Age is Just a Number 14 September 2020: Usha takes Jackie to get ready for engagement. When alone, Vaidika tells Sahil that Sahil was really proud of her today, and she need not take any further steps. She is sure Sahil won’t get engaged to her.

In the room, Sahil asks Usha to give him some time, he had a major accident and doesn’t remember well what he is doing. He doesn’t know Bhoomi well, but in these days no one marries a stranger. Usha says she knows Bhoomi well, she is his mummy and brought him home from a heap of trash even when he hadn’t opened his eyes. She wants the best for his future. In the engagement party, everyone waited for Jackie. Sahil appears from the stairs walking downstairs. Usha boasts about her son and goes to pose besides Sahil. Sahil looks towards Vaidika. Vaidika recalls all the past times when Sahil had proposed her for marriage.

Everyone in the family complement Jackie and congratulate Bhoomi. Sahil couldn’t take his eyes off Vaidika. Bhoomi was about to put on the engagement ring in Sahil’s finger. Vaidika leaves the hall. Soon, the lights of the hall go off. Vaidika appears with a microphone and announces it’s the engagement of son of the house. She will sing today, for Bhoomi and Jackie. She sings ‘Hansi Bann Gaye…. Nami Bann Gaye’. Sahil gets some past but vague flashes with Vaidika. Vaidika was crying while she sang. Bhoomi takes Sahil’s attention and puts the ring into his finger. It was now Sahil’s turn but he instead walks toward Vaidika and puts the ring in her finger. Tears slip Vaidika’s eyes while the lights were turned on. Vaidika thanks him for returning her Sahil to her. Usha calls Jackie back, but he turns around and says he is Sahil because Vaidika says so, he can see the truth in Vaidika’s eyes. Bhoomi comes in between and asks what Jackie is doing. Sahil’s head was now banging and says he doesn’t understand who he is, Vaidika claims him to be Sahil and Bhoomi calls him Jackie. Bhoomi says Sahil died a long time ago, Vaidika has gone insane because of him. Usha tries to intervene but Vaidika tells her to stay away. Sahil had severe head ache. Bhoomi says it’s because of the injury in his head, the truth is that he is Jackie and they are marrying soon. Sahil goes to the room. Bhoomi and Usha also leave. Bari Amma apologize the party guests for such situation.
Vaidika speaks to Bari Amma that they must take Sahil to a doctor. She understands that they think he is Jackie, but that’s not the case. He is Sahil and is extremely confused now.

Vaidika sat with the doctor who tells her that Sahil has an injury in his head, he suffers from diffused brain injury. They still need to calculate what Sahil remembers and what not.
Usha comes to Bhoomi in the room. Bhoomi was upset and wonders if she will never get Sahil. Usha says she will. The doctor told them that Sahil doesn’t remember what happened yesterday, he only remember the present. They will continue to assert him being Jackie.
The doctor tells Vaidika they can’t be sure if Sahil’s memory would ever recall? Vaidika says at least she now knows what can be her strategy. She decides to remind Sahil who he was.

Vaidika brings Sahil to her old house. She says doctor claims that his past memories are all collected in a corner of his brain, she will continue her tries to remind him of his memory. She will leave no stone unturned and will bring his memory back each day. Sahil looks behind to see Vaidika. Vaidika points towards him to move forward. He comes to touch the name plate of Vaidika and Sahil’s house, then unlocks the door. Vague flashes from the past again flash in his mind. He comes to the yard. Vaidika silently prays for the strength, she can’t know the consequences of her actions but wish to bring Sahil out of this trouble.

Sahil looks around towards their past photos all hung over the walls of the house. History flash in his mind. He looks around towards the light décor Sahil had once done for Vaidika. He wonders what’s happening to him, he feels connected to this house. Vaidika thinks she wants to remind Sahil what he once did for her. She touches the huge board with alphabets of LOVE. She then brings a box towards Sahil as a gift. He opens the box up and finds the blue dress in it he had once gifted to Vaidika. He holds the saree, his eyes open wide while his past memory continue to flash. Vaidika asks if he feels or remember anything, he once did the same for her. Sahil looks upstairs and walks the stairs.
Vaidika recalls a rule book she had given to Sahil. She brings it from the closet and asks if he remember this book, and the handkerchief? She shows him the bag he brought when he came over to live here. Sahil asks if this is his. Vaidika now cries, holding Sahil’s face she requests him to try and recall. She then brings Sahil to her room and reminds him he celebrated her birthday in this room; their birthdays are on the same date. He even sang a song for her. She was about to slip in front of Sahil. He holds her by waist. His head bangs badly. He confirms Vaidika if this happened earlier, whatever she is saying. He was about to faint due to stress and fell on the floor unconscious. Vaidika panics and calls the doctor for help.

At Agarwal house, Mandagini was reading a magazine in the hall. Deepak comes in. Mandagini daydreams about a song playing while Deepak stood as her Super Hero. She runs to Deepak. He was shocked and moves her shoulder asking if everything is fine? Mandagini runs inside shyly.
The next morning, Bari Amma and Nani were tensed. Vaidika and Sahil return home. Vaidika says Sahil was sick, and had to be kept in hospital for observation. Sahil says he doesn’t remember anything, when he woke up Vaidika was there with him. Bari Amma complains that Bhoomi took advantage of their absence and took Ved to his school’s Christmas party. Usha comes there and says the mother who brings up a child holds more importance, Bhoomi could take him. She tells Sahil to go to school as he has to bear the responsibility of his twin brother’s son. Vaidika tells Usha that Sahil will go to school, but she needn’t scold him pointlessly. When Usha and Sahil had gone inside, Vaidika tells the ladies that this is surely Sahil. He lost his memory and even remembered things when she took him to her house. The doctors warned not to burdened his mind, and he might not ever gain his memory back; but she can never leave his side. Bari Amma was proud of Vaidika.

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