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Age is Just a Number update tuesday 23 June 2020 on zee world, Sahil was at Vaidika’s house waiting for her. Nidhi comes inside speaking to Vaidika on phone, she was thankful Vaidika gave her a chance to be alone with Sahil. Sahil agrees to become Nidhi’s husband and celebrate with their friends, he asks Nidhi to cook as a good wife then.

Age is Just a Number 23rd June 2020 update At Agarwal house, everyone awaited Bari Amma’s idea for Sahil. Bari Amma comes to the room and says she would plan against Sahil and Vaidika’s relation this time, and win the game. Prachi says Sahil can go to any extent to get Vaidika. Bari Amma says this time Vaidika would throw Sahil out of her life and house both.

Age is Just a Number update tuesday 23 June 2020 on zee world Vaidika, Nani and Aarya were at Rahul’s place. Nani was complaining about the small size of the house. Vaidika gets a call from school that she must now pay full fees of Aarya as she no longer works here. Vaidika was worried about the expenses.
Sahil was partying with friends while Nidhi worked in the kitchen. Sahil teased her by his ever increasing demand list and tells her to hurry up. Nidhi was left messed up in the kitchen. Sahil tells Karan that Nidhi can never come equal to Vaidika. Nidhi finally calls Vaidika and asks her to come home soon, she needs her help. Vaidika takes a leave from Rahul, Rahul insists on her to stay for a while. Aarya was also excited to come with Vaidika. She convinces Vaidika that she thinks whatever Sahil is doing is right and wants to be with him this time.

Sahil mocked Nidhi’s cooked break and other cooked food. Nidhi throws the tray down on floor and shouts she would never cook for anyone. She is a wife not a maid, he must treat Vaidika as a maid. Sahil clutches her arm clarifying she dare not say a word to Vaidika. Nidhi says she is his wife, his family considers her as their daughter in law. Sahil tells Nidhi it’s important to be a wife before being a daughter in law. He tells her to leave the house. Nidhi turns to slap Sahil but Vaidika stops her arm. Sahil was happy to see her and introduces her as his wife. He greets Aarya and introduces her to all his friends.

Age is Just a Number update tuesday 23rd June 2020 on zee world Vaidika was cleaning the kitchen. Sahil insisted on her to leave it, he has ordered house cleaning through an app. Vaidika was annoyed for how he insulted her in competition, but he has crossed the limits. What would people call her without marriage, a second lady in Sahil’s life. Sahil insists there is a single woman in his life. He would soon turn her into his legal wife. Vaidika says she is already tensed about house expenses, and Aarya’s fees. He shouldn’t increase her tensions and leave.

The next morning, Vaidika asks Maya to search for a teacher’s job. Her students arrive to meet her. Vaidika was happy to see them. The kids request Vaidika to give them tuition classes as well. Sahil arrives with some other students, they tell Vaidika she is their best teacher and a guide to them. Vaidika asks to speak to Sahil, he obediently comes to listen to her. Vaidika scolds Sahil for bringing the children here without having informed their parents. Sahil presents the parents, they request Vaidika to charge them a fee and teach their kids as tutor. Vaidika happily nods towards Sahil, he gives the children time for next day. Vaidika thanks Sahil for solving a huge problem for her. Nidhi watched this from upstairs and calls Puneet.

Gangaa update Friday 19 June 2020 on zee world

Age is Just a Number update tuesday 23 June 2020 At night Vaidika was asleep. Sahil brings a foot crème to apply to her feet; promising to always take her away from every trouble until his heart beats. Vaidika wakes up out of shock. Sahil says when he was ill Vaidika took care of him, why different rules between husband and wife then. He decides to bring evolution in the world of husband’s, he will serve his wife, cook for her and press her clothes etc. He even updates his facebook about it.

In the morning, Shruti plays Sahil and Vaidika’s video on social media. Prachi shows it to Bari Amma, they were worried as the video was getting a huge number of likes from people. Puneet comes to tell Bari Amma about a game against Vaidika which he played.

Age is Just a Number 23rd June 2020 Vaidika was preparing for a class in her yard. A young man comes to her for admitting his son to her tuitions. The young man asks Vaidika to offer tuitions for elders as well. Nidhi enjoys watching Vaidika being harassed by the man sent by Puneet. Vaidika fumes over the man; he forcefully clutches her arm saying he feels love for her not shame. A lady brings her son along and comes out to be his wife. She physically harasses Vaidika calling her characterless. Other students also arrive with their parents. The couple wasn’t ready to get tuitions to their kids from such a character less lady, others also turns to leave. The man’s wife asks him to slap her twice on face first. He heads to Vaidika but Sahil comes there. Everyone blames Vaidika for physically assaulting the man, and questions who is Sahil to her? Sahil says she is his wife. Everyone there wonder how can they have a grownup daughter.

Age is Just a Number 23 June 2020 Sahil now beats the man badly. Nidhi brings a glass of water to Sahil but he throws it away. Nidhi apologizes the crowd from her husband’s side. People weren’t ready to get tuitions to their children from such characterless lady. Nidhi tries to take Sahil inside, but he jerks her hand away. He tells Vaidika no matter what she tells him, he will always fight for her. He is Aarya’s father and her husband, and will fight the one whoever fights against her. No one has the right to stop him. He won’t leave this place at any cost. Vaidika asks what about Nidhi. Sahil says there can never be a relation between them apart from friendship. He will soon get an annulment of the marriage with her. He walks outside the house. Aarya comes to Sahil and asks him to smile, he seems like Panday when angry. Sahil cheers. Aarya tells Sahil he is the best thing that ever happened in Vaidika’s life till today; she was always hurt but Sahil came as a savior. Aarya was worried about her fees now. Sahil promises to arrange for her fees. When Aarya had left, Sahil looks towards the bike and goes to sale it.

Age is Just a Number 23 June 2020 on zee worldThe buyer asks Sahil why he wants to sale this bike; and offers a thirty thousand to Sahil. Sahil agrees over it. Karan says Sahil would soon be an inspiration for all lovers of the world. Nidhi’s speaks to her mother that Sahil can annul their marriage if he proves it was a betrayal. Her mother suggests her something that Sahil can no longer cancel the marriage. Aarya tells Vaidika that Sahil paid her fees for whole year by selling his bike. Sahil returns home with a bulk of vegetable and grocery. Nani cheers watching the quantity, but was curt as he only brought spinach. Sahil complains why she didn’t tell him earlier what she wanted. Nidhi comes to take Vaidika’s permission to serve food for Sahil. Vaidika allows her while she was thankful to Sahil for always solving her problem easily.
In the kitchen, Nidhi mix a tablet in Sahil’s meal.

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