies she is a married woman and can’t even think about someone other than her husband. She is 42 years old and take every step thoughtfully. Bhoomi understands this slap had her agreement. She was determined not to leave her easily and complete her love story.
Vaidika walks outside the room and cries in the corridor. She thinks though Sahil is a very important part of her life but she can’t confess her love for him. He is so young and she is older. What she must do now?
In the room, Gauri asks Deepak how he got so much money. Deepak asks if she considers him fool who worked as a servant for Bari Amma. Now her mother will live over Sahil and Yash’s money. Gauri is also useless for him, she ate up her son. Bari Amma enters the room and questions how dare he spoke this way to her daughter? She was about to slap Deepak who jerks her hand away, he insults Bari Amma saying she is over with all her ego and fury now. She disgraced him for every petty matter and is now being insulted herself. She married her divorced daughter with him, he wish to divorce her right away. Anjana comes inside and tells Deepak to stay in his limits, Gauri has always served him.

In Sahil’s room, Aarya brings the chloroform bottle to Sahil and asks if he liked Bhoomi’s idea. Sahil asks if she wants him to make Vaidika unconscious and take her to some faraway place. Her biggest problem is society, so he must take her away from this very society and to a place where they are alone. Then he can propose her. Bhoomi tells Sahil each of world’s proposal is the same, on a long drive, in the midst of scenic beauty or a picnic spot. Although unconsciousness is a little too much, but Vaidika won’t go with him otherwise. Sahil knocks at Bhoomi’s forehead and asks who made her a doctor? He explains Vaidika is already angry with him because he lied to be crazy. He wants to show her he can give any sacrifice to get her love and wait for her. Bhoomi asks how he does such love. Sahil says his love for Vaidika always increases. For now, he has another plan. Bhoomi stares at Sahil, then says men like her are out of stock and at least in the next life he must be with her. Sahil negates saying he would think about her after seven lives with Vaidika. Bhoomi thinks how much he loves Vaidika and even Aarya, then why Vaidika doesn’t accept his love.
Prachi requests Bari Amma to eat a few bites of food. Puneesh comes to help Prachi and offers Bari Amma a few bites. He assures Bari Amma to be on her side at any cost, she was the one to forgive him first. He wipes Bari Amma’s tears saying her fury suits her eyes only. They will bring Yash to his limits soon. He is only skeptical about Sahil’s behavior, how could he be against her. He only gave her space in the house upon Vaidika’s call. He assures Bari Amma is like his mother and he always stand beside her. Bari Amma hugs Puneesh.

Sahil shows Aarya all the planning and the decorations in Vaidika’s old house. Bhoomi hurries inside asking if Vaidika has arrived. Aarya tells Bhoomi she texted Vaidika she came to search for some books but couldn’t find them and is sure her mother would soon arrive. Nani opens the door then saying Vaidika won’t come. She ruins all the decorations and even throws the cake on floor. Sahil was furious and asks why she is doing all this. Nani asks why he is behind Vaidika, she has got married. She tells everyone that her daughter has gone on a honeymoon with her husband. Sahil was shocked to get the news.
In the hotel room, Yash thanks Vaidika to come on this trip with him. He wants to focus on his marriage now. She may accept it or not but she holds great importance in his life. Vaidika thinks it’s not wrong to come her with Yash, but she didn’t share the place even with Aarya. It’s hard to make Sahil realize that she is happy in his life.

Sahil asks Nani where Vaidika has gone with Yash. Nani wasn’t ready to share it. Sahil goes inside and comes with a knife in his hand. He deters to kill himself if she doesn’t tell him where Vaidika is. Nani smirks its better he dies and they get rid of him. Sahil deters to leave a suicide note, he won’t spare Nani easily and put all the blame over her. Bhoomi goes to bring a suicide note. Sahil sits to write that Nani must be arrested before his carnation. He fakes a call to police inspector informing him about his suicide. Nani finally agrees to tell them Yash booked business class tickets for them from Lucknow to Delhi but she can’t recall the hotel name.

Age is Just a Number update thursday 23rd July 2020 on zee world

In the hotel room, Yash promises Vaidika he has decided not to touch her until she accepts his relation. Vaidika was ready to give their marriage another chance. Yash asks Vaidika to go outside, he has to show her a lot of beautiful places. If warns to turn into the same old Yash if she dares to disagree. Vaidika walks outside silently. Yash feels dizzy and fell on the floor unconscious. Vaidika calls medical help of the hotel.
Sahil, Bhoomi and Aarya were trying various hotels. Nani boasts that until they reach Vaidika and Yash they would have turned into husband and wife already. Sahil says she isn’t sure of her daughter but he loves Vaidika and has complete faith on her.
In the room, Vaidika was concerned for Yash’s health and says she called the doctor. Yash says he will never regret marrying Vaidika though forcefully. He considers the continuous stresses a reason for such ill health and leaves the bed to plan something for Vaidika in their room.
Bhoomi finds out that they were in Hotel Grand Elixir. Sahil thanks her for all the help and wish not to leave Vaidika with Yash for long. They leave on Sahil’s bike.
Sahil brings Vaidika to the restaurant blindfolded. Vaidika notices Yash had booked the whole restaurant for her. They get seated. A waiter comes for serving but Yash says later please. He then presents Vaidika with a diamond set. Vaidika thinks she must do this and try and make this marriage successful, only then Sahil’s hopes will lessen.

Yash comes to ask for Vaidika’s permission and makes her wear the necklace. Vaidika thinks about Sahil gifting her the necklace from his Sadika collection. Yash complements the necklace then offers to dance with Vaidika. Vaidika thinks about Sahil, but takes Yash’s hand. Sahil and Bhoomi reach outside the restaurant and watch Yash and Vaidika dance together. Yash found out they were outside and holds Vaidika closer. Tears fell off Sahil’s eyes who looked broken, then furiously tries to break in the restaurant but Bhoomi takes him away.
In the midst of dancing Yash again loses consciousness. Vaidika was concerned for him and tries to wake him up.
At Agarwal house, Bari Amma cleans the floor with a cloth. Nani comes to insult her and ruins the floor with her dusty shoes. She tells her to pour phenyl in it and after cleaning this floor come to her room. After Nani has gone inside, Anjana forbids Bari Amma to do all this. Bari Amma says she has no right over the house, half of it belongs to Yash and the other half to Sahil. If she has to stay in the house she must do all this. She feels upset because Sahil only allowed her to live here on Vaidika’s request. Anjana says she always thought this house can’t work without her but she broke their hearts, this house turned out to be someone else’s. Even her daughter Gauri is somehow paying for her doings. Gauri blames Bari Amma responsible for her failed first married, and the abusiveness of Deepak. After they have left, Bari Amma decides that she will no more be victimized.

Bhoomi tries to stop Sahil from getting drunk. She was thankful that she didn’t leave him alone. When helpless she insists on Sahil to try her treatment. She can get him rid of his plan for a while. She plays loud music and dances around. She suggests Sahil to join him and let his inner voice suppress in the outer noise; it will relieve his pain. They dance together.
Afterwards Bhoomi asks Sahil if he feels good. Sahil replies really not bad. Sahil wished to kill Yash who is a bastard. Bhoomi forbids him speak anything false. Sahil prays to God to spoil that Yash Agarwal. Bhoomi plays the music again, they dance together.
In the hotel room, Vaidika was shocked to hear from doctor that Yash suffered from advanced stage pancreatic cancer. Vaidika wonders why she has to suffer all this.

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