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Age is Just a Number 15 October 2020: Update on Age is Just a Number Tuesday 15th October 2020, Police arrives at Guddu’s place. They find Sahil with the blo*dy dagger while Guddu lay under him, dead. They order Sahil’s arrest. Sahil asks the police to call an ambulance. He explains he went outside to check the lights, Guddu was dead here. He convince the inspector to call the ambulance, he is his daughter’s husband. The inspector calls police headquarter.

Ghungru watches the police carry the dead body. He says it was important for Guddu to die, he had recognized him. Now, Sahil will be blamed for Guddu’s death. This will bring a difference in Sahil and Vaidika’s relationship.
The lady inspector tells Vaidika that Sahil murdered Guddu and is in jail. It takes the family sometime to realize what was being said. Nani comes to Vaidika crying and hugs her. Vaidika loses her balance and was about to fell down. Bari Amma says Sahil can’t do so. Vaidika mourns sitting on the floor, she cries that Sahil can’t do so. She was sure Sahil can’t take someone’s life. She convince the police inspector that Sahil can’t do so. The lady inspector says as per proves, Sahil killed her daughter’s husband. Sahil will be kept in jail till investigations are complete. Nani cries that Aarya is soon to return, Vaidika’s husband turned her daughter. What will she do? Vaidika cried. Vaidika was sure Sahil loves his kids, it is surely a planning against Sahil. She asks where Sahil is, she needs to save him. No one can part Sahil and Vaidika.

In the jail, Sahil shouts that he isn’t a murderer and didn’t kill Guddu. Vaidika comes to the jail and hugs him. Sahil says he didn’t kill Guddu, he can never do this to Aarya. Vaidika promises she will take Sahil outside. They wonder who could do this to Guddu. The lady inspector pulls Vaidika from behind and says her husband is accused of murder, she can’t meet him. She runs outside towards a temple. Her phone bell rings, it was Aarya. Vaidika doesn’t pick up the call. Aarya sends a voice message, that she is returning a day earlier to surprise Guddu. It’s her flight now. Vaidika reaches the temple and questions God why she always get in trouble. Aarya is too young, she has already faced a lot. She lost her father, then married that beast Puneesh and now this. What justice is this, she will now live the life of her mother. She turns around to see Ghungru standing behind her. Ghungru asks how much she will cry. God doesn’t have the answers to her questions, he does. He sent her son in law to God, and Sahil behind the bars. Vaidika was shocked to know. Ghungru asks if she thought he would leave so easily if they push him out of the house. Sahil snatched his father, his childhood, his happiness from him; he will now ruin this whole family and Sahil’s life. He can do anything for this purpose. Vaidika slaps Ghungru and says he made her 21 years old daughter a widow, her husband is behind bars now. This mother won’t forgive him now, she will now punish him. He will be finished soon. Ghungru wish her all the best, then leaves.
Vaidika gets a phone call and was shocked.

The ladies from neighborhood blame Sahil and came for gossiping. Bari Amma and Prachi shout at the ladies and tell them to leave. Nani comes outside and forbids Bari Amma curse her neighbors, Sahil ruined Aarya’s house. Bari Amma holds Vaidika responsible for all this. Vaidika brought them into this cheap house. Nani says Aarya will now suffer for whole of her life now. Prachi answers the door bell, it was a gift from Aarya for Guddu. It was a brand new bike.

Vaidika and family reach hospital where Sahil was admit. Vaidika was concerned if police did this. Sahil says he did this by himself, he wanted to speak to her. He wanted to know if Guddu had an enmity, or is it a trap. Vaidika says she knows who did this. Everyone stares Vaidika. Vaidika replies its Ghungru. Sahil at once realizes. Vaidika says Ghungru confessed this himself. She has no proof, but they will take help from police. Firstly, she wants Sahil out of jail. She can’t see him this way. Sahil was in some deep thought.
Neelam tells Ghungru she is extremely proud of him. Ghungru says Vaidika Agarwal would surely not sit silent. The next morning will bring a bad omen for her, he would snatch her husband from her. They turn to see Bari Amma pointing a gun towards them. She asks if Ghungru wants to kill Sahil, he is her pride and she can’t see him hurt. She curses that Neelam spoilt the peace of her family, now she will treat them the way they deserve. Vaidika reach there and tries to stop Bari Amma from such a step.

Bari Amma says it’s because of this Ghungru that her Sahil has been accused of murder. Bari Amma pulls the trigger. Ghungru’s body fell into the lake down the cliff. Neelam screams for Ghungru, and tells Bari Amma she killed her own son in order to protect Sahil. He was Shankar and Bimla’s illegitimate son, her own blood. He was taken away from the hospital. Bari Amma now mourns and regrets killing her own son. She wonders why she couldn’t recognize him and hug him though he was so close to her. Vaidika tries to console Bari Amma, but Bari Amma holds Vaidika responsible for all this. She wanted to know the secret of 333. Neelam asserts it’s a result of her actions. She married a rich man and was recognized well, still she stole her husband, gave birth to his child, then kept him as a servant; she killed him when he demanded his own right. This should have happened to her. Bari Amma blames that she always held herself responsible that her son died because of her irresponsibility. Neelam stole her son, then filled her mind with such hatred that he was against his family. Neelam was happy that her revenge was complete today. Vaidika tells Neelam to at least feel bad for the son he brought up all her life. Neelam says the game was started by Bari Amma, but it was finished by her and Shirtij (Ghungru’s name). Bari Amma holds a gun against Neelam. The police arrive to arrest Bari Amma for murder of Azaad Parinda, named Krish Asthav. Vaidika wonders how police reached here. Bari Amma was handcuffed while Vaidika and Neelam were taken for witness. Prithvi smirked and enjoyed watching all the scene.
The neighbors threw rotten egg and tomatoes into Vaidika’s house.

Nani comes outside with joint hands. The neighbors didn’t want Sahil Agarwal and Bimla Agarwal into their neighborhood, they are murderer. Vaidika comes with Sahil. Deepak tells Shruti that it seems Sahil is out, Vaidika must have worked hard to get him out. Vaidika speaks to the neighbors that they must stand with them at the difficult time. Sahil has been released, and they will find out who killed Guddu. She lost her young son in law, her Aarya is a widow. The neighbors claim Vaidika has been blinded in Sahil’s love. They themselves have seen Sahil kill Guddu. They were aggressive and tell them to leave their neighborhood. Sahil now claps and appreciates their educated masses. He says until there is a proof, a person isn’t a criminal. He makes it easier for them and punishes himself. Sahil says if anyone finds a proof against him, he will himself leave this neighborhood, this city, this society and the world. He requests everyone to leave if they can’t support their neighbor in bad times. The neighbors leave. Sahil takes Vaidika inside.
At home, Sahil felt uncomfortable. He cries and wonders how this can happen. He hugs Vaidika and says Bari Amma’s son is like his brother; and he killed Aarya’s Guddu. Aarya might be here anytime. How they will face her.

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