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Age is Just a Number 22 October 2020: Update on Age is Just a Number Tuesday 22nd October 2020, Sahil makes announcement for a dance performance for Prachi. Some ladies in traditional dresses and veil performs on ‘Sola Singhar Kar ke Godi Bharai Ve’. Vaidika was under the veil of one of the ladies. Sahil joins the dancers. Later, he stood in a corner and intently watches the performance. He recalls he stood with Vaidika in the costume outside, and said it was a stupid idea of his but he is thankful that Vaidika came over. Vaidika thanks Sahil instead because she at least watched Aarya once. Sahil asks Vaidika who she is, how she can suffer so much for the family. He promises to remove all the problems from their ways soon. Vaidika assures they will be together forever. Vaidika takes a leave but Sahil holds her closer and thanks her for being in his life.

Bari Amma gifts an expensive necklace to Prachi. Suddenly the lights went off. Deepak goes to check the fault but the lights were soon on. Prachi cries as the necklace had vanished. Everyone was shocked, while Prachi and Puneesh panic. Puneesh announces every guest would be searched for. They spot a dancer leave the function, it was Vaidika under the veil. Puneesh stops her and inquires where she is headed to. Puneesh says only this dancer is an outsider. He says she can’t as well leave the function without a proper inspection. He asks the lady what she has hidden in her purse. Before he could grab it himself, Sahil holds Puneesh’s hand and tells him to behave well. He apologizes the dancer and requests her purse, it will show everyone she is innocent. Vaidika hands her purse to Sahil but Puneesh grabs it before him. He recalls having placed the necklace in the purse and now smirks as he finds it. Aarya utters this is the limit, she entered the house for dance performance and wanted a robbery. Sahil tells her to let it go, at least they found the necklace.

Aarya stops them, removes the veil to see Vaidika under it. She regrets for having parents like them, one is a murderer and other a thief. Shirtij says initially, Guddu’s murder, then lie about separation, and now Vaidika came over to rob for the necklace. How she even thought Aarya could forget Sahil is murderer of Aarya’s husband. Sahil grabs Shirtij’s collar, then tells Aarya he is still the same Sahil who could lose his life for her. She united them, but parted because of her. They want to show Aarya they can do anything to win her trust again. She is their life. He invited Vaidika because she is happy to see Vaidika, her mother is his life, his love, his soul mate and everything. If he was wrong in inviting her, what Aarya and Shirtij is doing isn’t right as well. Aarya didn’t want to hear anything else. She says they have only shown off motherhood, and love. Sahil questions Aarya if she says so, she is life to Vaidika. Parents are badly hurt when kids leave them, and kills them inside out when their children hate them. Aarya was still stubborn, and calls Sahil a liar. She points towards the main door and tells Vaidika to leave her house forever. Vaidika leaves the house. Sahil tearfully says this was wrong.

Vaidika walks to her old house with a heavy heart. A man nearby drops an envelope of photos near Vaidika. Vaidika was shocked to see the pack and thinks this isn’t possible, it will bring much disgrace to them. She wonders what to do, and calls on Sahil’s number. Deepak receives the call on Sahil’s mobile. Deepak says Sahil left his cell phone. Vaidika tells the whole problem to Deepak. Deepak was left in shock while hearing this. She says she is coming back.

Shruti cries hugging Sahil and says she is innocent. The relatives blame Shruti’s character as her history has never been clear. Prachi smirks at the disgrace as the relatives were out of control and attacks Shruti to teach her a good lesson. They decide to get her hair removed. Vaidika comes from behind and protects Shruti by pushing everyone away. She wasn’t ready to let anyone disgrace or insult her sister in law. She regrets Bari Amma was silent for her own daughter, but she (Vaidika) will not let them hurt Shruti. The ladies weren’t afraid of Vaidika and attack Shruti once again. Deepak thinks Vaidika wished him to save Shruti, else her life might get ruined. Deepak comes in between, he holds Shruti’s hand and fills her hairline, to everyone’s shock. Shruti walks inside.

Prachi spots the prints of photographs on the floor. She remembers the photographer had only brought the soft copy but not the prints of the photos. She wonders where Vaidika got all these, what if she realizes these were made through computer. She goes to pick the envelope and wonders how Shruti and Deepak’s photos were found by Vaidika. She blames it must be Vaidika’s trap to disgrace Shruti. She blames Vaidika is used to living a lustful life now. Vaidika says she found these photos on the road, the man had already left. She spoke to Deepak on the phone. Deepak agrees. But Bari Amma wasn’t ready to believe them, and blames Vaidika did this only because of lust for money she is used to now. The relatives, Puneesh and everyone else blame Vaidika. Vaidika clarifies that she only wanted the wellbeing of this family. Sahil stops everyone, he says he fought his family and tried to live this strange love story with Vaidika; it now seems Vaidika must leave this house, for the peace of this house. Vaidika was shocked to hear. Sahil says Vaidika can’t live in this house anymore. It feels they must live away from each other and live happily. He tells her to leave forever. He didn’t want any arguments, and says he has only seen troubles, pains and problems in life since marriage. He can’t tolerate anything else now. He takes Vaidika by arm and takes her outside the house, shutting the door behind. Vaidika was in a state of shock and recollects the past they had together. Sahil was badly hurt.

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