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Age is Just a Number 18 August 2020: Age is Just a Number update tuesday 18th August 2020, Vaidika hugs Sahil from behind. Sahil warns Vaidika that she doesn’t seem to be in her senses. Nisha’s eyes flamed as she did black magic. Bhoomi comes to the room and blames Vaidika for an attempt to trap Sahil. Vaidika comes to realization at once, but denies the accusations. The family gather there. Bhoomi complains to Bari Amma about Vaidika. Ved and Sadika come there and asks if there is some policing game going on, they are all shouting here. Bhoomi takes Ved to their room.

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In the hall, Vaidika and Bhoomi try to feed Ved and Sadika respectively. The kids were playing instead. Ved at once feels dizzy and fell on the floor. Vaidika and Bhoomi run to him, Bhoomi jerks Vaidika’s hand off Ved. Ved opens his eyes weakly and says his vision blackened. Vaidika says Ved is a brave child. She tells Ved to go to room with Bhoomi and take rest. Ved asks Bhoomi to take him to room as per Vaidika aunty’s wish. Aarya consoles Vaidika afterwards. It was night, Bhoomi and Ved were sleeping together. Sahil comes to the room drunk, then goes to the other room. He curses himself for not being able to control his feelings, Vaidika ruined his life but still hating her has been so difficult. He wants to hate her anyway.

Puneesh comes to Bari Amma who scolds him for being useless. She tells Puneesh to catch Vaidika red handed this time, she wonders what Vaidika up to is. She attempted to prove her as crazy. She thinks Vaidika can do anything but can never prove her mad.
In the room, Vaidika fills an injection and thinks that this time she will do what Bari Amma must not have thought.
Puneesh decides to guard Bari Amma’s room.
At night, Puneesh sat in the hall. Vaidika stood upstairs and notices that Bari Amma had appointed her pet dog. She prays for help from God. Puneesh feels sleepy, the battery of his phone was also dead. He decides to leave. Vaidika was thankful to God.
Puneesh was in the bar corner. Vaidika makes a fake call on the phone to indulge Puneesh and takes a chance to mix something in his drink. She thinks Puneesh must be a part of Bari Amma’s sufferings, after supporting her in her sins. Puneesh gulps the shot of drink and fell faint in the chair. Vaidika heads to Bari Amma.

Vaidika comes to Bari Amma who had been tied to a chair, she does her odd makeup and takes her to hall where she is compelled to dance on the couch. The Agarwal family comes to the hall, they turn the lights on and stops Bari Amma. She was half conscious and insisted that she wants to dance. Nisha enjoys the scene and wonders what’s going on. Sahil throw a glass of water on her face. Bari Amma blames Vaidika. Sahil doesn’t trust her repeated accusation. She comes to Puneesh and asks if he was outside her room, did he see Vaidika. Puneesh replies he didn’t see anything. Deepak was doubtful of Bari Amma’s psyche. They must consult psychiatrist. Nani insists on Bari Amma that she has gone crazy and always blames Vaidika out of hatred. Bari Amma insists that she is fine. She at once spots a piece of Vaidika’s saree on her dress.

Sahil now calls Vaidika’s name aloud. Vaidika appears from behind the wall. Prachi checks for any torn corner in Vaidika’s saree, but there was no place where the dress was torn. Vaidika asks her to recheck again, she is always brought for insult in this house. Prachi announce that this cloth piece doesn’t belong to her. Vaidika remember she had changed into a duplicate saree she got for Aarya. Bari Amma clutches Vaidika’s neck, blaming her to be a liar. She questions if Sahil would blame her today, she was the one who taught him to walk. She now grabs Puneesh’s collar and asks why he is lying? Puneesh says he might have slept while guarding outside her room. Bari Amma slaps Puneesh. She claims Puneesh to be a friend to none. Prachi comes in her husband’s defense, claiming they are in the house for Bari Amma’s support. Nani says Bari Amma has really got crazy. Bari Amma clutches Nani’s collar. The staff from mental asylum was there. Sahil hugs Bari Amma requesting her to cooperate. The doctor suggests the family that they must admit Bari Amma to mental asylum, she is a victim of mental stress and depression and needs to stay under observation for a few days. Sahil allows the doctor to take Bari Amma, she is mentally ill and needs recovery. Vaidika thinks she never like treating her this way but Bari Amma had reached to the limits of crime. She had to be countered.

The next morning, Maya comes to Agarwal house. Sahil was advising Ved and Sadika to be friends and not to fight each other. He demands a kiss from them thrice. The kids then run away playing again. Maya comes to Sahil and asks why he can’t get the lesson for himself as well. Sahil says Vaidika has broken his heart enough, he can’t bear any other loss. Ved is his son, thought Vaidika gave birth to him but he brought him up. Maya was about to tell Sahil about Ved’s reality, Vaidika interrupts her and takes her inside.
In the room, Vaidika asks if Maya is crazy. Does she realize what could happen this way? Maya says she wants to tell Sahil that Ved is not Yash’s son, but his. Sahil would leave his marriage and turn to love Vaidika again. Vaidika says he is her sister’s husband, she can’t break Bhoomi’s family. She tells Maya it’s not the Sahil who loved her whole heartedly, he has lost somewhere. Maya says he is heartbroken. Vaidika says she only needs to tell Sahil one truth, and if proven Sahil would himself give Ved to her. She requests for Maya’s help who assures her assistance.

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