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Age is Just a Number update sunday 21 June 2020 on zee world; Age is Just a Number update sunday 21st June 2020, Nidhi comes to help Vaidika share her burden of grocery bags and calls Vaidika as her guardian angel. She asks to help her participate with Sahil in a dance competition, and suggests Vaidika might send her in her own place. Vaidika wasn’t ready to betray Sahil this time. She promises to speak to Sahil about it. Devika says she and Varun are going to marry soon and invites him to their marriage as well. She assures him that his brother loves him. Varun takes a flee.

Age is Just a Number update sunday 21 June 2020 on zee world Devika from Jeet Gayi Tou Piyaa Morre reaches the given address on a cart. She informs DadiSa she reached Kanpur and going to meet Varun. Back at home, Devika’s parents were concerned as Devika was nowhere in the house. Urmi comes outside and tells them that even Kunwar isn’t at home. She was afraid what if they take a wrong step being out of the house alone. Maasa comes downstairs and says she sent Devika to Kanpur to bring Kunwar back home. She asks if they don’t trust their daughter. Urmi fuels the matter that they might not trust their son. Maasa sends Urmi away, then assures Laajo and husband that Kunwar and Devika are mature. She assures she will marry Kunwar and Devika.

At Vaidika’s place in Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se, Sahil and Varun sat with each other. Vaidika comes to serve food on table. Varun asks her a few questions. First question, what’s important for successful relation. Vaidika replies it trust on each other completely. Second question, what if the one of the two commits a mistake.

Age is Just a Number update sunday 21st June 2020 on zee world Vaidika replies, love is accepting the mistake and apologizing. Friendship is important in marriage. Varun asks her about Sahil’s likes and dislikes, then compliments her compatibility with Sahil. He suggests her to participate in competition with Sahil. Vaidika tells Varun to prepare for his competition, Sahil will take part with Nidhi if he wish to. Sahil says he would only be a part of the competition with his wife. At Agarwal House, Nidhi complains Prachi against Vaidika. Prachi says it’s a good way to prove their marriage in front of whole city by taking part in dance competition. Nidhi was tensed. Prachi thinks for a while and says whom would Sahil dance with if the dancer is unable to dance. She suggests what if Vaidika is unable to participate in the dance competition, Sahil will have to turn her into his partner. She shares an idea with Nidhi which she likes.

Age is Just a Number 21 June 2020 on zee world In Jeet Gayi Tou Piyaa Morre, Dhaani was in the room when her mother arrives. She was unhappy that Dhaani had to massage Maasa as a maid. Dhaani says massaging Maasa doesn’t turn her a maid. Maa asks Dhaani if she loves Kunwar. Dhaani avoids replying, then agrees being in love with him. She says it’s useless, as he would marry Devika. She asks if Devika denies marrying Kunwar, would she marry him. Dhaani says she will. Devika asks about competition venue around the street when she comes across Vaidika coming out of her house. Devika recognizes Vaidika as being caught in girl’s trafficking case. Vaidika asks if a boy came with her for competition as well, his name is Varun. Devika was excited to hear Varun’s name and comes to meet Varun inside Vaidika’s house. Varun comes out of the bathroom. Devika questions the rock star what he is doing here. If he ran out of the jail? Varun says his brother got his bail, then left him alone to participate in the competition even when it’s a couple dance. He was uninterested in meeting his brother Kunwar.

Age is Just a Number update sunday 21st June 2020 zee world Varun tries to find a dance partner at a tea stall. Devika also comes to order a cup of tea. She asks if he is still flirting girls here. Varun explains he was only finding a partner for dance. Devika was ready to help him earning money. She was determined to make Varun and Kunwar meet soon. Nidhi mingles with pressure cooker lid in the kitchen. She finds Vaidika return home and thinks she can’t let Sahil and Vaidika be a couple in dance competition. She was thankful to Prachi for the idea, she will now get rid of Vaidika Mathur from amongst her and Sahil’s life.

