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Age is Just a Number 17 October 2020: Update on Age is Just a Number thursday 17th October 2020, Aarya says this is now Asthana Mansion and only Shirtij and Aarya Asthana are the new owner of this house. Nani says this Shirtij is illegitimate son of Bari Amma and she turned to be the sister in law of her mother. Vaidika tells Aarya that she is on the wrong, why she doesn’t trust her mother and believe the actual murderer of her Guddu. She is her mother and can’t let her select the wrong path; she can still leave this betrayer. It’s still not late, she must remove this mangal sooter. Aarya holds Vaidika’s hand and warns her to say a single word against her husband. Like Vaidika, she holds her husband extremely dear. And Shirtij is the elder son of this house, and she is the elder daughter in law of the house; implying she is Vaidika Agarwal’s elder sister in law (Jaithani). Won’t she welcome her Jaithani now with the aarti thaal, and traditionally, she and her husband must bend and touch her feet as well. Vaidika was shocked to hear her demand.

Puneesh enjoys the drama. Sahil convince Aarya that she is angry with him its fine, but Vaidika loves her what’s the problem with her, why trust Ghungru and not Vaidika. Aarya forbids Sahil Agarwal give her any undesired lecture. Her mother has already died, and she left her father in her childhood; Sahil is the ex-owner of this house and she and Vaidika are now sisters in law only. She wasn’t even ready to listen to Nani and asks Vaidika to touch her feet; she will do it tomorrow and will soon get used to it. Vaidika loses her balance, Sahil holds her. Neelam now intervenes that it’s a tradition in Asthana family that the young ones touch feet of elders. She takes Aarya and Shirtij outside the door and asks Vaidika to welcome Aarya. Vaidika thinks she must do all this unwillingly. Sahil thinks he must save Aarya from this Shirtij, he can’t let Aarya get hurt anyway. Vaidika speaks to Shirtij she knows he has controlled her daughter, else she couldn’t ever hate her. She moves Aarya’s shoulder and requests her to say this is a lie, and that she hasn’t married this man. Aarya at once comes to realization, notices her dress and asks Vaidika what this all is. She was tensed and asks Vaidika what this all is. Vaidika gets back from her daydream, Aarya stood confronting her and asks why her hands still tremble. Sahil holds Vaidika’s hand as they perform the aarti of Aarya and Shirtij. Vaidika turns to leave after the tillak but Aarya asks them to touch their feet. Vaidika and Sahil were half bent when Aarya push the pot filled with rice over. She thinks this is the beginning. She swears the Guddu’s blood, she will turn their hell. Aarya says it’s extremely important to respect the elders in this house, else they can all leave. Shirtij takes Aarya’s hand and heads inside.

Bari Amma stops Shirtij and requests to hug her, his Mausi intrigued him against her else she always remembered him. Vaidika cried for her daughter Aarya. Sahil hugs and consoles Vaidika that everything will be fine.
In the room, Puneesh was relieved that he can now live in his own house. Prachi wonders where this new brother came from. Puneesh says this is all because of her Bari Amma, she seems to be a colorful personality in her youth; and Prachi always doubts his character. Prachi warns him not to get any chance with Shruti or Aarya still. Puneesh says he has no time, as he is busy planning future. Shirtij holds enmity with Sahil and Vaidika, and Puneesh Tiwari will get the victory. He will ignite the fire, and wait for the results.

Aarya cries watching her and recalling his promises to her. Shirtij comes there. She wipes her tears at once. He says he has been a victim of this family’s crimes. Aarya says he told her how Sahil killed his father and Bari Amma kept his body hidden behind the wall. Sahil Agarwal killed her Guddu. Now she wants to inflict such a pain that his life is turned to hell. Shirtij says thankfully Guddu sent her this video message, else this family would have told her such stories that they would all have suspected him (Shirtij). He wonders why Vaidika can’t see her daughter’s pain in front of her young husband. He says this is a marriage by name only, but he promises to always protect her. Shirtij promises Aarya that they will revenge this family, of her husband and his father’s death. Aarya promises to be with him. Shirtij smirks. Aarya goes inside. Shirtij thinks love is blind and crazy, Aarya is crazy in Guddu’s love; no tool is stronger than emotions. He will soon ruin the rein the Bimla Agarwal.

Vaidika cried in the lawn crying for Aarya. Sahil comes to hug her from behind and promises that they will pull their Aarya up from all these problems. He regrets not trusting her from the beginning that Ghungru/ Shirtij wasn’t a nice guy. Vaidika says since Aarya left her father, she always tried to protect her from all the problems. And now Aarya faces one after the other problem, and she is helpless. Sahil promises to do anything but save their daughter. They hug each other. Shirtij comes there. He asks their attention, then says at least now he doesn’t have to act like mad. And now they have double relations with Vaidika, he is her son in law, and brother in law both. He recalls another tradition post marriage; to decorate wedding bed for him and Aarya. Vaidika blames that he misguided Aarya. They didn’t tell Aarya about Guddu before reaching India, and he took advantage of it. She doesn’t consider Shirtij’s marriage with him as true, it’s a propaganda. Shirtij says this propaganda will be made true after tonight, as it’s the wedding night.
Aarya was in the room when Shirtij brings two glass of milk for them. She was intrigued by his act.

Vaidika was tensed and wonders what will happen to her daughter now. They are well aware of Shirtij’s capabilities of hypnosis. Sahil asserts Aarya is his daughter as well, he can’t see her tensed as well. He promises Aarya will be fine, and they will resolve the matter.
Shirtij says whatever happening here is strange, but they must stay here as normal couple but her parents would doubt them. Aarya takes her pillow and leaves. Her pallu was pulled from behind. She turns around but the pally was stuck in the bed post. Relieved, she pulls her dress off. Shirtij thinks Aarya will do a lot along with him, and he will get it done so consciously that she won’t be able to doubt him. Vaidika and Sahil’s daughter had to be sacrificed in order to destroy Vaidika and Sahil.
There, Vaidika assures Sahil she believes he won’t let any harm near her Aarya.

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