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Age is Just a Number 6 September 2020: Sahil leaves the room after being frustrated from their ongoing drama. Aarya discuss with Vaidika that Sahil’s behavior has changed after accident, else he must have gotten Puneesh’s collar by now. Vaidika says it’s good in a way that they will get Ved and Bhoomi now. She promises to get Aarya out of Puneesh’s grip as soon as she can find Ved. She thinks about Prachi for a while. Aarya thinks Sahil has even stopped calling her Chota Packet, there is surely something wrong.
Vaidika comes to Prachi’s room. Prachi opens the door. Vaidika asks her about Ved. Prachi says Puneesh knows about them and their contact number.

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Vaidika tells Prachi she is Ved’s aunt, how can she be ignorant of Ved. Prachi says Puneesh always claims that Ved is safe, and even Bhoomi is his mother; she will take care of him. She slaps the door over Vaidika’s face. Vaidika thinks Prachi is not as sensible as to lie to clearly, she must not know well about Ved herself. She comes into the room again, then tells Prachi to clarify to Puneesh that he has pinched a mother. Prachi smirks that Vaidika took Aarya really boastfully. She will surely ask Puneesh about Ved, but only on a condition that Aarya gives birth to a child for her and Puneesh. Vaidika slaps Prachi for being inconsiderate, she wonders what kind of a mother Prachi will be. Prachi says she has to earn Puneesh’s love and respect. Prachi then pushes Vaidika out of her room, but Vaidika stays firm and says she is no more the weak Vaidika but the one Sahil always wished her to be.
A young girl Daisy comes to Nani asking about Usha. Nani asks if she appears to be Usha’s maid or any spy, she anyways invites her into the house to wait until Usha is home. She goes to get tea for Daisy, while Daisy finds some family photos of Sahil. Nani comes to the hall and tells her about her happy family, her son in law Sahil and grandchild Ved. Daisy recognizes Sahil as Jacky instead. Usha comes inside right then and hurries Daisy outside.

In the dance bar, Sahil was drunk badly. He prays he is able to find Ved, only then he can accomplish his goals. He does not want to be a part of the family tensions between Agarwals. Some goons come looking for Sahil.
Puneesh tells Bari Amma that soon her house will be auctioned. The business auctioneer are here. He twists Bari Amma’s arms as she resists. Vaidika comes to support Bari Amma, who still cursed Vaidika in her worry about losing everything. Bari Amma walks away, Puneesh shows his pity for Vaidika and allows her to even slap him; he is already leaving for abroad along with his young wife. He had already realized Vaidika was mindful and would really try to take some action against him, he then decided to auction all the empire. There will be nothing to lose and gain then, within next two hours.
Vaidika replies she won’t allow Puneesh all what’s her and Sahil’s right. He must wait for next two years, and he would know what she is capable of doing.

Vaidika drove the car in dark, looking for Sahil as he hadn’t returned. There, Jacky ran away from the goons following him. He fights the goons who fled, he was badly drunk and finds a water cooler to wash his face. Vaidika reach behind him and asks what he is doing here. She says it’s the stay order they need to stop Puneesh, he is auctioning their property. Jacky stares at Vaidika, then sign the papers. She notices he had written Jackie Kumar on the papers. She comes to question Sahil if he has gone insane? Or is it some joke? The goons return to charge on Jacky, he boasts himself to be Jackie Kumar and warns them to stay away from him. Vaidika stood in a corner, stunned. Jackie beats the goons badly. Vaidika asks if he isn’t Sahil, and is Jackie. He counters if Vaidika wants an announcement across the world? Vaidika drops the stay order, and cries out of worry for her real Sahil. She turns to face a nearby temple, then runs towards it in distress. She cries and demands the God for a signal that her Sahil is alive, and she will find him anywhere. She was determined and rings the bell of temple, not ready to accept defeat. She was determined to continue until she gets her replies. Soon, Vaidika’s bangles break in her arms, her mangal sooter slipping off her neck; visuals of Sahil falling off the cliff flash in Vaidika’s eyes. She sits behind with a wall of temple and cries for Sahil. She holds herself responsible for losing her love, she wish she had accepted Sahil’s hand the very first day. She regrets not telling Sahil how much she loved him, but she couldn’t understand the depth of his love. She lost everything she got, from the fear of society, people and even her inner-self. She regrets not looking into the true inner love prevailing in his eyes the day he came to be her tenant, she regrets not accepting his wedding proposal the very first time, she regrets that his family couldn’t understand their love. She regrets not stepping a single foot towards his love. The word “Sadika”, once written by Sahil on a wall of temple was there, Vaidika recalls how Sahil promised to always be with her.

Jackie came behind Vaidika. Vaidika comes to slap him hard. She asks how dare he tried to be Sahil, enter her house and do all this. She recognizes he is some Jackie! Jackie tells Vaidika he never claimed to be Sahil, he met her in a fair and herself came to hug him there. He is a decent man, and now feels really light hearted. He is also fed up of acting like Sahil, he suggests about sitting together and plan things out.

Vaidika forbids him even show his face again. He is only a look alike of Sahil, his soul can never be what Sahil’s had been. Now, she will only do what Sahil would have done in her situation.

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