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Age is Just a number 8 July 2022: Vaidika was worried for Sahil and bandages over his wounds. Sahil wakes up and insists that it’s her love for him that made her bring him home and care for him. Vaidika wasn’t ready to listen to this and says she would have brought any such one home and is only concerned. She tells Sahil to leave but he insists he won’t.

Gautham and Nani come inside saying they will push him out. Sahil gives them a stare and turns to sit on the couch. Nani inquires about the bandage, then complains to him about his family’s behavior towards them. Nani sends Vaidika to bring tea for Gautham and she leaves the room as well.

Gautham turns to face Sahil and asks if he is still here, would he only leave if pushed outside? Sahil asks who is he to push him out. Gautham will soon have to board a flight for America as he would never let him get married to Vaidika. Gautham boasts he would only board a flight after having married Vaidika. Sahil says it will only happen when the dogs have stopped barking on roads. Vaidika brings the tea. Gautham says he asked Sahil to take his luggage from here as well so that they can rent the room to someone else. Sahil says by rule he must be given a one-month notice. Vaidika could sense the tension between them and said they will speak about it later. Sahil decides to get information about Gautham.

In the evening, Karan tells Sahil that Gautham is a successful man. He has worked in multi-national companies, his interviews are published and he speaks in conferences as well. Sahil says Vaidika doesn’t need the bio-data; only he can keep her happy not that Gautham. He mocks Gautham’s success and says he will make Vaidika say I love you to him on Valentine’s Day.

Vaidika was reluctant to offer Gautham’s request for valentine’s dinner. Gautham says she can join him as a friend only. Vaidika agrees to come for a while. Aarya heard this conversation.

In the morning, Aarya tells Sahil about Valentine’s plan for Vaidika. Sahil consoles Aarya about taking care of everything and decides to ruin Gautham’s plan.

Vaidika was waiting for Gautham at the restaurant. Sahil arrives there with a card of I love you and presents her with a bouquet. He drags a chair for her. Vaidika says she came for a dinner with Gautham and tells him to stand up. Sahil brings out a ring, kneels down, and presents Vaidika with the ring. He asks if she can fight the world with him, he has fallen for her; and without the fear of the world about their age difference he wants to own her. If she holds such courage?

Vaidika stood silently in a corner. Gautham reaches the restaurant badly injured and asks if this is what he wanted? He walks toward Vaidika and says if he intended to propose to Vaidika before him and beat him this way? Sahil calls him a liar. Gautham asks if he isn’t the one to bribe that waiter as well. Sahil was silent. Gautham asks Sahil why he holds such enmity against him. Sahil asks when he beat Gautham. Gautham complains to Vaidika that he didn’t want any fight but Sahil forced it. Sahil grabs Gautham’s collar and punches his face again. Vaidika holds his hand back and accepts Gautham’s wedding proposal. Gautham gives victorious look to Vaidika.

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