Age is Just a Number update thursday 25th June 2020; Age is Just a Number update thursday 25 June 2020 on zee world, In the hospital, Nidhi asks if they liked her acting skills. She wasn’t at all hurt. Bari Amma slaps Nidhi and says she knew well Nidhi was only acting. Nidhi explains she wanted to help Sahil bring back home. She mixed medicine in Sahil’s food and convinced him about a relation between them. He got furious and this happened. Bari Amma was angry at Nidhi, she tells her to do what she is asked to. She also clarifies that only she and Sahil know there is no relation between them.

Age is Just a Number update thursday 25 June 2020 zee world At home, Aarya was upset about Nidhi’s lies. Nani wonders how they would get Sahil out of jail. Vaidika says Panday also witnessed against Sahil. Nani wonders when he gave his witness, police didn’t come here. Vaidika says she now understands, Panday must have gone to police station by himself.
At Agarwal house everyone tries to feed Anjana. She was crying for Sahil. Deepak comes there questions Gauri where she had been. Prachi scolds him for not sensing the tension, they suggest Anjana to keep a pooja for Sahil. Puneesh comes there agreeing and suggests about a Pandit for pooja. Panday was happy to be able to speak to Bari Amma and help her. He says he enjoys teasing Vaidika a lot. There, Vaidika gained courage and walked towards Panday’s house, ringing the bell of his door.

Age is Just a Number update thursday 25th June 2020 zee world Bari Amma was happy that her game is going well. There, Panday will indulge Vaidika and Nidhi’s mother will play her game. Panday watched Vaidika from the balcony. Later inside, he ate grapes on a couch while Vaidika stood inside. Panday says Vaidika had wanted Sahil to get away from her house and life, he made her work easy. He is trying to understand the matter, why she wants him to change his verdict. Vaidika requests him to save that innocent boy for jail. He is aware Sahil is innocent, and it was only a spousal argument. Vaidika questions if he really enjoys hurting an innocent, he is an inhumane person. She demands him to be trustworthy once and take his false witness back. Panday instead flirts with Vaidika. Vaidika finally joins her hands to request Panday but he wasn’t ready to do this. In the jail, Nidhi’s mother came to meet Sahil. She assures Sahil that everything will get better. Sahil demands her what she wants from him right now. Nidhi’s mother says she wish the best for Sahil, her daughter’s wellbeing is connected to Sahil. They wish he returns home soon. Sahil says he is already in jail, why not suffocate her to death right now? He tells her to get lost, for not showing up again.

Panday demands Vaidika a cost for withdrawing his witness against Sahil. He asks her to present a dance performance for him, the way she danced in the competition. Vaidika furiously asks how dare he? Panday says he and a few of his friends would be here tonight, if she can entertain them. Vaidika walks out of Panday’s house haunted by Panday’s demand. Aarya comes to her and asks to go to jail to meet Sahil. Vaidika wasn’t ready to take Aarya there.

Lies of the heart update saturday 20 June 2020 on zee world

In the police station, Sahil was shocked to see Vaidika and Aarya walk towards him and stands up at once. He greets Aarya and cheerfully tells her that he is fine. Aarya watches bruises over Sahil’s body. Sahil says no one can beat him, he can return it back. He tells Vaidika nothing hurts him until she stands with him. Aarya confirms if they will save Sahil the way he always does? Vaidika didn’t respond.

Age is Just a Number 25 June 2020 zee world Bari Amma speaks to Puneesh in the room that she is using Panday in her mission, but Sahil must stay behind the bars until he is stubborn. Anjana drops a tray off her hand at the door, and questions Bari Amma why she did all this. Vaidika walks towards Panday’s house thinking there is no other way to get Sahil released from jail. It was evening and dark, Sahil wakes up in jail due to stormy weather. Anjana asks if Bari Amma doesn’t feel for Sahil at all. Bari Amma questions if Anjana wants to marry Sahil to that Vaidika otherwise.

Age is Just a Number thursday update 25 June 2020 zee world Vaidika enters Panday’s house. He throws a pair of anklet near her feet, they taunt her to pick them up; it’s not the first time for her. He then picks them for her and hands her a dress and set of anklet to go and wear them. In the lockup, Sahil was restless and sense Vaidika is in some kind of danger. Bari Amma comes to meet Sahil. He was furious and questions why she came here. Bari Amma was sympathetic and asks if he isn’t ready to accept Nidhi’s mother’s offer. This is the only way to get released, why rot in this lock up. Sahil tells her to go and ask Nidhi’s mother for all the replies. Bari Amma intrigues Sahil to consider about Shruti as well, who would marry her if Sahil continues this all. And Vaidika and the whole family would suffer if someone proves.

Vaidika cried in the room with the dress and jewelry in hand. She was upset about the disgrace she had to bear.
Bari Amma leaves, Sahil decides to break the jail and go to save Vaidika. There, Vaidika comes outside into the hall where Panday and fellows had been waiting. Sahil clutched the neck of jail inspector and shouts at him to unlock the door, else he would kill him. The inspector allows a release of Sahil. He tries to run out but was taken inside once again. The inspector asks for a glass of water from his sub, Sahil regrets into the jail.

Age is Just a Number 25 June 2020 update zee world Panday and his fellows made fun of Vaidika. He says if Vaidika wants to save Sahil she must dance, else Sahil would have to pay for the crime he never committed. He had seen clearly Nidhi fell off the stairs by herself, Sahil didn’t push her. He would only speak this truth in front of police if Vaidika dances for them. Vaidika clutched a knife at behind her back, tightens her grip and walks closer to Panday. They music had been played. Panday stands up to dance with Vaidika out of excitement. Vaidika slaps Panday twice. He clutches Vaidika’s neck but Karan, Nani and Aarya break in. Vaidika shows Panday a camera hidden in the anklets she wore; it was just to save Sahil. Karan placed it in the anklet.

Age is Just a Number 25th June 2020 zee worldAarya and Nani beat Panday with broomsticks they held in hands. Nani clutches Panday’s collar and slaps her. His wig fell off his hand, everyone mocked him for being bald. Panday joins hands to apologize Vaidika. Vaidika calls him inhumane, and disgraceful to a girl. She deters to disgrace him in whole city now. Panday was ashamed. Vaidika takes him to get Sahil released from jail.
In the jail, Bari Amma, Puneesh and Anjana were in police station. The inspector complains to family about Sahil’s behaviors. Anjana calls Sahil a criminal after doing all what he has. Vaidika questions Anjana how she can call her son a criminal, what others would believe if a mother starts blaming her son. It will now be proven that Sahil isn’t wrong. She brought a proof of his innocence.

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