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Age is Just a Number update Tuesday 30 June 2020; Age is Just a Number 30th June 2020, Bari Amma comes out of the jail and announces she will distribute sweets in whole Kanpur. Vaidika holds Gauri’s hand and was happy that her family doesn’t believe in such fake things, she will pray for her and her child. She walks out of the police station. Gauri felt bad for blaming Vaidika. She only hopes Deepak doesn’t force her into something else. Bari Amma comes behind Vaidika to slap her, Vaidika holds her hand in mid-air. She says Bari Amma must understand the real matter, s*x determination is legally a crime in their country as girls are killed. Bari Amma wasn’t ready to hear any blame from Vaidika over her family. Sahil comes there and says Vaidika must be covering someone if she is silent. Bari Amma wasn’t ready to stay silent now, and will charge Vaidika of false accusations. Sahil takes Vaidika’s hand and leaves the police station.

Age is Just a Number 30 June 2020 Outside, Sahil follows Vaidika. She was furious over his family and considers herself responsible from everything. Every tension at his house is only because of her. She has to bend in front of his family’s pressure, it’s her mistake that she is unable to hate him. As Vaidika backs up from Sahil, she moves towards the middle of the road. A truck gives horn as it approached nearby. Sahil runs to save Vaidika but her head still stuck the tree, she was hurt and faints. At dance class practice, Mohib help the dance class students practice. As they take a break, Mohib asks if Aarya found hip-hop difficult. He offers her a drink but she denies taking alcohol. The students joke about childishness of Arya. She leaves the dance class. Nidhi comes from behind to speak to Mohib. She says he doesn’t have to marry Aarya, just to make her fall in love with him. They want to create differences between Sahil and Vaidika only.

There, Sahil asks for lift but no car stops by. He finally carries Vaidika in his arms and runs across the street.
Mohib was fascinated by the car of latest model which Bari Amma promised her. Mohib was ready to do anything for such beauty. Nidhi says he will get this only when Aarya falls in love with him, only then Vaidika and Sahil’s relation would break. He would accept her, and she will become the owner of everything Agarwal’s own.
At home, Bari Amma insults Gauri for not sharing the news with her, she had to bear all the insult because of Gauri. Puneesh comes with a famous lawyer of the city to help Bari Amma revenge Vaidika. Bari Amma smiles, thinking Vaidika and her daughter will both pay for their acts now.

Age is Just a Number 30th June 2020 Nani cries with Vaidika when Sahil comes in. She says it was her mistake for which Vaidika paid the cost. Sahil asks her to share the truth with him. Nani says she called the police but because Gauri called Vaidika. She was in hospital with her husband and they were determining s*x of the child. She called police as she thought Bari Amma would be responsible for this. Sahil guess Vaidika was also saving Gauri’s life along with Nani. Vaidika wakes up and thanks Sahil for saving her life. Sahil says it’s nothing in front of what she does. There was a call for her at the door. Sahil goes to check outside. The lawyer brought a notice from Bimla Agarwal, Sahil introduces himself as Vaidika’s husband.

The lawyer brought a court notice, Vaidika must pay 5 lacs or will be jailed for 2 years, for placing false charges over Bimla Agarwal. Sahil tells the lawyer he will arrange 5 lacs in the next 24 hours. Vaidika comes out and tells Sahil he has no right to promise anyone from her side only because he saved her life. Sahil says he has a right; he promised them from his side and will arrange the money. Sahil was determined not to let them hurt her again; and wasn’t ready to understand anything now. He has connected his life, not only his name; he swear to help and protect her. Nani was worried what Sahil would do? He says he has to do something that gets him five lacs no matter he has to play with his life.

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Age is Just a Number 30 June 2020 At Agarwal house, Puneesh tells Bari Amma he will send Vaidika behind the jail bars this time. Bari Amma says she will make Vaidika taste the dust of her feet. Nidhi runs home and tell Bari Amma that Sahil is participating in Kanpur’s street racing, this is a dangerous motor cycle races and one can lose life in this race as well. He is doing this to arrange money for Vaidika. Anjana wonders why they always put each other’s life at stake for each other, she was afraid to lose her son forever.
In the car race, Sahil decide not to tell his real name, and calls himself as Rohit Malik. He was allotted 2 number bike. The organizer gets him sign a form that he would be responsible for any accident or harm to himself. He questions why he wants to put his life in danger. Sahil thinks about his promise to Vaidika and says he has come to win the game. The organizer shows him the competitors who are winning the game for last five years. Sahil gets his name registered.
Mohid watches Aarya changing shoes and wonders what Nidhi would get by defaming this girl. Still he can romance a tree as well for a car worth 35 lacs. Another dancer come to ask Mohid turn the television, the live race is being telecasted. Aarya was shocked to see Sahil.

Vaidika comes to request the organizer stop the game. Nidhi, Puneesh and Bari Amma also arrive blaming Vaidika. Vaidika requests Bari Amma to get the game stopped. They watch the motorcyclist dangerously swirling each other’s bike in competition. Sahil’s bike hit a tree. Everyone was shocked, the organizer announces Akash hit Rohit’s bike to win over him. Sahil gathers courage and takes a shortcut way to reach his destination. In a close competition Sahil was able to win the competition. Rohit Malik (Sahil) was announced as the winner.
Sahil jumps off the bike. He was cheerful for winning. Vaidika and everyone was shocked to see his bleeding leg, Vaidika tears her saree to bandage his injury. Sahil was announced as the winner of five lacs with a false name, Rohit Malik. He got a new bike as gift as well. A reporter asks Sahil the reason of his victory. Age is Just a Number 30 June 2020 Sahil says its love, and comes to Vaidika saying he wouldn’t let her go to jail. He now comes to Bari Amma and says she filed a case against his wife; he hands the bundle to Bari Amma demanding her to withdraw her false case. Bari Amma flies the money over in air. The crowd gets to pick up the money. Sahil says Bari Amma would get a lot of prayers through this, she needs it. He leaves with Vaidika.

Bari Amma return home curtly. Anjana comes worried if Sahil is fine. Bari Amma says no matter what you do, Sahil won’t come out of Vaidika’s love. She shouts at Anjana to go away from here. Puneesh asks Bari Amma to stay calm, she has to keep her eyes over the celebration of 50th anniversary of Agarwal Jewelers. Its important Sahil is present there, after all he is the heir of this business. Bari Amma says she has decided to announce Sahil as company’s MD at this celebration. Puneesh appreciates her decision, she must explain to Sahil about his worth. Nidhi was happy to hear this, and says after all she is working to create difference between Sahil and Vaidika. Bari Amma leaves for shop. Nidhi was excited to rule the Agarwal Mansion as Mrs. MD now.

Bari Amma drives the car thinking about Sahil’s favors for Vaidika. A car stops in front of hers, blocking her way. Bari Amma comes out to shout at the other driver. Yash appears from the other car. Bari Amma questions if he doesn’t know the sense of driving? Yash says this applies on her as well, she is on the wrong side of road. She always put other’s lives in problems because of her mistakes. Bari Amma questions who is he. Yash says the one he will now confront.

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