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Age is Just a Number 17 August 2020: Age is Just a Number update Monday 17th August 2020, Deepak comes to witness box and agrees in court that he left his daughter to Vaidika. He had turned into a beast that night who wanted to get rid of his daughter. He didn’t know it was Vaidika’s room, he only left the daughter in cradle. He hid behind the curtain when he heard Vaidika speaking on phone, she was saying its question of will of Yash and she needs a child. She then took his daughter along. Vaidika runs to Deepak’s witness box, hysterically grabs Deepak’s collar and slaps her. The judge orders for discipline in the court. Vaidika requests for some more time to prove herself. Nisha counts till three with her black magic trick, Vaidika who was pleading in front of court turns psychotic with the effect. She grabs the judge’s hair, screams in the court and resists.

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The judge verdicts that Vaidika feels to be mentally distressed, she is irresponsible and the court hands custody of Ved Agarwal to Sahil and Bhoomi. Nani and Aarya were upset. Vaidika screams and requests Sahil not to snatch her Ved. Sahil leaves with Bhoomi as the decision has been made already. He hear Vaidika resist the grip of everyone, crying, pleading and hit her head hard on the corner of witness box. Sahil runs behind and carries Vaidika home. Bhoomi questions Sahil why he brought her to their home. Sahil was only concerned about Vaidika, calls for doctor and rubs her hand. He clarifies Vaidika is Yash’s wife and Ved’s mother, this house belongs to her as well. He doesn’t listen to any of Bhoomi’s resistances. Ved comes concerned about Vaidika and wishes to stay with Vaidika. He goes to sit on Sahil’s lap. Nani says this is the affect of blood.
The doctor tells Sahil she has lost her mental balance. Only time may heal her distress, they must take care of her and be with her. Aarya thanks Sahil for all his support, she was sure Sahil will take the right decision. Sahil decides that Vaidika will stay here until she is fit.
Bari Amma gives Nisha a necklace as a gift of bribery for making her win the case. She asks if Nisha’s worth was so low. Nisha thinks her worth is destruction of Bimla Agarwal and this family. She tells Bari Amma that she and Bimla share joint enemy Vaidika.

Sahil stood in the window in distress. Karan comes to him and asks him to close his eyes to find some peace. Sahil gets flashes of Vaidika with himself and clarifies to Karan he has ceased listening to his heart’s call. Karan tells Sahil he would never be able to forget Vaidika.
Ved comes to Vaidika’s room with his superman. Vaidika lay unconscious. Sadika comes from behind and fights with Ved to let go of her mama. She hugs Vaidika and demands to leave this house. Ved hugs Vaidika and instead consoles Sadika that she will soon be fine.
Sahil was passing outside Vaidika’s room. He hears her breathing heavily and comes to aide her. Vaidika gets relaxed in a while. Sahil hugs Vaidika and kisses her forehead, promises he won’t let her suffer. Bhoomi was upset as she watch this from outside. Bari Amma takes her along into her room. She scolds Bhoomi for being incompetent to seduce Sahil. Vaidika has done in five weeks what Bhoomi couldn’t do in five years. Bari Amma warns Bhoomi that she must tighten her grip over Sahil else she would be left with no other option.

Vaidika was conscious, she complains to God for witnessing silently how her child and right was snatched from her. She questions why a mother was turned helpless, where she would go now? She passes by Bari Amma’s room and hear Deepak and Bari Amma speak to each other. Deepak was saying that Bari Amma made him lie in court deterring him in name of Gauri and Sadika. Bari Amma assures Deepak she will take care of the matter when needed. Vaidika hears this. Afterwards, Bari Amma cheers that the court considered Vaidika as mentally ill. She won’t let her near to Ved at any cost.
Ved runs to the temple and cries in front of God. She decides to be strong, and reach the sparkle of light by fighting the dark. She will make Bari Amma suffer badly. She played the tricks, but now she will have to confront a stronger Vaidika. She prays for strength from God. At Bari Amma’s door, she thinks it was Bimla who made court consider her as mentally ill. She will prove to be crazy now. She poses to be psychotic while waking her up. Bari Amma was terrified and jumps out of the bed. Vaidika connects two wires and runs to give electric shock to her. Bari Amma runs away. Vaidika insists on Bari Amma to do as she wants. After a while, Bari Amma stood there in layers of ruined makeup and lehnga. Vaidika thinks she will make Bari Amma believe that she is also psychotic. Vaidika makes Bari Amma dance on “Kajra Re”. She finds a chance and goes out of the room, locking Vaidika into the room.

Nani makes fun of Bari Amma in that odd makeup and dress. Bari Amma curses Nani and grabs her collar. Sahil comes there and parts both women from each other. They question what Bari Amma is up to? Sahil takes Bari Amma to check in her room. Vaidika hides behind the window so as not to be spotted by Sahil. They go to check in Vaidika’s room. Vaidika was worried and takes the back way to reach her bed before they could come there. Bari Amma shouts at Vaidika and charges over her. Vaidika sits up at once and cluelessly asks what happened to her. Sahil gives her a glass of water and shouts at Bari Amma to go to her room.
In the room, Bari Amma had been tied to the bed while she resisted badly. The doctor was ready to give her anti-depressant injection. Sahil requests Bari Amma to take the injection, this will help her in her depression regarding Ved.
Sadika sat with Vaidika in room and asks Vaidika to never leave her. Vaidika assures a mother never leaves her children. She speaks to Sadika about Gauri, Sadika was happy as Gauri unconditionally loved her. Gauri had come to the room with breakfast. Sadika insists upon having it from Vaidika’s hand. Gauri convinces Sadika that Vaidika is unwell. Ved comes with breakfast tray for Vaidika and says he and Sadika will first feed Vaidika, then eat themselves. Vaidika thanks Ved and takes him into her lap. Ved allows Sadika to give the first bite as it’s her mother. Vaidika eats from Sadika then Ved. Sadika asks Vaidika if Gauri is also her mother, Ved’s Dadi told her. But Mamma is always one. Vaidika says when someone is special, God bless them with two mamma. Like Raam had three mothers. Ved adds Kaana had two mothers as well, Vaidika elaborates one was Devki and other Yashoda. Sadika cheers that she is special. She hugs Gauri. Gauri calls Vaidika as Yashoda Maa of Sadika, while Vaidika says Gauri is the Devki Maa of Sadika. Sadika jumps over the bed cheerfully.

Bhoomi sat in her room upset about Sahil’s concerns for Vaidika. Ved runs to Bhoomi and asks for another mamma. Children with two mothers are special, like Vaidika called Sadika as special. He requests Bhoomi to make Vaidika as his other mother. Bhoomi scolds Ved that this isn’t possible. Ved was annoyed and cries saying he doesn’t want a mother like Bhoomi. Bhoomi at once hugs Ved, curt over Vaidika.

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