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Age is Just a Number 3 November 2020: Update on Age is Just a Number Sunday 3rd November 2020, In the hotel room, Vaidika was harassed by Tanuj. Geet was brought downstairs by Sahil and Mina. Sahil was worried for Vaidika.

Tanuj demands Vaidika to return to him forever, else he can ruin the life of Geet. He tries to pull the pally of Vaidika’s saree, blackmailing her that he would otherwise upload the video. The police enters the room and blame Vaidika. Vaidika says she is married, Tanuj is her ex-husband and blackmailed her to come over. The police inspector demands Vaidika her husband’s number. Tanuj nods the inspector.

Sahil was now tensed and tries Vaidika’s number. Rekha comes to take him for some rituals. Sahil gets a video message of Vaidika and Tanuj. He leaves at once. Rekha snatches Sahil’s phone, and shows the video to everyone. She blames Vaidika’s character.

In the hotel, the lady inspector ask the names of each girl. Vaidika didn’t tell hers. Sahil comes there and protects his wife. Tanuj tries to harass Vaidika. Sahil punches Tanuj and the phone drops. Vaidika gets hold of the phone. Vaidika tells the lady inspector that this man, Tanuj created an MMS of her sister in law and her fiancé. He blackmailed her and called her here. Geet and Rahul reach there and witness in favor of Vaidika. Tanuj was arrested. Sahil thanks Vaidika that she put her life and respect at stake for his family. Vaidika says not his, but their family. Sahil tells Vaidika they surely share a strange bond with each other. Geet and Rahul promise each other that they will always love each other like Sahil and Vaidika.

At Kashab’s house, everyone was tensed. Mina wonders if Rahul’s parents would even marry her Geet now. Sahil and Vaidika return. Rekha was furious and wasn’t ready to allow her live here. Sahil doesn’t let Rekha disgrace his wife. Mina accuses Vaidika for being characterless and went to her ex-husband. Geet and Rahul return home with Vermala around their neck. Sahil tells everyone that Tanuj had a video of Geet and Rahul, he blackmailed Vaidika to upload it over social media. Mina was angry and about to slap Geet, but Vaidika stops her. Rekha blames Vaidika. Sahil corrects that Geet and Rahul loved each other already and were close. They are now married and will have a grand reception from him and Vaidika. Vaidika thinks silently that God has granted her another chance to realize the power of love. Vaidika hugs Sahil. Sahil smiles and hugs back. Vaidika cries and says thank you Sahil. She parts from Sahil, and notices the displeasure over Rekha’s face. Sahil says he must be thankful to have Vaidika as his life partner. Rekha asks if they are done, should they speak about Rahul and Geet. Sahil requests Rekha to spit the anger now, and accept Vaidika as her daughter in law. Mina also advocates Vaidika, so does Deepak. Sahil says he always claimed his love for Vaidika and their bonding is extremely special. Rekha blames Vaidika has done a black magic over him. Sahil says even his father would have agreed to him today, if he was here. Rekha was still stubborn. Sahil tries to convince Rekha that her ego wouldn’t be fruitful anyway.

Sahil and Geet convince Rekha. Rekha now hugs Geet and says she married on her own will, now reception would be grand. In a family function, Vaidika was serving the guests. Mina drags her to the middle of the hall where she dances. In the end, Vaidika slips and falls on the floor. Shashi steps into the house. He was curt as he watches her there. He questions what’s happening. Deepak comes to take Shashi inside for something important.

In the room, Shashi was annoyed that no one told him about all the development. Deepak tells Shashi he was busy in a huge court case, they didn’t disturb him. He tells Shashi that it was Vaidika who saved his Geet’s grace and respect, one gets such a daughter in law by luck. Rekha comes into the room and complains that Deepak has accepted this divorcee girl. She first married their Sahil, and now she married Geet to a guy of her choice. Her ex-husband made an MMS, and it was also Vaidika’s plan. She convince Shashi to throw Vaidika out of the house. Shashi tells Rekha that Vaidika saved the respect of their family’s daughter; whatever relation keeps the family united is precious. Avantika stood out, and felt curt if this man’s heart is melting for Vaidika.

Shashi comes downstairs. Vaidika attentively stands up. Shashi goes to the stage, and smiles towards Geet. Geet and Rahul bend to his blessings. Shashi gifts a house to Geet in Civil Lines. He announces to the guests to enjoy their full. He was in a good mood. Sahil whispers to Vaidika to go and speak to him. Vaidika and Sahil come to Shashi, they thank Shashi for accepting Geet’s marriage. Shashi gathers the family and calls a press conference tomorrow. He tells Rekha to wait another 12 hours, she will get her replies. He goes to meet a guest. Sahil tells Vaidika it seems Shashi would accept Vaidika as his daughter in law tomorrow. Avantika feels curt and decides she won’t let Shashi accept Vaidika as his daughter in law, no matter she has to kill her own sister.

Later, Sahil was in the room. Vaidika brings the tea but slips over Sahil’s shoe, the tea spills over him. She goes to bring a towel and unbuttons Sahil’s shirt. She now applies an ointment as an intimate matter. Sahil acts as if it’s burning to tease and elevate her concern. He then pulls her over himself. Vaidika shy away and straightens up. Sahil sits with Vaidika and says he understands why she is tensed; she must be thinking what his father would say in press conference. Vaidika asks if Sahil really believes Papa ji would accept her or not. He tells her to go and ask by herself. Vaidika was afraid to go to Shashi by herself. Sahil says he is extremely strict, he challenges if Vaidika goes to Shashi and finds out why he has kept a press conference. Vaidika was offensive, then accepts Sahil’s challenge.
In Shashi’s room, Vaidika knocks the door with a cup of tea. She says he returned today and there was a function, still he has been working; he must be tired. She requests him to have the tea. She turns to leave, then asks if he needs some help. Shashi doesn’t speak. Vaidika continues. Shashi now looks up.

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