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Age is Just a Number 20 August 2020: Age is Just a Number update thursday 20th August 2020, Nisha watch Sahil and Vaidika thinking there is a drama in the house each day. Vaidika goes to wash her hands. Nisha plays music for dancing while Vaidika goes to wash her hand. Nisha works with her black magic that affects Bhoomi and Vaidika. Bhoomi comes down the stage to Vaidika. The lights of the hall goes off at once. Vaidika begins the dance in spotlight, Bhoomi accompanies her. Everyone was taken aback at their act. Nisha comes to the hall clapping for sisters.

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In the room, Bhoomi was ready in bridal attire. Vaidika comes to the room and says her wedding can’t be complete without her own family. She came over as her elder sister and even brought a gift for her. She drapes Bhoomi in her bridal dupatta. She explains to Bhoomi that she had reasons for what she did, fatefully she couldn’t prove anything in her favor. But she has no hard feelings for Bhoomi. Bhoomi hugs Vaidika and requests her to take her downstairs.
Sahil sat in the mandap thinking about Bhoomi. Vaidika brings Bhoomi to the stage, Sahil forwards his hand for Bhoomi. Bari Amma asks Vaidika to do the Gadh Bandhan. The couple was asked to stand for wedding vows. Bhoomi announces that today she has written her own vows. She holds Sahil’s hand and says, ‘We were friends first, then spouses; I wish to tell you that being his wife was my biggest blessing, I love you dearly and will confront any situation for his and Ved’s protection, she will spend her life as his wife and lover fulfilling every promise of their wedding.’ Ved who was enjoyed throwing flowers over the couple feels dizzy and fell on the floor unconscious. Vaidika runs towards him from behind the stage. Everyone gets attentive towards him, Sahil breaks their Gadh Bandhan knot and runs to Ved.

Later, Vaidika and Bhoomi sat with Ved. The doctor gets the report on his phone and suggests there is lymphoma indication in his report, he might suffer from cancer. Sahil grabs the collar. Vaidika wasn’t ready to accept this and suggests about a second opinion. Everyone was upset. Nani curses Bari Amma that this is a punishment for their acts, they kept Ved away from his mother since a young age. Prachi claims Vaidika must have fed something to Ved. Nani shouts at her to shut up, she is infertile herself. Aarya now interferes and forbids anyone to blame her mother again. She claims that no one can be like Vaidika, she will surely get her love and Ved.
In the room, Vaidika, Bhoomi and Sahil sat with Ved. Bari Amma asks about the specialist’s opinion. Bhoomi cries badly. Sahil says specialist was of the same opinion that Ved has cancer. Bari Amma says she will get Ved treated from the most able doctor. Ved opens his eyes and asks what happened. Vaidika says nothing happened to Ved, he just fall off while playing. Ved is strong like a Superman, but he needs some rest now else his super powers might weaken. He must now sleep. Ved smiles and fell asleep contently.

Vaidika had remained composed in the room in front of Ved. She comes running outside into the corridor and cries for Ved. She fells unconscious and was about to fall off the stairs. Sahil saves her from behind, pulling her to a hug. Vaidika cries asking if Ved would be fine? Sahil asks her to be strong, she can’t break at this time. He promises that they won’t let any harm to Ved. Bhoomi comes there. She tells Vaidika to go home and take some rest, they are here for Ved. Vaidika denies leaving Ved alone. Sahil stops Bhoomi and requests her to understand that it’s a crucial time for both Ved and Vaidika.
Aarya cries hugging Tushar and thanks him for coming over to meet her. There are so many problems her family is suffering from. Prachi had come outside with food for Tushar. She hears him console Aarya and opens the door. Tushar pleasantly accepts the food. Prachi asks if there was someone in the room, as she heard him talking. He explains it was some friend facing family problems.

Aarya and Sahil come to the hall. Vaidika sat in front of temple, her hand over the flame. Aarya withdraws her hand forcefully from over the flame, she requests her to eat some food. Vaidika denies as she has no hunger. Sahil also requests Vaidika to take care of herself, only then she can support Ved. Sahil qualifies that it implements over Sahil as well. Aarya decides to feed them both with her own hands this time.
Bari Amma kept a pooja for Ved’s health. Nani asks which mother should sit for Ved. The one who borne him, or the one who brought him up? Pandit ji says the one who gave birth to him. Bhoomi argues that she didn’t give birth to Ved, but she took care of him as a real mother. Vaidika doesn’t know anything about him and questions when did Ved begin to crawl, or when he lost his first teeth? She has a complete right over Ved and will sit in the pooja for him. Sahil requests the Pandit to let both mothers sit in the pooja. Pandit ji says we have to abide by the rules during Pooja, only the real mother should sit in Pooja. Vaidika walks to Bhoomi and requests her to understand the situation, she doesn’t want to take Bhoomi’s place at all. Pandit ji asks Vaidika to take her place, then calls the father. Bari Amma asks him to let Sahil sit for the pooja as he brought him up. Vaidika wish to tell Sahil that he is Ved’s real father. Bhoomi thinks Vaidika can’t be the real mother of Ved by sitting in the pooja only. Within these 9 days of Pooja’s completion everyone will know who the real mother is.

The doctor checks upon Ved. He was asleep. The doctor instructs them to take care of him, they shouldn’t share with him about his ailment. Both Bhoomi and Vaidika at once assures they will. Bari Amma advices Sahil and Bhoomi to take care of Ved. Nani qualifies that Vaidika began the Navratri Pooja for Ved’s health, she will do anything for him.
In the hall, Bhoomi brings a reknown Pandit ji home and tells Bari Amma he claims that if someone follows his testimonies gets his desired wish. Nani compels Vaidika to do as whatever she can. The Pandit says the mother must stand over burning coals and repeat his said verses for 11000 times. Sahil forbids Bhoomi to suffer all this. Nani provokes Vaidika but she wasn’t ready to compete. The Pandit says their child is lucky to have two mothers, this will double the effects of testimony. Bhoomi and Vaidika walk over the burning coals and stand on single feet.

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