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Age is Just a Number 6 November 2020: Update on Age is Just a Number Wednesday 6th November 2020, Sahil finds Vaidika’s earring at the doorway and thinks his doubts were right, Vaidika came here. Deepak watches Sahil leave home and was worried for the guests.

Arju calls Sahil. Sahil tells Arju that he is out to find Vaidika ji, he will inform her as soon as he has found Vaidika. Arju tries to clarify that Vaidika must have left the house because of some reasons. Sahil tells Arju that he is the one who is crazy about Vaidika, she doesn’t need to convince him. He will inform her soon.

There at home, Pandit ji asks Rekha to bring the groom down. It’s the first wedding in which bride is waiting for the groom. Mina and Deepak tells Rekha that Sahil has left home, Deepak saw him go outside. Avantika hears this and decides to call and warn Tanuj.

Vaidika was on the backseat of Tanuj’s car. He smirks that he won’t spare Vaidika worth going to any other husband. Sahil reaches him and has a fight with Tanuj. Tanuj gets a chance and drives the car away. Sahil had read on the car a badge from Sultan rentals.

Tanuj gets a call from Avantika. Avantika claims Tanuj is useless, and was angry. Tanuj tells Avantika that he just saved Vaidika from Sahil. Not even the angels would know where Vaidika is.

Sahil goes to the office to trace the car through GPS. The shop owner was having a meal and says he can’t give information of any client to him.

There, Tanuj tells Avantika not to worry, Sahil will soon be tired and return to her. Avantika says now Sahil would never return to her until he has saved Vaidika, he is crazy after Vaidika.

Sahil shouts at the shop owner that he has loved someone a lot, and can take any life for the sake of his love.
Tanuj insists Sahil won’t reach him. Tonight, both of them will get their love. After the call, Vaidika had woken up. Tanuj holds her close and laughs devilishly. Vaidika says Sahil would come over looking for her. Tanuj can never understand the power of love. Tanuj forcefully takes Vaidika to a corner.

The GPS of Tanuj’s car can’t be traced.

Vaidika’s parents and Arju were in the police station. The inspector wasn’t ready to file a complaint, as missing person complaint can only be lodged after 24 hours. Arju assert that she is a social worker, she has various contacts in government and civil society. She has confirmed information that Tanuj has fled the police arrest. She can put a single tweet on social media, and their Kanpur police station’s repute will be ruined. The inspector agrees to begin the search.

Sahil looked around the city on bike, looking for Vaidika.

Tanuj brought Vaidika around a pot of boiling water to burn her face. Vaidika requests him to leave her. Sahil finds the car and comes to protect Vaidika. He and Tanuj have a bad fight. Vaidika cries Sahil’s name, as Tanuj held his neck. Vaidika comes to help and beat Tanuj with a wooden stick. Sahil takes the lead in fight. Tanuj’s hand fells over the boiling pot. Sahil and Vaidika leave.

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