Age is Just a Number 19 August 2020: Age is Just a Number update wednesday 19th August 2020, Bari Amma runs from her cell into the hospital and comes across crazy patients. The hospital staff come to take her into the room.

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The doctor sat in her office with Vaidika and Maya. The doctor was ready to help Vaidika for what she had suffered. The doctor says she will give her some medicine through which she might get some hallucinations. Vaidika was concerned about Bari Amma’s health. The doctor assures it’s not harmful.
Bari Amma was asleep. Vaidika plays a projector in her room. The screen showed a shadow as of Anjana. Bari Amma was fearful. Vaidika spoke from behind while a software turned her sound to Anjana’s. She says she has come to take Bari Amma, she loved her like an elder sister, abided by her orders and wishes and even gave her son. But she only considered her own wishes, she wasn’t ready to lend him his desire. When she stepped in, she killed her in return. She won’t leave until she takes Bari Amma along this time.
Bari Amma confesses each of her sin, from killing Anjana through poisoning till putting all its blame over Vaidika, exchanging Vaidika’s child in the hospital with a dead one, till buying each of Vaidika’s witness from the court. After the recording was complete, Vaidika thinks she got the proofs and now she will get her rights. They turn the lights off. Bari Amma scream in no!.
The next morning, Vaidika and Maya stood in the hospital with the doctor. Maya claims Vaidika and the doctor to be super women. Vaidika was hopeful to get her child back, and the truth will win now. Bhoomi overheard their conversation from out of the room door, she runs to the benches crying. She thinks she can never let Devki win in this matter. Vaidika and Maya come out of the doctor’s room. Maya leaves. Vaidika slips in the corridor, Sahil supports her. He turns to walk the opposite side, her dress was tucked in his watch. Vaidika requests only 10 minutes of his life.

At Agarwal house, Deepak sat with Sadika. Sadika wished to go and play in snow. Gauri comes with food for Sadika. Deepak was excited while he shows Gauri the hotel he booked for them. Gauri thinks about Manish. Deepak sits beside her, he promises to continue their lives peacefully now. Gauri wasn’t ready to go on vacation. Sadika says she will only go with Vaidika and run away from the room. Deepak was ready to give Gauri all the time she needs, but return him his wife and daughter. He kiss the back of Gauri’s hand.
Vaidika requests Sahil to give her ten minutes of that old Sahil. Sahil replies she killed that Sahil. Vaidika requests him a single chance to clarify all the accusations over her. Bhoomi hears their conversation and recalls Vaidika’s intentions. Sahil sets 5pm in the evening as time for Vaidika. Bhoomi leaves with Sahil for hold.

Vaidika comes downstairs with her suitcase and looks towards Sahil, crying. Her pally flung over Sahil’s face as she passes by him. Nani stops her and had come out with her luggage. She says she wished for luxury but she no longer wish to stay with these disgraceful people. Aarya comes out and says she wants to go with Vaidika too. She thanks Sahil for always taking care of her, but she got answers about her mother. She believes her. Sahil cries and hugs Aarya but allows her to go, her mamma needs her more right now. Vaidika wipes Aarya’s tears and the three leave Agarwal house. Sahil gets some flashes from the past and badly cries in the hall.
Bhoomi comes to speak to Sahil then. She gives the pen drive that she had stolen from Vaidika’s room. This has the real clip in which Bari Amma made all her confessions, and it has another truth that Vaidika didn’t share with him. Ved is Sahil’s son, his and Vaidika’s child. Sahil was taken aback at the break of this news. He regrets not listening to Vaidika, he traumatically leaves the house calling Vaidika. Bhoomi cries behind requesting Sahil not to snatch Ved from her. Bhoomi comes out of day dreaming and thinks if she tells the truth, Sahil will snatch Ved from her. She can’t tell everything to Sahil as she can’t lose Ved. Sahil asks Bhoomi what she wanted to say. Bhoomi tells Sahil that Vaidika has left their lives, they must now focus on Ved’s life being his parents. Sahil walks upstairs.

The next morning, Bari Amma comes to the temple corner and sits beside Bhoomi. She was happy that Bhoomi didn’t tell Sahil about anything. Bhoomi asks Bari Amma what she wants now. Bari Amma reminds her insult yesterday and claims to be her mother in law. Bhoomi replies that her mother in law is dead, and Bari Amma killed her. Bari Amma says Anjana died of the shock that Vaidika gave her. She tells Bhoomi to that its her and Sahil’s wedding anniversary. They must celebrate it and give her marriage another chance, she should try and tighten her grip over Sahil and their relation. Sahil walks downstairs. Bari Amma loudly requests Bhoomi to celebrate their anniversary and repeat the vows of their wedding. Sahil says they didn’t celebrate any anniversary, let it continue. Bhoomi requests Sahil to give her some chance to celebrate with her family, even Ved would be happy to see them together and enjoying. Sahil agrees and walks away. Bhoomi thinks she won’t leave a single reason for Sahil to leave their marriage incomplete tonight.

There, Vaidika was in her old house. She prays to God that she has no complains and sure she will be given another right direction. Sahil comes inside then. He tells Vaidika that today he has come for himself, he and Bhoomi have decided to repeat the vows of their wedding. He would like if they all come. He slips while trying to walk away, Vaidika holds him straight and was concerned if he is fine. Sahil promises he won’t again drink much.
Everyone was ready for celebrations in Agarwal house. Bari Amma tells Prachi that she wished to remind Sahil that Bhoomi and Ved are his life now. Sahil explains to Bhoomi that he invited Vaidika. Vaidika arrives in the function with Aarya and Bari Amma. Ved and Sadika runs to welcome Vaidika. Bari Amma was about to insult them but Sahil interrupts and instead welcomes them home. The ritual of Mehndi starts. Ved runs to the stage and applies the henna on Sahil’s palm. Ved then requests Vaidika to join them on stage for henna as well. He jumps down the stage and forcefully pulls Vaidika. He was about to slip off the stage. Sahil jumps to save Ved, touches and holds Vaidika’s hand tightly. The henna on his hand gets onto Vaidika’s palm as well.

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