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Age is Just a Number 1 October 2020: Update on Age is Just a Number Tuesday 1st October 2020, Pankti stood on the road side tensed as she couldn’t get any room on rent. She can’t get a visa and leave the city in the span of one day. A activist ladies nearby discuss that Bari Amma doesn’t want this girl to stay alive. They must burn her with this hot oil. A few ladies hold Pankti while one of them approach to throw boiling oil over Pankti. Sahil dragged her aside. The activist shouts that this girl is ruining a married family. Sahil warns the ladies to stay out of their personal matter, else he might send them to jail. The ladies leave. Sahil scolds Pankti for leaving home without his permission, it’s not save for her outside. Usha stood in a corner of the road and thinks she now knows how to further fuel this matter.

Age is Just a Number update Tuesday 1 October 2020: Sahil comes home with Pankti. He tells Bari Amma he is aware she was behind all this, and why she did all this. She wants Vaidika and her grandchildren back home. She was already tortured by her beast like father. Sahil and Vaidika tried to help her, and the society has no right to blame any girl for ill character. Nani warns that Sahil and Vaidika’s marriage might break only because of this girl. Vaidika is extremely determined, and won’t return after she had seen them together that way. Bari Amma asks Sahil how he can put his life, his love, marriage and children on stake, only for this stranger girl. Sahil claims their love isn’t as weak as to get defeated in hands of a misunderstanding. He won Vaidika’s love for once, and he will win it again. He will be the Sahil Vaidika was always proud of, he also promises to bring her and his children back. He can go to any extent to bring his wife back. But also wants to be a role model for his kids. He leaves Agarwal house saying it’s going to be the biggest miracle of Sahil and Vaidika’s life.

Age is Just a Number update Tuesday 1 October 2020: Vaidika comes out of the kitchen and watches Sahil hold a card board “Vaidika Ji, Please Come Back in My Life”. Vaidika hide herself behind a wall and was disturbed by their love story. She comes inside where Ved played with the baby. She feeds Ved with her own hands.
Sahil keeps on standing at the gate of the house. Vaidika turns to light off and sings a lullaby for Ved. Sahil shivered in cold outside the house. Vaidika cries sitting in the dark.
The next morning, Vaidika opens the window looking for Sahil. She was relieved that Sahil wasn’t here all night. She comes to the temple corner in her house. The matchstick doesn’t lit. Vaidika was tensed. She hurries to open the main gate. There was a crowd of neighbors, Sahil lay on the floor. Vaidika sits beside him crying, she shouts at Aarya to call the ambulance. Guddu comes to help and suggests about taking him to hospital in his Taxi. Vaidika leaves Aarya to take care of kids and hurries to hospital.
In the hospital, the doctor says its appendicitis symptoms. Stress mostly elevates the appendix pain and symptoms. They prepare for Sahil’s operation. Sahil weakly calls Vaidika’s name. Vaidika was emotional and cries holding her manga sooter and caressing Sahil’s head. A nurse comes there and sends Vaidika outside.

Age is Just a Number Tuesday update 1 October 2020: Vaidika prays for Sahil’s life. She cries there that she can’t hope for any major change between their tensions but she wants no harm for Sahil. Maya comes to Vaidika in the hospital. Vaidika sobs hugging Maya. Maya asks if Vaidika can stay away from Sahil forever. No matter what Vaidika’s decision is, she is with her. Still she wants one reply, if Sahil can truly do so. Vaidika says she herself has seen them together and then he accepted in front of all the reporters. Maya argues that Sahil won’t stay silent. It’s a minor operation today, what if there is a major one. The nurse comes to inform them that operation was successful, but for next few days they must care for his meals.

Vaidika nods at the nurse’s instructions but later cries.
Aarya was in the hospital and wish Nani can take care of both Ved and Prince. She at once gets dizzy but Guddu comes to hold her in support. Aarya was angry and turns to leave. Guddu leaves instead but returns with tea and cookies for her and says he knows it soothes her stress. And the cookies are also her favorite.

Age is Just a Number 1 October 2020: Vaidika recalls doctors wanted her to take care of Sahil. She thinks she has seen a truth, how can she ignore this. Vaidika brings Sahil home. She tells everyone that Sahil fell unconscious, and had a minor operation. There are stitches but he will be fine. She hands the file to Pankti. Bari Amma tells Vaidika it’s her house, not Pankti’s. And it’s their right to live with their grandchildren as well. Vaidika says she can’t live here anymore. Sahil also comes to Vaidika and tries to stop her, Vaidika doesn’t stay and leaves. Bari Amma snatches the file from Pankti’s hand. Bari Amma could sense a dark future for Agarwal family.
Vaidika returns home. The police comes to arrest Vaidika as she attempted to burn Pankti using burning oil. Pankti’s mother was with them and accuses Vaidika. Vaidika argues that they must bring Pankti for witness. Pankti’s mother says Pankti has been blackmailed already and won’t speak against Vaidika. They had brought two fake witness along with them. The police takes Vaidika. Reporters ask bitter questions from Vaidika outside the police station. Usha appears from behind and smirks that she made Pankti’s mother play her cards.
Vaidika was sent into the lockup.

At Agarwal house, Sahil felt bad for Vaidika. Deepak comes to play the news on television against Vaidika. Sahil’s stitches were painful, still he walks outside to save Vaidika. Bari Amma thinks she will surely have to do something about Pankti and her mother. Pankti’s mother comes inside and says Vaidika is suffering what Bari Amma planned for Pankti. And now she will also get Pankti’s right from Bari Amma as Sahil slept with her.

Age is Just a Number 1 October 2020 zee world: Sahil comes to the jail and finds Aarya with the baby. The lady inspector blames Sahil for sleeping with his second wife, else Vaidika must never had done so. Sahil challenges that within next two hours he will prove Sahil to be innocent. Aarya comes home where Guddu was playing with Ved. Nani comes from behind and says Guddu is a really nice guy, she will regret the day he leaves her. Ved runs to Aarya and says he loves Guddu as he played with him. Guddu explains to Aarya that Nani left him with Ved as she had to go grocery.

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