At Agarwal house, Anjana wasn’t ready to believe Nidhi as Sahil never raised hand on a girl. Nidhi says Sahil doesn’t recognize her as his wife, she doesn’t want her to interfere in his and Vaidika’s love story. Bari Amma wasn’t ready to accept he can hurt her. Nidhi says Sahil is only angry because she wants to be his partner in Kanpur dance competition. Sahil wants Vaidika to be his partner, she is sure he would do this upon Vaidika’s courage. She says Vaidika is really cunning, she is nice to her but fills in Sahil behind her back. She shows her injured foot to Bari Amma and was upset that now Sahil and Vaidika would take part in competition. Bari Amma says Sahil won’t take Vaidika to the competition, but Nidhi’s mother says she has seen Sahil dying for Vaidika. If Sahil wins the competition with Vaidika, only Bari Amma would be disgraced. Nidhi smirks.

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Age is Just a Number 21st June 2020 on zee world Devika was practicing dance in the hall. Vaidika helps her with some steps, then goes to receive a mail. It was an invitation of Zara’s marriage. Devika was excited about Muslim’s wedding, she wished to go to weddings. Vaidika takes her to practice again, both dance together. Sahil and Varun into the house together, both stay at the door watching ladies practice dance.

Later, Devika was asleep under a tent cover in the room. Varun wakes up and fell off the bed watching a spider on the roof. Devika was furious over him for sleeping without clothes, he says he is wearing boxing shots. Devika then picks the spider, then questions if she has a duty to save them both brothers. She then decides she would sleep over the bed now, Varun must sleep on floor. Varun was afraid what if there is a spider again, he makes space for himself on the bed and lay with Devika.

Age is Just a Number 21 June 2020 on zee world Deepak tells Bari Amma he would take part in the competition and keep an eye over Sahil. Gauri says she doesn’t know how to dance. Prachi says there is nothing in dance these days, she is considering to take part in competition with Puneet. Shruti texts Puneet warning him not to take part in competition with Prachi. Nidhi considers them all insane.

Age is Just a Number update sunday 21st June 2020 zee world Sahil brings Nani, tells her to shut her eyes and imagine being on a comfortable chair, having dinner on a large dining table, enjoying dramas on a large LED screen and decorated by double door fridge. He asks if she liked their dining room. He convinces Nani with the price money of the competition which was 1 lac rupees. He convinces Nani to make Vaidika up to be his partner. Nani promises to do this. Sahil thinks he and Vaidika will be the best couple of Kanpur and announce their wedding there.

The next morning, Devika was shocked to see Varun sleeping on the bed with her. There lady a wall of suitcase between them. She was relieved to see it, and thinks he is a gentleman. She was about to hurry to washroom with her clothes when she finds Varun walking into the bath already. Both argue about it. Varun then allows her to go first, but himself runs inside.

Age is Just a Number update sunday 21 June 2020 on zee world Nani creates a drama of being severely ill, she lay on the couch with a wet cloth over her forehead. The doctor was examining her. Sahil thinks she is doing over acting, but at least Vaidika is concerned. The doctor announces her condition is really critical, it would take a lot of expenditure on her treatment. Vaidika says she won’t let her mother die untreated, how expensive can be the fake medicines of a fake doctor. The doctor takes a flee. Nidhi laughs outside the room. Vaidika asks Nani why she created all the drama like Sahil, she will arrange for the money if they fell short of it. Nidhi recalls telling the conversation between Sahil and Nani to Vaidika. Vaidika says Sahil is now determined to ruin her respect now, for which he once fought. This is childishness that he calls her a wife in front of all neighbors and now wants to take her for competition. Wedlock is a relation which is pious, and he has already married Vaidika. Nidhi leaves the door. Inside, Sahil tells Vaidika he would always consider her as his wife, he married her by his soul. He has decided they will dance in the competition together.

Varun and Devika practice the dance together. Vaidika hits his chest while he tries to set his posture. Devika says she is going to marry his brother, it feels awkward to be so close to him. Varun holds Devika by her wrist. She was irritated, Varun also gives up. Both sit with a bench back to back. Varun thinks he won’t be able to win this dance competition ever, then gets an idea. He says his friend Sahil can help them, he will surely understand their situation. The instructor calls them to continue with their practice.

Age is Just a Number 21 June 2020 Sahil stood on a single foot outside in sunshine. She requests Sahil to come inside, the heat is scorching and it might hurt him. Nidhi comes to the kitchen, and also tries to convince Sahil come inside. He stops her right there and forbids her move towards him. Nidhi curses him to fell on bed, weak and ill. Sahil tells Vaidika he will continue to stand here until she agrees to be his partner in competition.

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