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Age is Just a Number 7 September 2020: Puneesh had auctioned the whole Agarwal property. Bari Amma resisted such a grab of her property. Puneesh says he only await the payments from buyers, then he and Aarya will be leaving for Switzerland to start over a new life. For Bari Amma, he is leaving a kerosene oil cane to burn her own corpse alive. Vaidika reaches Puneesh from behind, bathing him with the kerosene and lights a matchstick.

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Puneesh was terrified. Vaidika makes Puneesh hand over the fake papers’ file to Aarya, else she will burn him alive. She is no more afraid of anyone and will only think about Sahil and do what he would have been done in this situation. Aarya takes the file. Vaidika puts the matchstick down. She tells Puneesh to go and get the papers of their property, else what happened today may be repeated. Prachi follows Puneesh, Vaidika tells Prachi to value herself a little in front of this man. She says its Prachi’s brother’s house so she may stay here. From today, only she will have a say in this house. She grabs a brick and breaks the lock of the door, opening the door again and signals Bari Amma to come inside. She boastfully walks into the house, with eyes filled in tears. Aarya stops by Vaidika whom she blesses.

Usha threw shoes and utensils over Jackie, scolding him to get drunk. She cries as Jackie ruined everything for her, it was a chance for them to get rich. They have done a number of thefts, but it was a millionaire chance. Jackie wonders how his face resembles Sahil Agarwal so much. Usha doesn’t reply and says she doesn’t know. Jackie was determined to get all the money for Usha. Usha thinks she was lucky that someone left him in her lap, he is her charmer son.
There, Prachi provokes Puneesh to think about another trick. Vaidika is behind with Sahil for years only because of this property. Even Aarya has only used Puneesh, he must think about some other idea.
Jackie was drunk and lay on a bench outside. Daisy comes there and asks what this story of Sahil is. Jackie says he resembles that Sahil Agarwal and his mother wanted him to rob those Agarwals. He discuss with Daisy that Sahil’s wife Vaidika is a different lady; he doesn’t want to hurt her at any cost. Daisy was dubious if he is falling for Vaidika? Jackie says Vaidika is crazy behind Sahil, but she will soon fell for him as well.

The next morning, Vaidika comes to the temple. She was determined to keep Sahil alive within her heart, she will not shed anymore tears; she won’t lose hope anymore. She will bring Ved and Aarya back, like her Sahil would have done.
Puneesh comes from behind saying Vaidika is much aggressing these days. Vaidika says there is a difference between them, she never let the situations mold her. She won’t accept defeat in any condition, Puneesh is actually the defeated person. Her Sahil taught her to fight the situations and mold them according to yourself. Puneesh warns Vaidika that there is still some time, she may back up. Vaidika tells Puneesh to worry for his own self, if he has forgotten what happened last night. Puneesh tries to slap Vaidika but she timely stops his charge and says Puneesh seems to have forgotten much, let’s recall a few. She signals him to turn around. A bunch of eunuchs enter chanting slogans against Puneesh.

Inside Agarwal house, Eunuchs chant slogans against Puneesh. Nani provokes them that this Puneesh Tiwari married their girl child daughter. Puneesh resists the grip of Eunuchs. Prachi was defensive but Bari Amma stops her to let them enjoy a bit. The eunuchs put show rope around his neck while blackening his face.
Vaidika and Aarya leave the hall and comes to Puneesh’s room. Aarya finds a cell phone under his pillow and says Puneesh used this cell phone to make a call last night, it must be Ved. They check the log but it was a private number. Vaidika close her eyes thinking what Sahil would have done, she says Sahil would have said God helps those who help themselves. She tells Aarya to check any paper or address. She finds a message saying Banglow number 173. She was determined to find it from anywhere. They hear Prachi and Puneesh coming towards the room. They then decide to go towards the other room. Aarya and Vaidika were relieved.

Usha was feeding Jackie’s brother with her own hands. Jackie comes home. She tells him to make his place in Vaidika’s heart, as they need to be rich. Their electricity connection goes off at once. Jackie takes the connection for Vaidika’s house climbing the wall. He hears Usha cheer that electricity is back. Jackie says he always feel there is a connection between them, even their electricity wires have combined. Vaidika come there and asks what he is up to? He fell off the wall while Vaidika supports him. Her dupatta was stuck in his hands, she removes it while Jackie pulls Vaidika closer by risk. Soon, his day dream breaks with Usha’s call. Vaidika reach the area according to Puneesh’s messages and looks for Banglow 173. She asks a shop keeper around who tells Vaidika there are 57 blocks in the locality, each having 173. Vaidika notices it was a pharmacy, and asks if someone purchased cancer medicines for a kid. The man says there was one and checks the register.
Jackie climes into Agarwal house through the window. He thinks he must make his need into Vaidika’s life, save Ved, loot their wealth and flee. He wonders how he would fool Vaidika. Aarya comes there and wonders why Sahil is coming into his own house like thieves. Sahil asks Aarya about Vaidika, he came with an idea to find Ved. Aarya says Vaidika has already gone to find Ved, she got some clues. Jackie was concerned what if Vaidika gets into trouble; she is already pregnant. He wonders why he is concerned for Vaidika.

Vaidika reaches an address, with 173 written outside it. She thinks Sahil was right, one only has to think differently and problems can be solved. She recalls checking the date of her arrest in register and found the address. Inside the godown, Bhoomi had been tied to a chair. Aarya and Ved hug with a rope while there were pots of boiling water under them. Puneesh appears from a side.
Jackie comes to ask Nani about Vaidika. Nani was clueless. He wonders why he is concerned if Vaidika is fine or not.
Puneesh tells Vaidika that today both her children are hanging over boiling water. Vaidika grabs Puneesh’s collar for harassing innocent children. Puneesh says she warned him and disgraced him repeatedly. He tells she and Aarya took advantage of him, but now Vaidika can save anyone of them as they are tied to a single rope. He says if Vaidika tries to save any one, the other would fell into the pot of water. Vaidika thinks she will save both her children.

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