Alchemy of Souls Season 1 Episode 17 Download: Mu-deok explores Jin Bu-Yeon’s actual personality. Jin Mu persuades Jin Ho-gyeong to make an exceptional declaration at a significant gathering.

Alchemy of Souls

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 17

Air Date: Aug 20, 2022

Language: Korean

Subtitle Language: English

Source: Alchemy.of.Souls.S01E17.Episode.17.1080p.NF.WEB DL.DDP2.0.x264 ARCHIE


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You convey the sword. You should be his child.” The man says as he remarks on how Do-Hwa is the greatest survivor of all. He knows precisely who Jang-Uk’s mom is, calling attention to her as the most gorgeous individual in all the land.

Jang-Uk, at last, opens up and concedes he’s searching for Shaman Choi. Presently, it’s predicted that the Choi family was obliterated by Master Seo Gyeong quite sometime in the past. He cautions Jang-Uk not to be so particularly inquisitive as that can wreck him. In the long run, the secretive man leaves, guiding out that he’s harmed directly down toward his spirit, yet no nearer to uncovering to Jang-Uk that he’s his child.

In the meantime, So-I figures out how to open Jinyowon yet in doing as such gazes directly toward Mu-Deok. She perceives her from town and starts to scrutinize the entire story around her visual impairment.

Jin-Mu is there too obviously and he looks as the entryways close, with So-I removed, he questions what Mu-Deok is doing there. Obviously, at this point, the family is persuaded that she’s Bu-Yeon.

So-I fills the role well, persuading Jin Ho-Gyeong that she’s her little girl. Expression of the opening of the entryway arrives at Park Jin and the remainder of Songrim as well, who question Bu-Yeon returning. Be that as it may, yet, there’s the subject of Mu-Deok and her cerebral pains as well. For what reason did she have that impression outside the entryways? I said before that it could well be that she’s really Bu-Yeon. That is unquestionably So-I’s reasoning later on in the episode as well, who’s stressed that reality could be revealed.

Discussing Mu-Deok, she winds up getting a makeover around that evening, the kindness of Jang-Uk who winds up putting wonderful red spots of blusher on her cheeks.

Before long, the consideration goes to Jinyowon once more. Mu-Deok brings up to Yul that Bu-Yeon is back yet she was holding an umbrella – similar to one Yul initially had – as opposed to a stick. Darn Gu comes jumping in, however, his grin evaporates when he understands that Bu-Yeon is really the double-crosser So-I. Jang-Uk finds that Jin-Mu is plotting and has something significant made arrangements for Jinyowon.

Jin-Mu appears at the illustrious court, creeping about as he winds up drinking with the Royal Prince. Obviously, the King is as yet examining the King’s Star. Furthermore, for Jin-Mu, he proposes the topic of the ice stone and the speculative chemistry of spirits. He accepts they ought to begin another request inside the illustrious castle. He additionally raises Bu-yeon’s heavenly power, proceeding to turn his trap of misleading.

Jin-Mu makes an appearance to see Ho-Gyeong, who’s worried about So-I and how her ears aren’t equivalent to Bu-Yeon’s. Jin-Mu urges Ho-Gyeong to go with a choice and drive her apparent girl into becoming sovereign and moving Jin-Mu into the driver’s seat for choosing the crown’s predetermination. At any rate, he likewise vows to return the ice stone back where it should be.

Jin-mu utilizes the ice stone as a negotiating concession, advising Ho-Gyeong to battle against Songrim. Just through the breakdown of Songrim could they at any point push ahead.

Over at Cheonbugwan, Jin-Mu accumulates the soldiers and reveals the Danju of their mysterious association. That, obviously, being So-I. Jin-Mu presents her as Bu-Yeon, playing into this entire story yet with an undeniably more evil final plan, including the ice stone and Seo Ha-Sun.

Jang-Uk and the others notice everybody’s recorded out of the royal residence and acknowledge Jin-Mu is speeding his arrangements up quicker than they naturally suspected. Jin-Mu heads into the illustrious castle and the assaults are promptly evened out against Songrim.

Following her visit with Jin-Mu, Ho-Gyeong presents So-I as her tragically missing little girl and furthermore shows the ice stone as well. Presently, the arrangement here is for the sovereign to utilize So-I as a vessel to move her spirit into.

Park Jin accepts the stone ought to be obliterated yet as every one of the various houses banter what to do, Ho-Gyeong proposes that the Assembly ought to be held at Jinyowon rather than Songrim from this point forward. As everybody sits peacefully, Park-Jin and Ho-Gyeong get into a fight (verbally) over how to manage the ice stone.

With everything heightening, Jang-Uk moves forward and goes up against the King and the others in the Assembly. Clearly Master Seo’s desires are really recorded in a book called the Words of the Heart. Jin-Mu and the Queen are concerned, accepting this could be their demise however the previous attempts to energize her that Jang-Uk is simply feigning.

While this is going on, Dang-Gu addresses Cho-Yeon and uncovers precisely who So-I is.

Back in the gathering, the King concludes they ought to check how strong this ice stone really is. That’s what to do, he recommends that they rejuvenate back a dead individual, guaranteeing it’s a decent deed. He tongue in cheek (or not) proposes they kill somebody and bring them back. Furthermore, who preferred to test that on over a humble house keeper… like Mu-Deok.

So the activity pours out over into the patio, where Mu-Deok understands this could be a once in a lifetime chance to grasp the ice stone and take it. In any case, this is what is happening and one wracked in show. As Mu-Deok herself expresses, she’s remaining on the edge of a precipice.

Yet, as she’s on the edge of life, stifled out by Ho-Gyeong, she detects recollections as a youngster and understands that she’s really Bu-Yeon. As she gags out a “mother,” Ho-Gyeong is staggered and appears to give up her hold a bit.

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